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Shucks, can anyone remind me when Christmas is?

(last blog before Christmas)

I’m not a believer

First a small point – I do not believe the Government statisticians and supposed health experts’ claims that in most UK larger towns and cities, one in every hundred people is infected with Xi Pingpong’s Chinese plague. I simply don’t believe that, if you walk down a reasonably busy town or city street, one of every hundred people there are currently infected with Covid-19.

I don’t know whether:

  • half or more of the supposed carriers are false positives
  • other cold and flu viruses are causing a ‘positive’ result
  • the PCR test or lateral flow test or whatever they’re using is inaccurate
  • there is cross-pollution of the samples
  • the sampling methods being used are causing an exaggerated result
  • or there is some other cause

But with all the face-mask-wearing and social distancing and self-isolating and other precautions people are taking, I simply do not believe that one in every hundred people are carrying the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Moreover, I do not believe the constant refrain of the NHS being overwhelmed. While I believe there are quite a lot of Covid-19 cases in our hospitals, I had also understood that there was a dramatic drop in seasonal flu cases due to the measures being taken to control the Chinese plague. But this is never mentioned by the politicians and the ‘experts’ as they wreck our economy and millions of people’s lives to save us from ourselves.

Basically, I do not believe we’re being told the truth.

However, I do believe that, once the Wu-Flu crisis is over, the same lies and shock/horror statistics and controls and other coercive methods will be used against us supposedly to “save the planet”. As the great George Orwell warned:

Having tasted the pleasure of total control over our lives, there’s no way the politicians and experts and technocrats and bureaucrats will ever relinquish it. What we can expect to see is the ‘retired St George syndrome’ – having killed the dragon, St George has nothing to do to give meaning to his life. So he invents new dragons to slay.

That’s what our rulers will do after vaccines defeat the Chinese plague.

Maybe it’s time to take a Christmas break?

Back on Monday 4th January 2021.

In the meantime, here’s America’s next president wishing you all a great Christmas if he can remember when Christmas is and what Christmas is.

(left-click once on the image then wait for a few seconds and left-click once again to see the great Joe ‘China’ Biden – soon to be the second most powerful man in the world – expressing his deepest thoughts)

The great Xi PingPong is, of course, now the most powerful man in the world as he has bought the whole Biden family with the millions Xi has shoved into the Biden family’s bank accounts;

12 comments to Shucks, can anyone remind me when Christmas is?

  • IanJ

    Thank you for another year of superb blogs. My best wishes for a happy christmas, whatever we are coerced into doing byy HMG

  • Stillreading

    I’ve thought for some time that if you develop a specific test then shove a great cotton bud up someone’s nose until it practically pierces the brain and down the respiratory tract until it almost hits the bronchi, you will probably be able to detect minute quantities of almost any current respiratory virus. That doesn’t, though, mean that the subject shows any symptoms of the disease, or is likely to, or will pass it on to others. We don’t live in a sterile environment and our mere day to day survival entails our systems constantly acquiring, confronting and destroying infections which would otherwise kill us. It’s why transplant and cancer patients on immuno-suppressant drugs must take extreme care to avoid any risk of acquiring even the smallest infection. Those of us who are healthy all have our “off days”, when we feel a bit below par and will casually comment, “I’m probably fighting something off.” There’s no doubt covid-19 is a very nasty disease for those who take it badly. Ask any doctor or nurse who has seen patients sedated and ventilated on ITU or those still conscious, on nasal oxygen, exhaustedly gasping for every breath. As for the overstretched NHS – yes, it IS overstretched. While individual doctors and nurses struggle stoically and heroically to support their colleagues and do their best for every patient, often working themselves to exhaustion and foregoing holiday entitlement because they are reluctant to “let down” their overworked fellow workers, as an impersonal organisation the NHS is failing both staff and patients. I didn’t turn out and “clap for the NHS”, since to my mind that would have been giving support to an institution which regularly fails those on whom it depends – the doctors, nurses, midwives, ancillary staff. Hospital medical and paramedical staff all support each other. The NHS does not support them. And that is the fault of Government, which has relentlessly reduced real expenditure year on year, whilst demanding ever more of NHS employees. At the same time, the public is demanding ever more of “the NHS” in terms of keeping alive people with multiple morbidities who, some five decades ago, would never have survived into their 80s or 90s to acquire covid-19 or any other potentially lethal infection whilst spending their last few thousands of capital on residence in some so-called “care home”.
    Anyway, that’s enough for today! Other than yes – we have been very nicely groomed by the covid-19 restrictions into a state of docility where we shall continue to permit our every action and even every thought to be monitored and controlled. Have an enjoyable break and thank you for your superb, thought-provoking blogs. Many, many more people without doubt read them than ever respond.

