June 2024

I’m stopping – it’s too dangerous

I’ve decided that, for my own personal safety, I’m going to stop writing this blog. I suppose I’m a coward for not wanting myself or my family to be attacked or even killed for me trying to uphold Britain’s former (but now lost) tradition of freedom of speech.

It’s not worth the risk. If our rulers refuse to defend free speech, why should I risk my life doing it?

However, I would strongly recommend the following four websites;


This is full of excellent, politically-incorrect stories – the kind of stories the mainstream, progressive, politically-correct media would never report.


This website reminds us of all the wonderful contributions the RoP is making to our world every day.


Usually has longer articles describing the clash of civilisations that our rulers refuse to admit is happening.


This is far too extreme for my taste. But it does continually expose the hypocrisy of the liberal, progressive establishment and its capitulation to a certain group in our society

A story the BBC ‘forgot’ to report?

Oh, you might remember a couple of years ago a bunch of Greenie idiots got stuck in Antarctic ice and had to be rescued while trying to prove that supposed ‘global warming’ was melting the Antarctic ice cap. Well, it appears another bunch of these Greenie twats have similarly got stymied by excessive quantities of ice while trying to prove the Arctic ice cap was also disappearing.

Here’s the link:

I don’t suppose the BBC or the Guardian will pick up on this story.

Anyway, thanks to my readers for your support over the last few years.


22 comments to I’m stopping – it’s too dangerous

  • John Fields

    One of the main pillars of democracy is the freedom of
    speech,so this is bad news. Anyway, thank you Mr Craig
    for all your efforts,and I will certainly miss your blog.
    It was a beacon of truth shining out over a sea of lies
    and deceit. Thank you sir once again.

  • Bernard from Bucks

    I shall miss my early morning read.
    Sorry to hear that you are scared of these –
    “(How we’ve all been betrayed by) politicians, bureaucrats and bankers”.
    Please re-consider, and stay to continue to expose their deceit.
    Best wishes

  • Dave H

    A very sad day for our constitution.
    Thank you for your time and efforts David.

    Best wishes,

    Dave H.

  • NoMore

    It was only a matter of time before one of the Mos got maximally offended or Plod felt your collar – bigots and appeasers don’t like to be told they are bigots and appeasers. It’s down to the great unwashed to stop voting in appeasers and enablers – goodness knows they’ve had enough sight of the negative aspects of watching their “betters” turning their countries into the Third World.

    Thanks a lot for the blog – it was always brave and very informative reading and will be missed.

  • Sandra Zuccaro

    I shall miss your blunt honesty Mr Craig. I will also miss posting you on my FB pages.. Keep safe and look after your family. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are both tragic ways to end life and I wish you strength to help your Mother.

    My very best wishes.
    Sandra Z.

  • AtheistAmerican

    Doesn’t surprise me. A couple of Mooslims were gunned down last week in the U.S. and they’re cult is Still ranting and raving over it being a Hate Crime and the funeral arrangements and wanting Punishment and… When this happens to Non-Mooslims BY Mooslims in the Middle East…nobody gives a shit! And it’s by the dozens or even hundreds at times… It gets No coverage here.
    2 Mooslim nobody’s are killed–it’s Nationwide News with CAIR getting their claws into it, and carrying it on for weeks! ROPers killed in this country, Oh My! You’d think they were immortal up until now or something…

    OK, enough, just two questions…

    1. WHY are our leaders Allowing these Mooslims to flood into our countries? What is the Reason? The Purpose?

    2. WTF can We do about it all? You can’t even sustain this mundane blog without, apparently, death threats…

  • David Brown

    As others say here yours one of the best blogs on a whole host of subjects even that the Muslim demographic bomb is one which threatens not just our England but much of Western Europe.
    You covered and illuminated so many other issues ranging from the poor value we get from the Health Service and Military caused by a surplus of non productive managers. The UK charity industry much of whose efforts is aimed at enriching those who run them.
    I also know how difficult it is to come up with new things on a near daily basis. Two I used to read and one I wrote all came to an end.

