June 2024

Can you help create chaos with the privatisation of the Royal Mail?

I don’t know whether the Royal Mail should be privatised or not. But what I do know is that nobody is being honest about why the privatisation is going ahead. So, Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Cable, Miliband, Balls and the rest of the garbage who rule us (or want to rule us) are lying to us by not telling us that EU directives are forcing this privatisation. If we’re going to have a debate about flogging off the Royal Mail, it should be an honest debate where our leaders admit why the sale is happening – EU directives.

So, what can we do? We know that, if the Royal Mail is privatised, services will be cut and tens of thousands of jobs will go. But it seems that none of the Royal Mail staff or unions know that it is their EU masters that are threatening their jobs. Perhaps we should tell them? I was therefore wondering if some readers could ask their postmen for their personal email address and send them the following email (or just print out the two posts mentioned in the links below and give them to your postman as one reader did this morning):

Subject: How EU directives are forcing Britain to sell off the Royal Mail

Clearly you know about the Government’s plan to sell off the Royal Mail. The likely result will be cuts in services and perhaps 20,000 or more job losses over the next few years.

Have you wondered why the Royal Mail is being sold off? And have you wondered why the Labour Party is not protesting against the sale?

This is because the reason for the Royal Mail being sold is that EU directives are forcing the Government to privatise the Royal Mail But our leaders (Coalition and Labour) are terrified of Royal Mail workers finding out about this as this would lead to a backlash against the EU and a huge surge in support for UKIP.

When France was told to sell off their postal service, La Poste, they told the EU to get stuffed

But Britain’s EU-subservient leaders have grovelingly agreed to do what their EU masters tell them. And Labour say and do nothing.

The EU is about to destroy our mail service and destroy many of your jobs. You and your union should be protesting about this EU interference in British affairs.

Please pass this email on to other postal workers.

2 comments to Can you help create chaos with the privatisation of the Royal Mail?

  • right_writes

    Hi David…

    It’s somewhat ironic that one of the worst (or is that best?) apologists for the EU and all of its nefarious dealings, is one Peter Mandlscum…

    Interesting than that he backed off from the previous government’s (independently thought out…) policy and white paper in 2008/9, once he realised that it was deeply unpopular…

    Of course I don’t suppose the intervention of Clarke on the opposition side helped even though Mandelscum and Clarke are on the same extrapartial EU apologising side.

    I have just handed my postman a print of your recent posts David.

  • I really wonder exactly why you titled this specific blog, “Can you help create chaos
    with the privatisation of the Royal Mail?

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