June 2024

Donald Trump is no Nigel Farage

Clinton versus Trump

As readers will know, my books and blog are largely aimed at supporting the revolt of ordinary people – the people Hillary Clinton calls ‘deplorables, racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, *sl*mophobic‘ etc etc – against the ever-increasing power of the greedy, lying, self-serving, hypocritical, holier-than-thou, treacherous globalist elites.

So, I’m afraid my life is such a sad and empty place that I watched the whole of the USA presidential debate last night between Clinton and Trump.

What I and probably millions of others were hoping for was that Trump would turn out to be another Nigel Farage or Geert Wilders or Viktor Orban or Marine Le Pen. Any of these could have completely taken apart the smirking, self-satisfied, power-hungry, lying, alleged lesbian Clinton.

But sadly, Trump is no politician. He’s not a great public speaker and seemed unable to express himself clearly and concisely. Clinton tore strips of him. He really didn’t land any killer blows on her. Yet he had many chances – her lies about being under fire while visiting Bosnia, her lies about the death of the American diplomat in Benghazi, her lies about her marriage of convenience to philandering Bill Clinton and much much more.

Trump’s performance was underwhelming to say the least. Trump didn’t come across well. He kept repeating himself. His character flaws were all too obvious. Though a president’s character is not as important as their ability to surround themselves with and trust people who can give sound advice.

Of course, we don’t know how American voters will react to the two candidates. Maybe they’ll fall for slimey Clinton’s well-prepared, well-rehearsed pack of lies. Or maybe they’ll give Trump the benefit of the doubt and not hold it against him that he isn’t a consummate liar like Hillary.

Either way, America will end up with a president much of the population despises. And that’s not great for America’s or the world’s future.

Hillary’s health

You’ll probably have seen stories about Crooked Hillary’s health with some commentators suggesting that strange eye movements during recent speeches suggest she may have neurological problems. So, here’s a short video proving that Lying Hillary is in the best of health:


5 comments to Donald Trump is no Nigel Farage

  • NoMore

    Yes Trump is not much of a public speaker or even a politician. He is however his own man and not part of the establishment like the Clintons and Bushes etc. are. He also talks free from PC and therefore opens the door to ordinary folk feeling more able to speak out against the shibboleths of the liberal “intelligentsia” such as mass immigration and Islum. That’s why it is vital he wins this election. Look who the MSM condemn to see who your friends are!

  • AtheistAmerican!

    Hillary’s a lesbian now? And “strange eye movements” too. Surprised you’re not an American, one who believes in chem-trails and reptilian aliens walking around in human form running this country…
    (Incidentally, even if she was a Lez, would that disqualify her from the presidency?)

    Bottom line: last night I saw Trump get his ass Kicked (and by a Woman, no less!). Trump came across as the lying, manipulative, racist sleaze-bag he is. Anyone who couldn’t see that is too far gone into the deeps of the Right Wing. If the debate were another half hour long, Trump would’ve squirmed himself to death and caved into a name-calling attack, like the immature child he is. Give him “the benefit of the doubt” eh? How about Reading and Researching everything he says? Trump’s a compulsive liar, not even having the balls to take credit for the Birther movement he started!

    Trump is truly a fine representative of the Anti-intellectual party. No Integrity. Just a big mouth and the need to belittle and bully. He excels at That. Which is why he so desperately wanted no moderation during this debate; so he could just Tear into Hillary. Very (non!) presidential. Then again, that’s what you Want, isn’t it? A moron in the White House!

  • David Craig

    You may consider Trump a moron. You may be right. But he wouldn’t be the first moron in the White House. After all, the USA gave us the warmongering halfwit that is George W Bush. And if we get Hillary, then Goldman Sachs will continue to run your country and you’d better buy a few more guns as Hillary and Soros swamp America with their friends from the Religion of Peace.

  • David Brown

    Mr American Atheist – this is genuine question which you refuse to answer . Do you believe in a one world Government?

  • AtheistAmerican

    Not the first moron in the White House, obviously. I think Ronald Reagan rates high on that list. But Trump is The Biggest Narcissist of all-time to ever come so close to the White House. He has little self-control, is easily baited and (like Chris Christie, governor of my state unfortunately) is a vengeful scumbag who believes in paying back anyone who so much as insults him. As others have said, Trump’s DANGEROUS. You don’t give a petty bum this kind of power, unless you want a rapid advancement in your Armageddon clock… The guy’s an outright Liar. Big-time. Hillary started the Birther Movement, but Trump’s the Man who’s gonna End it! Wow! And of course Obama’s not American and is really a Muslim plant (ever watch that Righty film called America 2016? You believe that, you’ll believe in anything)…if not the Anti-Christ (then again, 9 out of 10 Republicans in this country take the Bible dead-seriously–and they’re the lot Trump caters to). The Republican party in America, by the 21st Century, is without a doubt the Anti-Intellectual Party (the party of climate change deniers, and chem-train believers).

    No, I don’t believe in a one world government (i.e. New World Order, my conspiracy nut friends–and yeah, I grew up reading Robert Anton Wilson’s “Illuminati” novels, too!). I’m also not too crazy over the dresses Hillary wears or Trump’s hair style, but they’re all under the Petty Issues category to me. I’d even put Trump’s insults of women in this category, too, because they’re minor negative characteristics. BUT if you put all these pieces together, it spells Trouble in big letters. Trump’s a loud-mouthed, petty bully and he’s spent his life rising in the business world doing so. Not paying people, underpaying people, not paying taxes. Etc.
    Put Him in the White House and there are bigger issues at stake here, Trump would unravel years (perhaps decades) of Progress made in America (though I’m sure you guys would shoot me down in regards to what I consider “progress”).

    Regarding Trump’s integrity:

    Regarding his policies:

    And all Republicans would likewise say this is Evil Liberal/Commie propaganda BS, too. But of course you’re free to research these things on your own, and I’m willing to believe that maybe one or two of them are, but not all. I don’t agree/disagree with all this, but the Bulk of it disturbs me. And when you compare and contrast Trump and Clinton, the latter’s far more qualified than Trump in every conceivable way outside of chest-pounding and threats. But Right Wing Authoritarians in this country (who believe in Image over Substance) Live for it. I know what I’m talking about, actually being an American and living in this system, having RWA bosses and supervisors and having to deal with discrimination (no, I know what you’re thinking, but I’m White and Straight!). Many of these so-called Leaders would sacrifice their entire staff if it so much as meant a few extra bucks in their pockets. You’d think that a website called Snouts in the Trough would see it from my perspective but, alas, there’s that political bias I suppose…

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