June 2024

Apologies for ‘disappearing’

I’ve just tried to move my website from Webage, who were charging me £178 a year, to HostingUK, who charge about £40 a year.

I thought this would be simple. But as I found out from 12 years having to flog second-hand, not-fit-for-purpose IT systems for one of the world’s largest IT systems companies – if there’s a way to f**k something up, IT people will always find it.

Anyway, my site is not up and running again.

Who knows how long this will continue?

In the meantime, as Swedistan becomes completely over-run by inbred, intolerant, pig-ignorant, Third-World subhumans, I found this complaint from a highly-educated Turkish academician who was refused political asylum in Sweden.

As he writes, Swedistan is only getting what it deserves from its ludicrously *sl*mophiliac, anti-white-Swedish policies:

Erdal Budak ·

As a academician who has doctor license for molecular biology, 9 published best seller books, was an rector/administrator in 4 different schools/universities in Turkey, has a 8-months-old baby and a teen son who is a successful student in Turkey. I am not safe in Turkey because of government without law.
And guess what happens? Sweden didn’t let me to stay in their country.
They declined our political asylum. But they keep taking immigrants who don’t even know the Latin alphabet, are rude and lack respect/humanity/civilization. They take Afghans, Syrians and lgbt members instead of an educated family like mine.
I don’t know what to say except that Sweden deserves to collapse.

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