November 2022
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My latest video – last day

I’d like to leave this post up just one more day to try to increase the number of people viewing my latest video.

I will start blogging again tomorrow – Saturday 2nd May. The subject for tomorrow is “Virgins” and our friends from the Religion of Peace. So please do visit.

Below is the link to my latest video.

It’s a spoof election broadcast by “Cast-Iron Promise” Dave asking, imploring, begging UKIP supporters to vote for treacherous Dodgy Dave and his gang of thieves and fools on 7th May.

I ask, implore, beg readers to do two things:

1. Watch the video

2. Send the link to your friends and contacts

(If you’re not sure how to do this, just email me at and I’ll send you an email back with the link then you can just forward my email to your friends and contacts)

Oh, and if any readers know any journalists, could they please send a link to the video to them?

I hope you enjoy it:


And if you haven’t viewed my first YouTube video, here it is:

2 comments to My latest video – last day

  • John Fields

    Another great video Mr Craig, I will pass it on to several friends.

  • david brown

    some newspaper comments sections let you post links eg Telegraph so worth posting.
    I have posted links to this on Billy Braggs Facebook page comments .

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