  • Loppoman

    David, what am I going to read over the next two weeks or so?
    Very selfish of you to abandon your loyal readers.
    Ok, ok, I suppose you deserve a break and I look forward to re-engaging with your blogs after New Year.
    Thanks for this year’s blogs. Have a good Xmas break (as best as you’re allowed).

  • Hardcastle

    What will happen over the next couple of weeks? Christmas is an obvious distraction which will enable the passing of a non brexit brexit for a start and what else one asks? There is going to be plenty for you to comment upon,I think David.Have a good break and thank you for the great blogs over the past year.

  • A Thorpe

    That is an excellent message for the end of this dreadful year. We are certainly not being told the truth about the coronavirus and many other issues, and perhaps more importantly it is difficult to establish the truth. I have seen reports about people putting in Freedom of Information requests about the vaccine and they have been denied on the basis that it is not in the public interest. But is that even true? I think it is also obvious how little we know about the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. If this is being given to the vulnerable, then why do thousands die from flu every year and how is the Covid19 vaccine going to be any different?

    There is the important issue of the Brexit negotiations which the government has been able to ignore because of Covid. What on earth have they been doing since the referendum to end up in the present situation? I have no idea what they will agree, but I suspect the EU will come out on top. Johnson’s oven-ready deal will end up as ashes.

    The more important issue is the limitations on our freedom of speech, which effectively means our freedom to think. This started with Blair and has continued with every government since. I believe that our civilisation develops by building on what we know works, that is conservative policies. These have been thrown out and replaced with liberal nonsense and the overriding aim is always more control over us.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    In the light of London being put into Tier 3, I’ve again been looking up the latest C-19 statistics for London, on the Office of National Statistics web page, and with reference to NHS Trusts’ own web pages. I therefore present a brief summary of the official figures for what is usually the height of the winter respiratory disease season, without comment.

    Starting at the beginning – London has a population of 8.982 million. Just a bit more than the combined populations of Scotland and Wales. There are 298 hospitals in London. Although, obviously, some are specialist hospitals, a significant number have no C-19 patients. C-19 patients appear to have been concentrated into particular groups of London hospitals.

    As of Monday there were a total of 1,849 hospital beds in London occupied by C-19 patients, 249 of these patients occupying ‘Mechanical Ventilator’ beds.

    Of the largest hospitals in London, St George’s, with 1,300 beds, hosts a total of 106 C-19 patients, of whom 13 are on ventilators; Kings College, with 950 beds, has 75 C-19 patients, of whom 20 are on ventilators; and the Royal Free, with 900 beds, has 105 C-19’s of whom 13 are on ventilators.

    Of the rest, Barking Hospital Trust seems the worst hit, with 238 C-19 patients, including 26 on ventilators. They have a total of 1004 General, Acute, and Critical Care beds in two hospitals. And Barts Trust, with five hospitals, 1,883 General, Acute and Critical Care beds, and 16,000 staff, hosts 213 C-19 cases with 34 of those on ventilators.

    University College London Hospital (UCLH) of which my partner is a regular customer (though at the moment only at a distance) is hosting thirty C-19 cases, including eleven on ventilators. UCLH has 665 beds, and boasts of having ”The largest single Critical Care unit in the NHS”. All UCLH consultations are now by phone, for the foreseeable future.

    The remainder of C-19 patients are scattered around the other London hospitals in rather smaller numbers per hospital.

    I have taken the stats about C-19 hospital cases from a freely available Excel download from the ONS site which gives a day-by-day national breakdown of bed occupancy hospital by hospital; the hospital bed numbers from the respective NHS trust and individual hospital websites.

  • A. F. Fanculo

    Happy Christmas, thanks for the blog this year and every year. Will Santa BoJo get us a no-deal for a Christmas present? We do not need a present from the EU commission. Any deal offered seems to come with too many strings attached.

  • Brendsa Blessed

    Dr Francis Boyle is a leading international expert on bioweapons law. He drafted the US domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention, known as the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, that was approved unanimously by both Houses of the US Congress and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush. He calls the Covid-19 vaccines Frakenshots that must be avoided at all costs.

    He used the Nuremberg Code to defend a female US military doctor at her court martial for refusing to vaccinate US soldiers in the lead-up to the Gulf War that gave rise to Gulf War Syndrome in US and UK soldiers.

    Do a web-search of his name for more information about him.

    To watch a video interview with him, web-search for: Bioweapons Treaty Author: COVID Vaccine Contains HIV

    Dr Francis Boyle’s Wikipedia page:

  • Or there is some other cause…

    The government refuses to provide the data that justifies these continuing lockdowns. For months now we have seen graphs showing rising cases. Everyone in some areas, such as Liverpool have been tested, but no meaningful data ever appears, such as the level of testing in a particular area, the level of false positives, the breakdown into the level of seriousness that the positive tests developed into. No symptoms, mild symptoms, serious symptoms that did not require hospitalisation, symptoms that required hospitalisation, symptoms that resulted in death, etc.

