March 2018
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Britain’s yoof destroy their own future

Given all the heat and noise and fury and, above all, misinformation over Thursday’s disastrous election, I thought it worth using my weekend blog to calmly show what went wrong.

This is NOT an attempt to excuse the hapless, misguided Theresa May. But rather I want to show what the result means for the lack […]

Cowardly Britain commits suicide

There’s really not much to say is there?

Britain has voted – for its own destruction:

Last year Britain had the courage to defy the globalist elites by voting for independence. That courage has now evaporated. Yesterday Britain voted for:

more immigration no control over our borders staying in the undemocratic corrupt, […]

It’s competition time! Hooray! It’s “spot the women and children”

As we approach the weekend, I thought I’d test my readers with a short, brain-teasing competition.

You may have heard that last week alone over 1,000 ‘refugees’ (yes I know they’re not ‘refugees’) were supposedly ‘rescued’ (‘rescued?’ stop laughing you at the back) by EU Frontex boats and brave volunteers working for charities like Médecins […]

Will Britain have to rescue the “surrender monkeys” yet again?

Most readers will have probably heard of “Godwin’s Law”.

Godwin’s law (or Godwin’s rule of Hitler analogies) is an Internet adage which asserts that “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hitler approaches 1” ‍—‌that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner […]

They said it was “multi-culturalism”, but they lied. They said they were “refugees”, but….

Supposed “fake news” is a hot topic at the moment for the mainstream media. And today Facebook has apparently placed expensive full-page ads in the main newspapers advising us how to spot what they call “false news”.

But what is “fake news” or “false news”? And who is lying to us? The alternative (usually Internet-based) […]

Let us thank this preacher for telling the truth

The short (just over a minute) video below features an obvious madman claiming to be from the Religion of Love and Friendliness.

Of course, the man is crazy. After all, he’s predicting that Germany will eventually become a Muslim country, that Germans’ daughters will marry Muslims and that in a few generations a German Muslim […]

Dear readers – we are not alone

Below is a link to an article on Breitbart featuring an interview with the head of Red Bull Racing.

It seems he has dared to say what my obscure, largely ignored website (snouts-in-the-trough) has being saying for years and what the cowed, Islamophiliac mainstream media has been afraid to say for years.

I think I’ll […]

Farage confronts EU mafia about their greed and stupidity – and they don’t like it!

First, here’s a picture of the supposedly “17-year-old” Iranian “child refugee” who was recently attacked. If he’s only “17 years old”, then I’m the King of China:

At a guess, I’d say this “17-year-old child refugee” is actually about 25 years old. Or maybe 30? Who knows?

Strange as it may seem, […]

Marine Le Pen is clearly totally mad

Here’s a very brief (2-3 minutes) part of a BBC Newsnight interview with French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.

This is final proof, if it were needed, that Marine Le Pen is mentally unbalanced. After all, here are some of the things she claims:

Angela Merkel is toxic for Europe and her immigration policy has […]

I can see the future! Can you?

The 20th Century

If we look back at the 20th Century, simplifying slightly we could almost split it into two clear halves;

1. 1900-1945: The two world wars

Two great (and utterly pointless) world wars both largely due to the German need to conquer and dominate other countries. Result – over 77 million slaughtered – […]