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A damp squib and Merkel’s Mad Cow Disease

(Wednesday blog)

A damp squib?

The BBC really hyped last night’s “Britain’s next PM” debate. So did much of the mainstream media. We were told there would be a “bash Boris” bust-up. But as the other four candidates all want nice important ministerial jobs in Boris’s government with big, shiny official cars and armies of sycophantic flunkies, all I saw was a collective sucking up to Boris.

As for the BBC’s Emily Maitlis – her contempt for all the candidates couldn’t have been clearer. The whole thing was (IMHO) a worthless, biased, damp squib.

Merkel’s Mad Cow Disease?

I hope all my readers have seen this short video from a ceremony yesterday in Germany. It shows the Fourth Reich’s ruler shaking uncontrollably as she greets some guy from the Ukraine.

What a shambles the EU is. At its head, we have a useless drunk who can’t walk more than a few steps without falling over. And now we see that the real EU ruler, Merkel, appears to have contracted Mad Cow Disease.

Though many of us have suspected Merkel has been suffering from Mad Cow Disease for years:

6 comments to A damp squib and Merkel’s Mad Cow Disease

  • Roy Hartwell

    I seem to remember seeing a film of Hitler towards the end of the war greeting boy soldiers. He was also shaking uncontrollably. Just saying !

  • A Thorpe

    The TV debates are a waste of time. I doubt they will influence the Tory MPs who have the vote at present. The candidates were talking over each other. Maitlis did not control them or ensure they answered the questions as she promised. All the Brexit debate was pointless because what they may want to do has to be agreed with the EU. The EU will not change the withdrawal agreement and they will not negotiate beyond 31 October. They had no answers about the economy and cannot have until we know the details of leaving and so tax promises were meaningless. Then we had them promising the earth to a young girl when not one of them understands any science or has any common sense about humans controlling the climate. The UK is fundamentally a socialist country. People expect the state to provide for them and think the rich will hand over their money. Corbyn looks like the winner at the next election and then we will all be poor.

  • William Boreham

    Having got rid of Toxic Theresa, we are left with the choice of either Johnson or Corbyn. Sort of reaffirms my conviction that we (Britain) lost an irreplaceable gene-pool of future leadership, not only political, but in all areas of human endeavour and achievement, in the slaughter on the Western Front 14-18 – where our bravest and best died first.

  • A Thorpe

    The Evening Standard is reporting that the Imam who appeared has made “disturbing tweets” and his account has been closed. The BBC is being asked to apologise for allowing him on the programme.

    Now Rory Stewart is proposing to collaborate with Gove to defeat Boris. Here is the problem. No matter who the next PM is, the Tories cannot put together a cabinet that will accept collective responsibility. As Bernard Ingham asked on the last Thatcher documentary – who would want to be leader of the Tory Party.

  • Stillreading

    My country (England), the United Kingdom, most of the rest of Europe, are racing lemming-like to ultimate disaster. The cliff is in clear view. Trump may JUST save the USA (but probably only temporarily). The rest are “Doomed! Doomed!!” As for the Imam and his now expunged tweets, if as UK citizens and Europeans we hadn’t been so eager to fall over ourselves to demonstrate our religious tolerance, the BBC wouldn’t now be in a situation where they are apologising for the views of a representative of the World’s most wonderfullest, most tolerant, most loving religion.

  • Paul Burke

    I entirely agree with A Thorpe’s post. But wouldn’t it be great if the candidates got wound up enough to start fighting physically? Put a new meaning to ‘changing the face of politics’! I seem to remember being taught at school that opposing sides in parliament were separated by the ‘sword lines’ intended to prevent them running each other through? Get rid of the sword lines, lets have a proper free-for-all, we haven’t got much to lose really and it would increase viewing figures for parliamentary TV.

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