June 2024

3,000 a day – that’s a trickle compared to what’s coming our way

Over the last 4 days, the Italian coastguard claims to have “rescued” around 13,000 migrants. However, as my readers will know, these people are not “rescued”. Instead, an armada of EU ships waits just outside Libyan territorial waters and picks up all the illiterate, inbred, backwards, religiously-intolerant, violent, mentally-subnormal migrants sent to sea by people smugglers and then helpfully provides them with free transport all the way across the Mediterranean to Europe where they can live off benefits and crime for the rest of their worthless lives.

This is as if I bought a small Zodiac with an outboard motor with just enough fuel to do about 15 miles, puttered out to just outside UK territorial waters then radioed the US coastguard asking them to “rescue” me, take me to New York and then provide me with a home and money for as long as I lived. The whole situation is absurd.

This year around one million of this Third World detritus will be ferried across the Mediterranean into Europe by our rulers. About another million will come through Turkey. Almost all will be unemployable and burdens on our police, education systems, healthcare and housing for their whole lives. But this two million a year is tiny compared to what’s coming.

Here’s the population growth of poverty-stricken, violent, filthy, cesspit Somalia:

population somalia

And here’s the population growth of poverty-stricken, violent, filthy cesspit Ethiopia:

population ethiopia

And here’s the population growth of a few other poverty-stricken, violent filthy African cesspits:

population other african countries

And here’s the projected population growth for Africa:

africa population 2

By the end of this century, the population of failed, filthy, violent, cesspit Africa will have risen from about 1.2 billion today to almost 3.6 billion. The population of Africa will have tripled in just 84 years! Meanwhile, the population of indigenous Europeans will have slightly declined

Where are these extra 2.37 billion Africans going to go? Are they going to stay in their own filthy, violent, poverty-stricken cesspit countries? Or are the young men going to head for wealthy Europe where they will get free housing, free healthcare, free food, free money, free family reunions, free everything and where they can supplement their income from crime and entertain themselves by raping the local white girls while the police look the other way and the mainstream media chooses to not report migrant criminality for fear of being branded “racist”?

We are about to see the greatest migration in human history. Three thousand a day will soon become ten thousand a day, then twenty thousand a day. The result will be the impoverishment of Europe and the destruction of European civilisation. Europe will become the new Africa – filthy, overcrowded, poverty-stricken, crime-ridden, violent, backward  – another Hell of Earth.

Africans and Arabs are not like us. They are different. Just look at the sh*tholes they have made of every single one of their own countries without exception. We have to admit that Africans and Arabs are different and protect ourselves from them if we are to survive the new invasion.

Why are we doing this to ourselves?

Why are we committing economic, social and cultural suicide?

Political correctness?

2 comments to 3,000 a day – that’s a trickle compared to what’s coming our way

  • John Fields

    What a bloody mess. However we do have Brexit.
    Our usually weak politicians must stand firm against
    the EU and make sure that we have complete control
    over our borders.

  • Col

    About 60% of incomers are from outside the EU. So why would leaving the EU change this???? Remember our Commonwealth?? We should be leaving that!!

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