June 2024

Migration – perhaps quality is more important than quantity?

There was the usual huffing and puffing from left and right last week when the latest migration figures were released. These showed that over the last 12 months 633,000 people (12,115 a week) arrived in the UK while 306,000 people (5,885 a week) left giving a net migration figure of 327,000 (6,288 a week):


But let’s look both at and behind these figures as what may be more important than the bare numbers may be the type of people arriving in and leaving the UK. This comparison might help shed light on what contribution (if any) immigration is making to our country.

But first a warning – the official immigration figures are total bollox

The great immigration lie

The Government compiles its migration statistics from the International Passenger Survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics. But there is a much more accurate way of checking how many foreigners are arriving in Britain – the number of National Insurance (NI) numbers issued to people born abroad. Over the last five years, 2,234,000 NI numbers have been issued to people born in other European countries. Yet the Government’s official migration statistics claim that only 1,004,000 people born in Europe have moved to the UK to work and/or claim our generous benefits. The blue line on the chart is the official number of EU citizens moving to Britain, the red line is the number of NI numbers issued to EU citizens:


Over just the last five years, this gives a difference of 1,200,000 more Europeans in Britain than the Government admits – that’s 240,000 a year or 2,000 every month arriving to work and/or claim benefits than our glorious Government’s figures suggest.

The leavers

Now let’s look at the 306,000 people who have left Britain in the last year. Around 55% (168,300) left to find work abroad. So we can reliably assume that these 168,300 are reasonably qualified and reasonably motivated – the kind of people who could have made a positive contribution to Britain.

Then about another 10% ( 30,000) are fairly affluent pensioners who are retiring abroad. Again, although these pensioners would no longer be working, given that they’re sufficiently well off to retire abroad, it’s likely that, had they remained in Britain, they would be contributing more in tax than they were using in public services.

That gives us a further 35% who will be mainly foreign students going home or other people moving abroad for work or family reasons

The arrivals

Now for the massive (and rather frightening) flood of 633,000 arriving in Britain. Of these only about 44% (278,520) come from the EU and a much larger 56% (354,480) come mostly from the Third World. Although we have no control over EU citizens moving to Britain, we theoretically can control non-EU citizens. Therefore it’s almost beyond belief that non-EU immigration is still spiralling out of control.

To make another rough guess, I think we can assume that over 80% of those coming from EU countries are hoping to work in Britain. I believe the simple rule of thumb is that a single person needs to be earning over £25,000 a year before they are contributing more in tax than they take in benefits and public services, while a family with two children needs to be taking in over £34,000 a year before it is paying more in tax than it gets in benefits and public services. I leave it to my dear readers to draw some conclusions as to how many of these 2,234,000 EU nationals with NI numbers – many of whom are taking lower-paid jobs – are actually making a contribution to our once great country and how many are benefits-scrounging parasites raking it in by claiming for umpteen usually non-existent children living abroad and for all sorts of other things like in-work benefits, housing support, carers’ allowances etc etc etc etc.

As for the 56% (354,480) who come from the Third World, some will be rather more ‘economically active’, than others.

We know from official statistics that people like the Chinese and Indian Hindus will work hard and invest in getting the best possible education for their children:


We also know that some others – Pakistanis, Somalis, Bangladeshis (mainly our good friends from the World’s One and Only True Religion) – feel there is no need to make too much of a contribution to British society as it is much better in their culture to take rather than to give.


Mainstream media journalists can talk about the numbers arriving in and leaving Britain. But they can’t ever comment on the quality of those leaving and the quality (or lack of quality) of those arriving here as that would be ‘racist’ or ‘phobic’ or a ‘hate crime’ or whatever.

But I believe there is sufficient evidence to suggest that our country is losing some of the best and brightest while opening the floodgates to a large amount of inbred, violent, pig-ignorant, parasitical, Third-World garbage.

When thinking about immigration, it may well be the case that quality is possibly more important than quantity.


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