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Was the US government funding the Wuhan Chinese plague research?

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I try to avoid allowing mad conspiracy theories on my blog and prefer to only do stories where I can present the facts. But there’s a rather interesting story doing the rounds which it might be worth mentioning here as it’s unlikely any of the Sinophiliac mainstream UK media will cover it.

Why did US officials visit the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

You might remember that in 2017 and 2018 (before the Chinese Wuhan plague had even started) U.S. embassy health and science officials in Beijing decided to go to Wuhan and check the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). In total, the embassy sent three teams of experts in late 2017 and early 2018 to meet with the WIV scientists, among them Shi Zhengli, often referred to as the “bat woman” because of her extensive experience studying coronaviruses found in bats.

When they sat down with the scientists at the WIV, the American diplomats were shocked by what they heard. The Chinese researchers told them they didn’t have enough properly trained technicians to safely operate their BSL-4 lab. The Wuhan scientists were asking for more support to get the lab up to top standards.

The diplomats wrote two cables to Washington reporting on their visits to the Wuhan lab. More should be done to help the lab meet top safety standards, they said, and they urged Washington to get on it. They also warned that the WIV researchers had found new bat coronaviruses could easily infect human cells, and which used the same cellular route that had been used by the original SARS coronavirus.

Was the Wuhan Institute of Virology working with US virologists?

But why would US officials want to visit the WIV? And why would the normally secretive Chinese let them? The only possible explanation is that the WIV was conducting research for US virologists. Probably this was research that had been banned in the US because of the risks it posed should the viruses being developed and studied ever accidentally escape.

There cannot be any other explanation.

Was Fauci funding the WIV research which gave us the Wuhan plague?

I have two YouTube videos about this. Today’s is US senator Rand Paul being interviewed on Fox News about his questioning of Fauci at a US Senate hearing a couple of days ago. On Monday I’ll post the second video – from Sky News Australia about the money that went from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) via a third party to the Wuhan Institute of Virology allegedly to fund ‘gain of function’ virus research.

It’s worth watching to the end as towards the end of the video the interviewer produces a communication from the US NIH instructing that all funding to the WIV should be stopped. Why would the NIH stop funding the WIV if, as Fauci claims, the US NIH wasn’t funding the WIV in the first place? Velly culious, as our Chinese fliends might say.

I have a feeling that the truth regarding the origin of Xi Pingpong’s plague is finally beginning to slowly emerge.


5 comments to Was the US government funding the Wuhan Chinese plague research?

  • Bad brian

    My son claims that while he was stuck on a ship, in the canteen, he came across an old copy of New scientist from 2019 which which had an article about the US / Chinese co-operation at the Wuhan laboratory and what great results they were achieving.

    Fauci is up to his neck in this and knows perfectly well what is behind this pandemic.

    Even in the early days when he stood behind Trump sniggering to himself as Trump mused about injecting beams of sunlight,
    there was something about Fauci that was not right.

    His body language and attitude were all wrong and there was a smugness about him which did little to hide his distain for the little people who had tuned into watch.

  • A Thorpe

    I read something similar about the gain of function research discussed in the video. The video mentions using animal viruses but I read that it was a coronavirus they had made more potent and Rand Paul mentions SARS. He also says the research is going on in US labs but I read that the Trump administration had terminated the work because it was too dangerous. This is when Fauci is said to have transferred it to Wuhan. I wouldn’t trust Fauci to give me the time of day, he has given so many conflicting views. Has anybody asked Trump for his views?

    If it is true the Chinese are hardly going to admit to an accidental or deliberate release and the USA is not going to admit to transferring and funding the work. We should all know by now not to trust any government on anything. If the truth does come out it will not change anything or stop something similar happening in the future.

  • David Brown

    Retired Deputy head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove told the Telegraph, audio interview on its web site ,that coronavirus was developed as a bio-weapon which leaked out of the Wuhan lab. has an extensive collection of its news reports on this on youtube eg
    Its perfectly clear that in defiance of International treaty it was covertly developing a biological weapon . What does not make sense is the role of the sinister Fauci in this.

  • Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News almost always appears on YouTube, but the show on on May 11 2021, called “Fauchi and the Lab” was banned. It goes into this topic.

    You can see it for yourself on the banned dot video website.

    Websites can have all sorts of domain names now. .video is for video sites.

    You have to scroll down quite far until you see a video with his face on the link. I did not put a link to it here because Dave might not want the link on his site.

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