June 2024

It has been a pretty quiet few days, hasn’t it?

As far as I remember, there haven’t been too many attacks by our friends from the Religion of Peace for over a week. Well, at least not a lot have been reported. Although there were a few bangs in the Land of Smells.

Meanwhile, we’ve heard nothing more about the ethnicity of a man (with a supposed Swiss name – ‘M*h*mmed’ perhaps?) who died after setting fire to and stabbing passengers on a Swiss train. So, that cannot be a Religion of Peace attack, can it? After all, our rulers would never lie to us, would they?

But just in case you were lulled into a false sense of security by a perceived absence of Religion of Peace outrages, here’s what has really been happening over the last 8 days – about 323 killed in religiously-inspired attacks and another 315  injured. So, we’re running at a rate of about 40 killed and another 40 injured each day.

It hasn’t really been so quiet after all:

Date Country City Killed Injured Description
2016.08.15 Iraq Kirkuk 25 0 The Islamic State executes twenty-five civilians by herding them into a booby-trapped house and detonating it.
2016.08.15 Nigeria Gajibo 5 3 Five traders are ambushed in their car and murdered by Boko Haram.
2016.08.14 Syria Atmeh 32 25 Thirty-two people on a bus are obliterated by an Shahid suicide bomber.
2016.08.13 Syria Aleppo 9 22 Two children are among nine civilians cut down in their neighborhood by Sunni shrapnel.
2016.08.13 India Poonch 0 12 Jihadis throw a bomb into a group of Hindu pilgrims at a market.
2016.08.12 Syria Aleppo 40 0 Forty members of several families are executed in cold blood by al-Nusra.
2016.08.12 Iraq Nineveh 1 0 Another homosexual is flung from a rooftop after ‘daring to oppose Allah’s Sharia.’
2016.08.11 Dagestan Assab 1 0 Islamic militants are suspected of shooting a judge to death in his home.
2016.08.11 Thailand Hua Hin 1 21 A woman is killed when ‘insurgents’ plant two bombs at a resort.
2016.08.11 Iraq Makhmour 1 0 An Islamist beheads his own father for trying to leave the caliphate.
2016.08.11 Iraq al-Sidiq 8 0 Eight young men are beheaded for helping families escape ISIS.
2016.08.11 Afghanistan Shindand 5 9 Sharia proponents set off a bomb at a bazaar which kills five bystanders.
2016.08.11 Iraq Madaen 3 5 Three patrons at a market bleed out following a Religion of Peace bomb blast.
2016.08.11 Iraq Muthana 2 0 At least two souls are lost to a Fedayeen suicide bombing.
2016.08.11 Saudi Arabia Asir 1 0 An ISIS member runs over a local cop and then stabs him.
2016.08.11 Pakistan Quetta 0 14 An ISIS bomb injures fourteen.
2016.08.11 Iraq Mosul 1 0 An accused homosexual is thrown to his death from a building as children watch.
2016.08.10 Afghanistan Alisheng 3 2 Three people are sent to Allah by Taliban bombers.
2016.08.10 Iraq Latifiya 7 11 A Shahid suicide bomber blows seven Iraqis to bits.
2016.08.10 Iraq Qayara 12 3 An ISIS attack kills at least a dozen others.
2016.08.10 Cameroon Gambarou 4 1 Boko Haram burn sixty houses, kill four villagers and abduct a child.
2016.08.10 India Keran 1 1 Terrorists open fire on an army patrol, killing a porter.
2016.08.10 Canada Strathroy, ON 0 1 A suicide bomber detonates in a taxi, injuring only the driver.
2016.08.10 Iraq Baghdad 5 17 A pair of Mujahideen shrapnel bombs leave five dead.
2016.08.10 Iraq Qayara 2 6 Three suicide bombers manage to claim two other lives.
2016.08.09 Iraq Hawija 20 0 Twenty young people are burned alive for refusing to join the Islamic State.
2016.08.09 Afghanistan Mazar-i-Sharif 2 15 A suicide bomber murders two people at a crowded market.
2016.08.09 Pakistan Kohat 1 0 A woman is machine-gunned after being accused of adultery.
2016.08.09 Iraq Hawija 27 0 Another twenty-seven civilians are executed for trying to flee the Islamic State.
2016.08.09 Iraq Baghdad 3 6 Jihadis bomb a popular market, killing three patrons.
2016.08.09 Iraq Mosul 5 0 Five women are kidnapped and killed by ISIS.
2016.08.08 Pakistan Quetta 74 120 An Jamaat-ul-Ahrar suicide bomber massacres over seventy people gathered at a hospital.
2016.08.08 Iraq Youssifiyah 4 11 Four shoppers are sectionalized by a Mujahideen bomb blast at an outdoor market.
2016.08.08 Iraq Baghdad 2 8 A bomb in a commercial district takes out two bystanders.
2016.08.08 Pakistan Quetta 1 0 A prominent lawyer is shot and killed by religious radicals.
2016.08.08 Iraq Mosul 7 0 The caliphate beheads seven people with wire tied around their neck.
2016.08.08 Iraq Hawija 3 0 Three brothers are forced to kneel and then shot in the back of the head by ISIS members.
2016.08.08 Egypt Sheikh Zuweid 1 0 Religious extremists shoot a 45-year-old man to death.
2016.08.08 India Macchil 3 2 Three border guards are shot to death by Muslim terrorists.
2016.08.08 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 Fundamentalists detonate a bomb along a city street that kills a passerby.

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