June 2024

Don’t forget our rulers’ Olympian lies!

(weekend blog) As the Rio Olympics (yawn – WGAT?) kick off, our UK media will feed us a constant stream of stories patronisingly comparing the supposedly ‘massive success’ of the London 2012 Olympics to all the problems that we’re likely to see in Rio – protests, robberies, gang gun fights, drug abuse, athletes caught with prostitutes, filthy water in swimming pools and at sailing events, zika, empty seats, schoolchildren being bussed in to fill stadiums, disorganisation etc etc.

So, please don’t forget how we were lied to by our rulers over the London 2102 Games:

1. The cost

While our papers and politically-correct BBC gushed about the “triumph” of the 2012 London Games, the rest of the world was laughing at us. As governments around the world were forced to cut spending following the 2008 financial crash, Britain was lumbered with the massive waste of money of the Olympic Games. These Games were due to cost ‘only’ £4bn with us taxpayers being squeezed for “a mere” £1.8bn:


But the whole thing was such a disaster from the very beginning that the American, originally put in charge of the construction of the Olympic sites, resigned after only seven months of his four-year contract stating that he did not want to stay in the job as it would “ruin his reputation for being able to deliver projects on time and on budget”.

Then under the “management” (ha-ha-ha!) of Sebastian Coe and his well-paid careerist cronies (many of whom earned more than the PM), the London Games ended up costing over £9.3bn with us taxpayers coughing up over £7bn directly and another £2.175bn from the National Lottery:


That £9.3bn would have paid for an awful lot of the nurses, teachers, doctors, military, border guards and policemen who were sacked to save money as part of George Osborne’s supposed ‘Austerity’. But instead this ginormous amount of our money was wasted on a couple of weeks of drug-enhanced supposed “sport” – enriching all those who could get their hands on our money and enhancing their lousy, self-serving careers

2. The ‘legacy’

The London 2012 Olympics were supposed to leave a much vaunted ‘legacy’ of many more people taking up sports thus helping tackle Britain’s ‘obesity epidemic’. In fact, so much money was siphoned off from local sports and sports facilities and from National Lottery money (£2.175bn) to help pay for the London Olympics farce of Brobdingnanian proportions, that participation in sport in Britain has actually fallen since London 2012 and more Brits than ever are obese.


Yes, there will be problems in Rio. And, like London, the Rio Games will be a gargantuan, over-budget waste of money vastly enriching the already rich:

rio olympics

But we should not compare the Rio Olympics to London. There is a big difference between staging Olympic Games in a slightly corrupt, rich, developed country like Britain where a family with nobody working can claim up to £20,000 in benefits a year and staging them in a totally corrupt, Third-World dump like Brazil where about 32 million people have to survive on less than $3.10 a day (£870 a year).

And we should remember that the London Olympics ‘success’ was based on lies put out by those who had most to gain financially and in their careers.

1 comment to Don’t forget our rulers’ Olympian lies!

  • MGJ

    Just think of the Olympics as one more government programme;and what do government programmes achieve? The very opposite of their stated aims, time and time again.

    Did the games bring us untold wealth, as promised? No. Did their legacy inspire young and old alike to take up sport? No. Did they kickstart the economy? No. Did they kindle a new found pride in British culture and values? Ha ha ha!

    No just massive misallocation of resources to unproductive and unsustainable sectors of the economy and the usual post party hangover of derelict stadia and pointless infrastructure kept on life support by government subsidy.

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