June 2024

What’s the difference between “Man Cuts Off Own Penis” and “Britain’s Energy Policy”?

There was a story in the press a couple of months ago about a man with mental health problems cutting off his own penis and then jumping off a balcony in Los Angeles

I was reminded of this when I saw the demolition of the three cooling towers at Didcot power station a couple of days ago:


There was nothing wrong with the power station. It could have carried on producing good cheap electricity for us for another 10 to 20 years, no problem. Nope, the only problem with Didcot was that it burned coal. To meet the CO2 reduction targets imposed on Britain by a mixture of EU interference and Ed Miliband’s incompetence (remember, Ed the Idiot was responsible for the Climate Change Act as Energy Secretary in the last Labour government) Didcot had to be closed and then demolished.

So, what will replace the power we used to get from Didcot? Wonderful, supposedly ‘renewable’ energy, of course.

“But won’t that be more expensive than good old coal?” I hear you ask. “Absa-f*ck*ng-lutely” I answer. Here are the figures:


‘Oh, dear’ anyone with more than half a brain might think. This means British energy costs are going to go through the roof – probably more than doubling over the next 10 to 15 years.

This will have disastrous effects on our economy. Many thousands of jobs will be lost as British businesses become uncompetitive and move to countries with more affordable energy. That will push up unemployment, spending on benefits and the social problems caused by unemployment. Moreover, families will be increasingly squeezed by rising energy bills leaving them little money to spend on other things – also causing economic decline.

Meanwhile the fools in the Tory Party witter on about ‘rebalancing our economy’ back to manufacturing at the same time as their ‘greenie’ energy policies make it more difficult for manufacturing companies to operate in Britain. As for Ed the Idiot, well he’s promising to ‘freeze energy bills’ which are being pushed up by his own cretinous Climate Change Act.

And, while we’re knocking down good, cheap coal-fired power stations to fight the myth of Man-Made Global Warming, our competitors – China, India, Germany and others – are building coal-fired power stations like there was no tomorrow.

So, in answer to the initial question – What’s the difference between “Man Cuts Off Own Penis” and “Britain’s Energy Policy”? – I can’t see much difference, can you?

2 comments to What’s the difference between “Man Cuts Off Own Penis” and “Britain’s Energy Policy”?

  • Alan Mabey

    Dear Mr Craig,
    I love this article, we are commiting industrial suicide being the first nation to industrialise and with these crazy policies the first to de-industrialise!
    However I am all for clean coal,Fracking is too much of a no-no, as the risks to our environment are just too great.
    I went to a anti-fracking meeting a while ago with quite a loud green lobby,there is a link on you tube from a green campaigner from the States,saying about how the green lobby should apologise for its demands for clean energy and its dash for gas,forgetting that we buy gas from some questionable countries around the world,and bringing shale gas onto the scene.In the meeting I brought this up and said we should use a energy mix of clean coal and nuclear,you can guess the reaction!After pointing out that the majority of those attending were using power hungry i-phones I suggested what were they going to do about potential power cuts, they said renewables!!!!!Then some-one broughtup and said why dont we just ban fracking like France,then another person piped up and said that their power supplies is 80% Nuclear,I couldnt stop laughing, how I wasnt lynched I do not Know.Glad to see you are still blogging and keep up the good work.
    Yours sincerely.

  • whats happening with the nuclear power stations that China is going to build for us.
    The whole green movement is sort of communist economics blended with tree worship. This shows just how useless is the pretend Conservative Cameron. The UK Independence party should be using this as an election issue. Telling people their energy and food bills are going up due to this climate act.

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