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Is this the real reason the lefties loathe Israel?

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King Eco-loon and Queen Godzilla?

I consider myself patriotic. And, unlike anyone in Parliament or at the BBC, I believe that what little is left of Britain is valuable and worth preserving from mass open-borders immigration, WEF globalisation and the woke, history-challenged, narcissist, UK-loathing social-media mob. But I really can’t see the point of squandering several hundred million pounds or whatever of taxpayers’ money on some stupid ceremony next weekend. After all, the (IMHO) snivelling, self-obsessed, adulterous, climate-catastrophist, Izlumophiliac idiot, Charles, is already King and the beautiful, fragrant Godzilla is already his (supposedly ‘hugely popular’ according to the Daily Mail) beloved queen.

In Disney films, the handsome prince marries the beautiful princess while rejecting the ugly sisters. With Charles, he abandoned the beautiful princess and married one of the ugly sisters.

I’m not against the monarchy. Something like President Tony Blair and First Lady Cherie would be even more ghastly than dumb King Eco-loon and Queen Godzilla. Personally I believe Charles would have (for the first time in his spoilt, self-serving, self-regarding, rather pointless life) earned our respect if he had stepped aside, let William and Kate take over and just taken a position for himself as a senior mentor and adviser to King William and Queen Kate. But Charles is too thick, too selfish and too tin-eared to ever consider something like that. As for swearing an oath of allegiance to the perpetually miserable and moaning Eeyore Charles, forget it. I might do some swearing that day, but it won’t be for an oath of allegiance to a self-centered, intellectually-challenged, woke excuse for a man who has never done anything in his 70+years on Earth to warrant either respect or allegiance.

Is this why they really hate Israel?

Last Wednesday, Israel turned 75. As the lefties and anti-semites in Labour and at the Guardian and the BBC continually howl and scream at Israel as being the source of all the Middle East’s problems, it’s easy to forget quite how small Israel is:

The population of Israel is just over 9 million of which around 2 million are Arabs. The population of the Arab world, supposedly oppressed by these 9 million Israelis of which just around 7 million are Jewish, is over 456 million.

Here is a chart of Israel’s GDP per capita compared to the GDP per capita of its nearest neighbours:

(left-click on chart then left-click again to see in glorious widescreen technicolour)

Israel’s GDP per capita is close to $40,000, the Arab world’s GDP per capita is just $6,647.

Israel is an extraordinary achievement to have created a modern, democratic, economically-successful country in just 75 years in spite of the Arabs’ repeated attempts to wipe Israel off the map. The Arab world is a disaster – hundreds of years of a misgoverned cess-pit of misery, poverty, backwardness, violence, hopelessness and failure. Moreover, the success of the Jewish state compared to the failure of so many countries which follow King Charles’s favourite religion poses some very difficult questions about the role of Charles’s favourite religion in causing economic stagnation, social disintegration, political instability, violence and widespread misery.

Israel’s success exposes the Islamic Arab world’s political, religious and economic failure and that’s why the lefties really loathe Israel.

7 comments to Is this the real reason the lefties loathe Israel?

  • Ian J

    I fully concur with your opinion of C3 and the hag who ruined any chance for Diana. His behaviour throughout has been contemptible and neither of them deserve any plaudits, other that ‘at least they’re not xxxxxx’

  • tomsk

    Charles the Turd will not be my king, nor will his son and fellow WEF stooge be my king. We don’t actually need a political head of state nor a Royal non political HoS. Lets have Clarkson to ruffle a few feathers. If you look at the image of Charles on coins and stamps, if you look very closely you can see the hidden in plain sight message. With regard to Israel much of it is pure jew hatred, they hate Jews but are fine with the benefits and genius that Jews have given to the world to make our lives easier and better, they police Israels actions higher than they police the barbarians around them. Europeans ( Rome ) expelled the Jews from their home and into the nations,mainly Europe although many remained in the land thus it never actually stopped being theirs but the land went through various conquerers and occupiers, mainly the Ottomans not Arabs. Then when in Europe Europeans persecuted them through various pogroms ending up with the holocaust so the Jews went home and now these people are complaining about that. Anti semetism is rising again, especially with the rise in a certain demographic coing into Europe, the left and the Labour Party which is infested with racists and bigots claiming everyone else is that and not them.

  • A Thorpe

    I turned against the monarchy over the big issues of Scottish Independence and leaving the EU when we had no idea what the Queen thought about either and I finally woke up to realise we didn’t know what she thought about anything. I don’t see how we can believe that we live in a democracy when we don’t know what the head of state thinks and we have no say in who it is. I think the Queen had it easy because she was a woman. It will change now. I can understand the view of not wanting an elected politician as head of state, but this could be a ceremonial role only and that never seems to be considered.

    What does the monarch actually do as head of state? As far as I can see it is just meeting others, here or abroad, making speeches written by the government, all at our expense. It is time we questioned the need for a ceremonial head of state. Whether we call our senior politician PM or President doesn’t seem to matter provided they are elected by us, and of course we don’t elect the PM. What we need is to limit the power our elected leaders have over us. That starts with ending taxation of our assets. It’s time we lived like the monarchy has.

    I don’t object to the Windsors calling themselves royal provided they have no special privileges and are taxed the same as everybody else, and pay all past taxes they avoided.

