June 2024

Privatising postal services – France tells EU to get stuffed – Britain grovels and agrees

Hopefully you’re all enjoying the good weather, so I’ll keep it short today.

Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Cable, Miliband, Balls and the rest of our EU-subservient politicians will never admit to the electorate just how much of what they do is on instruction from Brussels, like same-sex marriages and the privatisation of Royal Mail  (and possibly the £60bn Hs2 train white elephant).

In those countries where privatisation of postal services has already taken place there has been a reduction in service. The splendid response of France to the EU’s directives on selling their postal services (La Poste) was to agree to privatise La Poste provided any purchaser gave the same service as the state and took over all pension responsibilities. Bearing in mind that France is 674,843 km2 – more than twice the size of the UK at 243,610 km2 – and the huge pension liabilities of La Poste, the usual suspects for buying La Poste  (TNT, DHL, FedEx and vulture venture capitalists) all ran a kilometre or two in the opposite direction.

But in Britain, our useless, EU-subservient politicians grovelingly agreed to their EU masters’ demands. Sadly for our quisling leaders, the Royal Mail was unsaleable as its pension fund had £28bn in assets but £37bn in liabilities (and growing by the day). So, our lying, thieving scumbag politicians dumped all the assets and liabilities of the Royal Mail’s pension fund onto British taxpayers – costing us at least £9bn (and most probably much more). However, this left the Royal Mail in a condition whereby it could be sold off to satisfy our EU bosses.

Our lying, thieving politicians will claim that selling the Royal Mail is a “good deal for taxpayers” or something like that. This is a £9bn (growing by day) lie.

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