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Can you please help sabotage Bournemouth’s corrupt (IMHO) planners?

Yesterday I wrote about how many of Bournemouth’s architecturally important and beautiful buildings in the East Cliff supposed Conservation Area were being allowed to become derelict so that developers could raze them and replace them with lucrative flats or care homes. And all of this was being allowed by Bournemouth’s unusually acquiescent Planning Department.

Today I’d like to ask you all to help block the developers’ and planners’ latest act of architectural destruction by getting you to object to their plans to demolish the former merchant’s villa (see pictures on yesterday’s blog) at Radcliffe Court, 51 Manor Road. This will only take you about 2 minutes and you can do this from the comfort of your own computer or phone or tablet.

I would request as many people as possible send an email to

The title/subject of your email should be “Objection to planning application number 7-2013-12459-I, 51 Manor Road BH1” (please note, the last part of the application number is the capital letter ‘I’ and not the number ‘1’)

In your email you should write something like the following three paragraphs or else just copy the following three paragraphs into your email

“I would like to lodge an objection to planning application 7-2013-12459-I, Radcliffe Court 51 Manor Road BH1. This former merchant’s villa is a unique part of Bournemouth’s architectural heritage and probably the only example of such a building left in Bournemouth. Moreover, it is situated in a prime spot in the East Cliff Conservation Area. It would be a tragedy for Bournemouth if this stunning architecturally and historically important building was to be demolished to make way for a modern development of luxury flats.

I understand that the current owners have allowed this former merchant’s villa to deteriorate to such an extent that the developers’ architects have declared the building to be unsafe. However, I am sure that the shell of the building can be preserved. So, while I have no objection to flats being constructed within the existing shell, I am absolutely opposed to demolishing the villa completely.

I therefore propose that the developers be allowed to replace the interior of the existing former merchant’s villa with flats, but that the developers be instructed by Bournemouth Council to retain and refurbish the shell of the existing building and thus retain such an important part of Bournemouth’s architectural and historical heritage”

All objections to this planning application have to be received by the Bournemouth Council Planning Department today – Thursday 17 July. So, please just spare a couple of minutes today to send this email. If a few hundred of us email our objections, at the next meeting of the planning committee, it will be difficult for Bournemouth’s corrupt (IMHO) Planning Department to claim that people are not opposed to their latest act of wilful architectural vandalism.

The property developers are called Linwood Park Ltd and the architects who so conveniently declared the building should be demolished are called Brightspace Architects and were appointed by a company called Radcliffe Court Holdings Ltd. I have not been able to find any information on either Linwood Park Ltd or Radcliffe Court Holdings Ltd on Google. Odd that?

We can fight back against the greed and corruption of the ruling elites and their cronies. Many thanks for your help with this.

(Oh and for those amongst you who like music and dance, here’s a brief YouTube video of a Rave Party in Baghdad )

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