    Last week my barber offered the a good opinion of what should have happened and that was that the Queen should have abdicated after 50 years to let Charles take over. I cannot see that William is any better than Charles because they are both obsessed with climate nonsense and they got all that from Philip. The monarchy serves no purpose except to give the false appearance of making the politicians more acceptable.

    There was an interesting chat in Windsors Coronation Special last night between Sunak and William about cutting down the cost of it. William suggested that since he was wealthy from the Duchy of Cornwall and Sunak was also wealthy that they should jointly pay for it. Sunak suddenly found the taxpayers money to pay for it. We are the fools for putting up with all of this.

    How can we be patriotic when the country we were born into has effectively vanished. This is because the idea of a multicultural society has been forced on us destroying British culture that is based on thousands of years of history. We should accept a multiracial society but not multicultural.

    The changing of the boundaries of countries has caused more problems than any other issue and it is rarely discussed. Britain seems to have been involved with a lot of this and played a big role in the creation of the State of Isreal in 1948. I have even read the view that the zionist movement encouraged the holocaust as a way to ensure that Isreal was created. I think tomsk is right about Jewish persecution. Throughout history they have been very successful wherever they are and the indigenous population don’t like it.

    Who knows what goes on behind the closed doors of government and those with influence over governments. There were forged documents in our national archives claiming that the Duke of Windsor was a traitor and how they got there has never been established. What is the truth about anything? I doubt we will ever know.

  • Paul Chambers

    I will watch the coronation and wish Charles well however he seems to have already started to politicise the position which is unwelcome. We don’t need another preachy rich eco loon living in luxury telling us all what we cant do.

    I am also disappointed the anointing will not be shown if only to ensure they are not sacrificing any goats with klaus schwab dressed in an owl costume once behind closed doors away from the cameras. I don’t trust any of this lot with our hard fought freedoms and don’t buy the clown world cover – this is a co-ordinated evil plan to impose a marxist one world government by destroying wealthy free countries and levelling them all down to third world hell holes.

  • Carolyn

    Leave Camilla out of it! She no more wants to be Queen than I do, she’s just a victim of another self centred, petulant, childish uk monarch in much the same way as Wallis Simpson was.

    Given her druthers I expect she’d have been happy to continue just being his mistress without all the hassle of being queen but Charlie boy had to have his way. Shame he didn’t stand up for himself when he first met Camilla instead of being manipulated into losing her.

    As I’ve always maintained – she was there first. Charles is entirely to blame for being too weak.

    Otherwise I agree with you. He’s been captured by the WEF and as for us all chanting our allegiance to him, what blithering idiot came up with that crass idea? The queen must be spinning.

    Re The Windsors Coronation special I did love the line about the monarchy being there to “bind a diverse nation together with bland statements about mental health and carefully staged photographs of our children”. Perfect description of William and Kate’s contribution to proceedings.

  • Ern

    “Charles the Turd” – Quote of the week. So apposite.

    I’m with, almost, all of these well-chosen and well-written words.

    Thank you David, do not relent, please.

  • Stillreading

    I have a clear memory of the 1953 Coronation, the sense of patriotism and pride throughout our then Great Britain, the news coming through on the very day itself that Hillary and Tensing had reached the summit of Everest – the first humans ever so to do – the hope for the future of the Nations and the Commonwealth which we believed we could see embodied in our young Queen. What a contrast with now! I find myself monumentally unenthused by whatever is going to take place this Saturday. Republican I am not. The mere passing thought of a President Bliar and First Lady Cherry appals me and surely should be sufficient to deter almost anyone from notions of rocking the Royal boat. I am an ardent Monarchist, in the sense that – like many I suspect – I support the Institution of the Monarchy, while being unable to endorse on a personal level its current head honcho. Although some seem unable to move forward from Diana-worship, there nevertheless are many like me who believe Camilla to be essentially a good woman, with some common sense. I had – still have – hopes that she might steer KC3 away from some of his more extreme eco-loon notions. Their mutual glances and body language indicate the genuine love which exists between them and which has survived decades of opprobrium. The disaster of the Diana marriage was his fault. He ought to have had to guts to marry the woman he truly loved in the first place. However, the reign of KC3 cannot be all that long and the Monarchy has William and Katherine “in waiting”. She at least seems to have a bit of sense, has never put a foot wrong behaviourally in public and their youngsters are shaping up nicely. Let’s just hope she can keep her husband distanced from too many of his father’s loony ideas. Thorpe is right though. The country into which he and I were born has disappeared. Which leads directly on to the Israel issue, the contrast between the prosperity of that tiny nation and the state of its hostile neighbour, and thence to the unavoidable conclusion that as a nation we are heading for our own self-imposed destruction, since we are importing in enormous numbers peoples of alien cultures, many of whom are ardent subscribers to and practitioners of the very beliefs and practices which inhibit the advancement of Arab nations. We would do so much better were we to embrace the Jewish ethos of pride in our race, our culture and our ability as a nation to achieve and improve. Instead we roll over to ever-lowering educational standards, cultural annihilation, and dilution of our unique heritage. All as evidently embodied, potentially disastrously, in KC3. I shall continue to stand, as I always have done, for the National Anthem, but it will be out of respect for the more-than-millennium-old Institution of Monarchy rather than, as previously, for the person of the Monarch.

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