October 2022
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Can Hamas’s “One State” solution bring peace to the Middle East?

It’s the weekend, so I’ll keep it short. For years, so-called experts have been wittering on about the need for a “Two State” solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. The “Two State” solution, of course, envisages two countries – Israel and Palestine – living in peace beside each other with agreed borders.

But what these experts fail to see is that Hamas is only interested in a “One State” solution – the complete destruction of Israel and the murder of every single person living in Israel as is so eloquently explained by the ever-articulate Pat Condell

Israel is struggling in the current fighting and is definitely losing the propaganda war – especially when British newsreaders like the (in my humble opinion and this is just my opinion) ‘frothing anti-Semite’ John Snow fulminate against Israel to millions of their viewers.

The only problem is, Mr Snow and others of your ilk, do really think there will be peace if Israel is over-run and turned from a successful First-World country into yet another corrupt, rotten, faeces-strewn, impoverished Third-World hell-hole? If so, you really are stupid.

Once they’ve got and destroyed Israel, the followers of the Religion of Peace will turn on us. What will you say then, Mr Snow (with your fancy ties and socks showing, I suppose, that you are ‘unconventional’, a ‘ground-breaker’ an ‘independent voice’ etc etc) and others like you?

Oh, of course, you’ll all have retired by then and will be living extremely comfortably and safely in your large country houses on your massive pensions while the rest of us fear for our lives as your friends from Hamas and the IS and other linked organisations turn their rage on us.

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