July 2022
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Watch this and weep for the loss of your country

You only need to watch the first minute or so of this video to see how Britain has lost the battle against the new invaders.

The video shows our police being intimidated and insulted by ‘British’ citizens who are also adherents of the Religion of Tolerance and Peace.

And the police can do absolutely nothing.

Weep for the loss of your country:

3 comments to Watch this and weep for the loss of your country

  • Gloria from Victoria

    Difficult to watch without filling up with rage. These pajama wearing free loaders have such a big chip on their shoulders. That PC was more than reasonable and should have had ’em in the back of the van tout de suite.

  • NoMore

    The most surprising thing about the video (filmed by who?) is the new-found interest in 1515 flags from the Old Bill.

  • John Fields

    I think that this should be compulsory viewing for
    all those M.P’s who think that we do not have a serious
    Islamic problem. Is this the same police force that clobbered miners with truncheons and charged over them
    with police horses during the miner’s strike. If the
    police cannot handle these Muslim bastards then bring in
    the army or change the law to give the police more
    stringent powers.

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