June 2022
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British police – can you spot the difference?

I realise my readers are very busy people and may not have time to read long stories. So, today here’s a very quick quiz:

Can you spot the difference between these two photos?

The first one is from a time – the 1960s – when there were very few followers of the Religion of Peace living in Britain:

british police 2

The second one is from today when there are 4 to 5 million followers of the Religion of Peace (most of whom live off benefits and most of whom loathe us and want to kill us) culturally enriching life in Britain:

british police

But can you spot the difference?

And would you say that this change in our policing – from old-fashioned, unarmed bobbies to tooled-up robocops -shows that the followers of the Religion of Peace have had a beneficial effect on our country by increasing diversity?

2 comments to British police – can you spot the difference?

  • David Brown

    I think there are many factors in this transition. The IRA actually killed more people on the UK mainland than Muslim terrorists have so far. But the British people where tougher back then and the Labour Party was run by men not the new Labour metrosexuals.
    Step by step the civilian population are being imprisoned by the security imposed for our own protection .Its just the Muslim invasion of the west which should concern us but the elites who are intentionally facilitating it such as Merkel and Hilary. Its not the odd Muslim with a bomb but the intentionally imported Muslim demographic bomb that will be the enduring threat. Unless removed from the West. comments not allowed but it has link at bottom to the youtube video where you may choose to leave acomment.

  • MGJ

    All this at a time when according to the ONS, crime is plumetting – despite ‘improved recording’ of incidents and the ever growing list of pretend, made-up stuff like ‘hate crime’.

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