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Multi-culturalism? No! We want “super-culturalism”!

(Tuesday blog)

Today I’d like to follow on from yesterday’s blog about how the affluent West is sinking into decadence, moral atrophy and its own (probably very bloody) demise.

It seems amazing that the vast majority of people have no idea at all of how the West is committing suicide. I guess this is what Douglas Murray writes about in his book “The Strange Death of Europe“. Yet, looking at history, it seems clear to me that our rulers are taking us on a downwards path to our own destruction – invasion and enslavement or worse. Here’s a comment from a reader of yesterday’s blog:

We oldies who were taught history at school, who learned about the rise and fall of Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire and its decline and fall, have been saying this for several decades. It took Europe more than half a millennium even to begin to drag itself out of the Dark Ages, the period of artistic, scientific and cultural decline which followed the end of the Roman Empire. The developed West as we all know it is hurtling headlong towards its own demise and it is the fault of its self-styled intelligentsia, cultural and political “elite”, who are force-feeding the young a diet of self-absorption, endless introspection and self-indulgence.

A society which positively encourages young children to question their gender identity and to undergo hormone treatment and surgical modification of their sexual organs before they have even had a chance to become sufficiently sexually mature to appreciate what those organs are for, is indeed truly sick. The early news this morning briefly mentioned that a doctor involved in “gender modification” of children in the UK has quit his post, having become concerned for the welfare of the thousands of children he is being expected to “treat”.

I think we all know which culture will take over the West when the end finally comes. Given the enormous educational gulf between the two competing cultures, the reluctance of one of them to regard its females as anything other than baby-producing machines, and the eagerness with which political leaders are positively encouraging its infiltration into Europe, it is inevitable that in the future the entire world will sink into a state comparable to Medieval Europe, when poverty, starvation, high child mortality, bloody and brutal war and early death for all prevailed. In short, like most of Africa is today. Oh, Brave New World………

What is probably most astonishing is that the ruling elites seem to hate probably the most successful civilisation the world has ever produced and are desperate to wreck it. You just have to do a search on YouTube for Alexandria Occasio-Cortez. She’s the new and youngest member of the US Congress, she’s a Democrat, she’s woke, she’s a rabid Warmie and Socialist and she’s a magnet for brainwashed, virtue-signalling, identity-politics “everyone is a victim of white supremacism”, snowflake votes. Moreover, she strikes terror in the Democrat leadership as, whatever she says and however stupid and ill-informed it is, they dare not contradict her for fear of appearing out-of-touch and losing the identity-politics victim and snowflake vote. (She’s also possibly Trump’s greatest asset to be re-elected in 2020 as many Americans will balk at her loony, extreme, leftist views)

But we have people in Europe just as deranged as the lovely Alexandria Occasio-Cortex. Here’s a Green member of the Hamburg Parliament in Germany extolling a wondrous future when European countries will have moved beyond multi-culturalism to what she calls “super-culturalism” – a time when white ethnic Europeans will be minorities in their own countries!

This (IMHO) arrogant, self-righteous, virtue-signalling buffoon somehow believes that this “super-culturalism” will bring the perfect society. However, some of us understand that it will only bring social breakdown, tribal conflict, civil war, the destruction of Western civilisation and several centuries of a new Dark Ages.

Perhaps in future blogs I’ll try to analyse how anyone could possibly think the way this (IMHO) total cretin thinks. Anyway, enjoy a glimpse of the madness that seems to be affecting our ruling elites:

6 comments to Multi-culturalism? No! We want “super-culturalism”!

  • Alan Thorpe

    It isn’t just the snowflake generation, we all have to vote for this because there is no credible alternative, except not to vote. I talk to many who say they will not vote again but my view is go and spoil the ballot paper and let them know we do not want what they are offering. What is the point of a Head of State we do not vote for and who is saying nothing. The politicians also like this. The Queen keeps telling us that it is her government and her prime minister. It is time she did something about it, or we time we did something about the monarchy.

    Churchill apparently said “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” My view is that democracy is an illusion. We vote for a representative but many think they are voting for a Prime Minister, which is not the case. The politicians don’t represent us, all they want is power over us no matter what party and that is what I call socialism. Democracy is spreading socialism because more voters are attracted to the promise of the state providing for them, and immigrants add to those needing state support. Democracy is the road to socialism and socialism is the road to serfdom.

  • HomoErectus

    The Facts no longer matter only politics, that Marxism Baby and why it ALWAYS fails.And a lot of people die as a result and will again.100 Million deaths plus and adding.

    A New York laboratory has cut its ties with James Watson, the Nobel prize-winning scientist who helped discover the structure of DNA, over “reprehensible” comments in which he said race and intelligence are connected.

  • Julia Green

    One of your best pieces ever, they just get better. Stefan’s video is incredible.

  • If we don’t rid ourselves of the equality dogma that falsifies everything in order to make everything that isn’t equal appear to be equal, we are going to face a future similar to what was experienced after the fall of the Roman Empire. There is no better recipe for the furtherance of decline than that one. – How else did such a third-rate politician as May become PM?

  • Stillreading

    Being unable now to see one single politician, leave alone Party, whom I could possibly endorse at the next General Election, I decided some time ago that I shall do exactly what Alan Thorpe suggests – spoil my ballot paper. I shall go along to the Polling Station, claim my paper, put a line diagonally across all the names and write in large letters along aforesaid line, “Unfit to Govern”. That is what all the thoroughly disillusioned should do. Failing to attend the polling station, claim one’s ballot paper, make some sort of mark on it and put it in the box merely confirms what politicians want everyone to believe – that as a nation we are too apathetic to care, therefore they have our permission to do as they like and we, the electorate who have failed to vote, have no grounds for discontent.

  • pjbV6

    We are a bit OT, but I am genuinely interested as to why previous commentors will not consider voting UKIP. Spoiling the ballot has no more effect on the result than not turning up, and although theoretically they are counted, the number will never be presented as anything other than idiots who couldn’t even put a cross in a box.

    Again OT, but anybody who has checked the new “Online Harms” government white paper will know that a drastic internet clampdown is coming very soon, fully supported by all LibLabCon, and you won’t change that by spoiling the ballot.

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