June 2024

More sickening media bias against Trump and Putin exposed

There has been little difference between Labour and Tories or Democrats and Republicans or the main French or German or Dutch or Spanish or Italian political parties over the last 30 to 40 years. They all supported a vaguely centrist ideology letting voters believe they were somehow in control while politicians, bankers, bureaucrats and business bosses became eye-wateringly rich at ordinary people’s expense.

In such an environment, it was perhaps difficult to identify mainstream media bias as the media reflected the views of those in power and there was hardly any difference between the policies of the supposedly opposing political groups.

But all that changed with the 2008 financial collapse and subsequent enrichment of those in power and corresponding impoverishment of us plebs. This situation was then worsened by the attempts of the ruling elites to destroy national identities and Western civilisation through the importation of millions of inbred, subhuman, illiterate, violent, rape-obsessed, unemployable, benefits-scrounging garbage.

This led to the emergence of a real political divide between those who value the achievements of Western civilisation and want to restore national identity, control of borders and sense of community and the globalists who are consumed by self-hate and thus want to destroy the concept of countries and communities by flooding the West with subhuman detritus and then oppressing us all in the interests of establishing a new undemocratic political system run by and for the unelected bureaucratic elites.

With this split, we can now see the sickening media bias against who value the achievements of Western civilisation and want to restore national identity, control of borders and sense of community.

Hardly a day goes by without yet another supposed ‘news’ story lambasting Russia’s President Putin or the USA’s President Elect Donald Trump.

The latest artificially cooked-up supposed ‘scandal’ that the globalists are peddling is the accusation that Russia tried to influence the US election to help Trump beat Crooked Hag Hillary. But the mainstream media don’t seem too interested in all the countries which tried to help Hillary beat Trump.

Here are just a few who ‘contributed’ to Hillary’s personal piggy bank:


Ooops! Some not very nice people there! Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Qatar, Kuwait, Brunei etc etc. Yet we don’t hear anything in the mainstream media about M*sl*m countries massive donations to help Crooked Hillary’s presidential bid. Silence. Because, of course, while for the media it’s open season on Trump and Putin, nobody dares say or write anything criticising Saint Hillary or the wonderful peaceful Religion of Peace.

Meanwhile as Assad and Putin kick some serious ass in Aleppo the progressive, liberal mainstream media are reduced to mouth-frothing, but impotent, rage.

Day by day we see the ever-increasing vomit of lies and propaganda from the mainstream media. Thank God some people are no longer taken in by the media’s torrent of dishonesty.

3 comments to More sickening media bias against Trump and Putin exposed

  • Twi5ted

    Internet and social media has changed everything. The clumsy response is the propornot fake news label and adding the likes of zerohedge, oftwominds, naked capitalism etc to a traitors list.

    Whilst this appears to have been largely discredited this time when has that ever stopped these people and look how far the global warming scam has gone. The shutting down of these sites and control of the internet is their goal.

    It wont be long before the times launches its uk version and snouts in the trough is a likely contender to be featured i’m sure.

  • MGJ

    Silence of course when Obama tried to influence the Brexit referendum – ‘Back of the queue’ etc.

    I wish the MSM every success in its suicide bid. Soon the only people listening will be the ones who already agree with them.

    I had thought that completely avoiding the BBC would be difficult but I have found it pretty straightforward. There’s the odd monopoly item I may watch but news, sport, weather…there’s plenty of alternatives. I long since ditched Twatter and Facebook.

  • John Fields

    We have believed the lies of the media for years, but
    Brexit and President Trump’s victory in the USA has shown
    that people power is awakening. Mr Putin may be
    ruthless but he is not the one pushing for war. It is
    western leaders who are the problem. If we can keep voting
    for a change in direction, then maybe future leaders will
    realise that the Russian President is our best ally
    against what is by far the world’s biggest threat, Islam.

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