    If everything were above board, all of that data would have been released to the media and published as a matter of course in order to inform the public. Instead the opposite is happening.

    The Possessed, novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, published in Russian in 1872. The book, also known in English as The Devils and The Demons, is a reflection of Dostoyevsky’s belief that revolutionists possessed the soul of Russia and that, unless exorcised by a renewed faith in Orthodox Christianity and a pure nationalism, they would drive his country over the precipice. It has become a classic of Russian literature for its searing examination of human evil.

    The Russian Revolution took place 40 years later, brought about by the Bolseviks, mostly made up of non-Russian Ashkenazis, such as Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trosky, Lev Kamenev, Gregory Zinoviev, Yakov Sverdlov, and Grigory Sokolnikov.

    It looks to me as if we are now facing the same creeping subterranean lying enemy, but this time the shots are DNA-changing vaccines.

  • Stillreading

    Gulf War Syndrome was undoubtedly a consequence of troops receiving a succession of vaccinations administered relentlessly over too short a period of time. It was deplorable, as was the USA’s post hoc denial of responsibility, and showed the customary fundamental contempt for those who fight for their nations. The “Licentious Soldiery”.The UK is no better in the way it summarily discharges those whose injuries render them no longer acceptable for active service. It is contemptible. However, the worst that will happen from receiving the covid-19 vaccine is that in very rare instances there will be an allergic reaction resulting in death unless immediate emergency action is taken, or more probably the vaccine will prove ineffective. There is a minute chance of the former whenever a vaccine is administered, which is why the subject is always asked immediately before the needle goes in whether there is a history of allergies. The latter seems far more likely in view of the recently acknowledged mutation of the covid-19 virus into a more rapidly transmitted version. Nothing will stop covid. It will continue is unstoppable advance through the world’s populations until everyone has been infected and has either recovered and developed a certain level of immunity, or has died. The current panic – mask wearing, tiers, destruction of the hospitality industry and small retail establishments, prohibition on all but the most limited social interaction even with closest family members, imprisonment of those unfortunates in care homes, is not to “save lives” per se, but to prevent the excruciating embarrassment to Gvt. of the NHS being totally unable to cope with pressure on beds, resulting patients desperately in need of ventilation drowning in their own secretions at home or in the streets. Let us never forget that it has been the policy of Governments of all political colours ruthlessly to reduce real expenditure on the NHS. We have trained insufficient doctors and nurses and midwives. Trust Chief Executives have been granted carte-blanche to close wards and reduce bed numbers. They have been positively encouraged to do so and now the population is experiencing the consequences. However, it’s Christmas, so let us all rejoice for Dominic Cummings that his eyesight is evidently excellent and that while millions of the UK population are in fear of their financial futures, he is the happy recipient of a £40K pay rise!

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    I had been wondering for a while now, just why on earth the staff of the NHS were going along with this fraud – surely they must notice what’s going on, and somebody, despite social media censorship, would find some way of blowing a whistle?

    But then today I realized just how few NHS employees – either doctors or nursing staff – are of native English origin or ancestry nowadays. We have a Globalist, not a National, Health Service. And NHS staff are currently basking delightedly in their media status as ‘National Heroes’, literally applauded by the public in the streets and given privileged status in our supermarkets, shops, fast food outlets, banks etc.

    And this is something that not only suits NHS staff, but also perfectly suits the agendas of those many political figures to whom ‘Diversity’ is the most important political issue of modern times.

    Never mind that in reality NHS staff have very little to do, as most hospitals appear to be empty of all patients except the small number of C-19 sufferers, consultations are only by phone (on the occasions when NHS Consultants can be bothered to keep the appointments they themselves have made), and GP’s surgeries are closed. This is the perfect opportunity to promote the image of ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ so beloved of all three of the UK’s main political parties, and so obsessively promoted in every single advertisement that appears on every commercial TV channel. After all, as we are endlessly informed, ‘Diversity Is Our Strength!’

    So, at last we have a multitude of multicultural ‘Heroes’, upon whom the general public are dependent for their very survival! A narrative of dedicated service and self-sacrifice on a par with that of RAF pilots in the Battle of Britain! Small wonder that nobody in the NHS is in any rush to put such a narrative at risk, never mind any ‘Woke’ politicians…..

  • JanM

    Have a lovely Christmas Craig, we are doing our own thing, family.
    See you in the New Year (I Hope) when we, hopefully, start the fight back.

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