  • JFC

    You’ll be missed – thanks for keeping up the blog for so long.
    I hope you haven’t had personal threats.

  • Gloria from Victoria

    Many thanks for the years of ‘exposure’. I totally understand your concerns…..far too many forces working against us and without doubt you have been a thorn in their sides.

  • mark sadler

    557 people arrested in the entire month of Euro 2016, 30 of those being English and the country has a meltdown at how much of a disgrace they are.. 440 people arrested in 2 days at Notting Hill Carnival but that’s okay because it’s a multicultural celebration supposedly..
    Enough said
    Blog will be missed

  • Caratacus

    “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

    Many thanks for your efforts Mr. Craig. Sterling stuff.

  • Great Briton

    Shame to hear that you’re stopping but can’t say I blame
    you. Hope there weren’t any threats that were too serious.
    I remember when we used to say it’s a free country, not sure it is anymore

  • mogi

    Thanks for your efforts – appreciate the danger you have exposed yourself to -and I doubt that it’s the bankers etc that threaten you physically.

    Best of luck in the future

  • cogent_one

    Add to the list of useful blogs.

    Seeing the blatant bullying of Tommy Robinson by the British police last week, i can see that the threat to you from British people who are supposed to protect us is about the same as the threat of violence from aliens who hate our way of life. Clamping down on free speech merely serves to bottle up resentment and ultimately it will lead to an explosion of pent-up anger against the initiators of oppression.

  • PH

    I have been following your blog for some time and it has been an invaluable source of information for things not reported elsewhere. I should like to add my thanks for all your efforts. I share your despair. Our chosen leaders have a policy of genocide against their own people and a profound hatred of the civilisation that has nurtured them. I would never have believed that our future could have developed as it has. The price that we will now pay for our folly is incalculable.

  • Judd

    Thankyou for all your efforts, what i have read here has opened my eyes.
    All the very best for the future, and we’re all going to need some very best the way things are shaping up.

  • Eddie

    I am very sorry to read that you are discontinuing your blog and it is surely a sign of the times that you have had to make this decision.
    Freedom of speech is gradually being eroded in this country by people who have no idea what future they are bringing upon themselves.
    I have read our blogs for quite some time and the information has been very informative, you will be sadly missed.

  • Larry

    SORRY TO SEE YOU GO, but I understand. Things are going to only get worse, if they should ever get better. I have some doubt about things getting better for the western nations. The ‘white man’ is being red-lined as the evil cause of all their self-inflicted misery. I think there is going to be hell to pay for allowing this stupidity to flourish in our midst.

  • Tyler

    As Mal Reynolds once said:
    “If someone tries to kill you, you try to kill them right back”

    I’ll miss your blog.

  • Paul moss

    Thanks for a great site. Was actually planning to stop reading this and other similar sites upon a remain vote. My logic being if my fellow countrymen cant be bothered why should i wind myself up about things??? Freedom of speech is dead in the uk, they recently withdrew the comments section from the telegraph removing one of the few mainstream conservative comments pages, no doubt afraid of the home truths from their readers.

  • Kensington Chubb

    Sir, your blog has served a great purpose in exposing the corrupt, venal politicians, bankers, charity bosses and other detritus who infest public life. The title of this site absolutely matches their behaviour.

    With regards to the importation of millions of sub-average IQ headchoppers who will carry out the directions of their paedophile prophet without blinking, I don’t blame you for putting your personal safety first.

    Thank you for enlightening us with your carefully researched articles, take comfort that many readers will have reused your content to spread the good word.

  • Sue

    Caratacus sums it up nicely. Your book The Great European Rip-Off was my essential reading before the Referendum – it validated my own sense of unease at this institution’s deceitful efforts to impose its will on the people. I’d love an updated version. Have any of your suggestions at the end of the book been implemented? Somehow, I doubt it. “Don’t Buy It” is on my next reading list! Thanks for keeping the home fires burning and not deserting us.

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