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Daring to mention the unmentionable?

Wednesday/Thursday blog

First, just a small observation before the main bit of the blog

Did you survive last week’s deadly storms?

This story may seem trivial. But I think it does indicate something quite important.

It’s lucky we all have short memories. After all, I wonder how may readers remember the headlines from last Wednesday (22 June) – typical were:

“UK weather: Met Office severe weather warning for thunderstorms and torrential rain”


“UK weather: Thunderstorm warning issued by Met Office with torrential downpours and risk of floods”


“The dangerous weather comes amid Britain’s worst rail strikes in 30 years”

And we were warned: “large swathes of the country could be hit by dramatic thunder, lightning and heavy downpours anytime from 11am onwards. Today’s storms are also predicted to cause flooding, with up to 60mm of rainwater falling in the space of two to three hours”.

Did it even rain last Wednesday as the Met Office predicted? I can’t remember. Were there any floods? I don’t think so. Was anybody killed in the supposedly ‘dangerous weather’. Not that I can remember. In fact, Glastonbury, which usually turns into a mud bath, was fairly dry this year.

So, what is going on? I think there are two issues here:

  1. The Greta-worshipping climate catastrophists at the Met Office are so obsessed with propagandising the supposed ‘Climate Crisis’ that they automatically assume every rainstorm will be more severe and more dangerous than anything ever experienced
  2. Some sections of the mainstream media are so desperate to push the supposed ‘Climate Crisis’ on us that they deliberately exaggerate every weather story to make it seem as if some kind of climate Armageddon is about to destroy us all

And, of course, the whole thing is nonsense.

The climate catastrophist bias of the mainstream media is becoming so obvious that it’s almost embarrassing. Over the last few weeks, you might remember horror stories of record high temperatures in India and Crapistan. These were supposedly proof of our overheating planet. But none of our media thought it worth reporting that Australia has just had its coldest start to its winter since about 1918 and this year there is so much snow that some Australian ski resorts have been unable to open:

(left-click on image and then left-click again to see the text more clearly)

Again and again and again, the only weather stories we get from the media are those which seem to support the climate catastrophist narrative and any stories which undermine it are deliberately and dishonestly suppressed.

Mentioning the unmentionable?

I have previously featured this table:

(left-click on image and then left-click again to see in glorious widescreen technicolour)

It purports to show the average IQ by country.

I have also used this chart:

If you accept the figures on the chart above, it seems to suggest that there could be a link between a region’s average IQ and its average GDP per capita.

Of course, to suggest this is obviously racist. Or is it?

Even if we assume that the Bell Curve distribution for all new-born children of every race from every part of the world is exactly the same, we also know that IQ is a result of both heredity and environment. So, even assuming that all children have the same hereditary level of IQ, that still leaves environment as a factor in the likely level of a person’s IQ.

For example, 100 children of Oxford or Cambridge academics coming from homes full of books and which set high store on the value of education are likely to develop on average higher IQs than 100 children living in mud and straw huts in an African village where they only get 2 to 3 years very basic education.

Similarly, 100 children growing up in a developed country with a high GDP per capita and thus a good education system (like Finland or Singapore) are likely to develop higher IQs that 100 Indian Dalit (‘untouchable’) children from impoverished homes excluded from proper education.

So, even if we believe that the Bell Curve for all new-borns from all races is exactly the same, we should still accept that issues like culture, material well-being and educational opportunities will inevitably affect average IQ levels.

Moreover,  descriptive data indicate that in addition to being much more likely to suffer from birth defects, the mean IQ in children of consanguineous marriages can be in the order of 2.5 to 10 IQ points lower than those of non-consanguineous marriages:

Here’s the admirable Simon Webb tiptoeing around this taboo subject:

4 comments to Daring to mention the unmentionable?

  • A Thorpe

    On the issue of “unmentionable”, Mark Steyn named a certain President taking his pleasures on Epstein’s island. Nothing holds him back.

    On the issue of the climate, I watched a Netflix documentary last night “Breaking Boundaries” subtitled “The Science of our Planet”, narrated by Attenborough. It was complete drivel from beginning to end with endless unsupported claims. For example, we apparently have the highest levels of CO2 in the history of the Earth, but they failed to mention that all the CO2 being released from coal was once in the atmosphere.

    Linking this with IQ, it seems to me that those with a higher IQ are the ones we should not be trusting with running the planet and controlling our lives.

    Africa stands out on the map, but is it more complex than IQ? African’s history seems to be more tribal rather than state based. The Atlantic slave trade existed because of Europe’s ships but it was Africans themselves who created slavery, which never gets mentioned. Africa was not safe for Europeans at that time because of all the diseases. There is also another factor which is its rivers are not navigable very far in land and this limited the scope for trade. Trade only takes place where there is no conflict and the tribal basis in Africa brought conflict. The African’s were armed, the European traders were not and it was the Africans who really controlled the slave trade and other trade never got established as it did in other parts of the world. The Africans exchanged slaves for our goods and there was no incentive for them to produce their own. I understand something similar has happened with middle east oil. The money allowed them to purchase whatever they wanted and they didn’t develop the understanding and skills for themselves. They are now waking up to this.

    We might also argue that the west effectively turned the Chinese and other cheap Asian labour in slave labour to produce cheap goods for us. That isn’t turning out well and that was an idea of people with a high IQ.

  • Bad Brian

    Why not compensate all these African countries by giving them back all the descendants of slaves that us white folks bought from the Old African Chief’s ?

    When I say “us white folks” I don’t mean all of us white folks, just the rich ones who owned plantations on the other side of the world.

    My grandfather did not own slaves but was considered suitable enough to find himself fighting in France in 1914 , sent over to Russia and had fun in Ireland uring the Irish rebellion.

    When back in civvy street, he wouldd get up at four in the morning and cycle two hours to stand in line in the hope that he would be picked for a 12 hour shift down the pitts. As he was not a “local” lad, it was unusual to get two or three days work in a row.

    However, the German raid on the Forth Brige saw my grandad turn up home in full Black Watch uniform where he spent the next four years trainning new recruits in the UK.

    Not being a slave owner he was delighted to be seconded to an American outfit as their cook with a sensible head on, and he found himself on 7th June 1944 at the Normandy landings.

    Being a cook for the Americans, he could appropriate as much food as he felt necessary and spent the last year of the war actually visiting old girlfriends from the 1st war, who were all ladies in their 50’s , with families and husbands who were all delighted to see him when he loaed them up with top notch grub. We even have photographs of these visits !

    The downside to this larger than life character was that he refuse to donate a proportion of his income to compensate Africans for the slave trade. This proves he was a racist and not just towards Germans.

    He was working on a building site as a labourer in the bitter winter of 1963 when he died having been diagnosed with cancer two weeks before.

    I would wager that almost everyone who reads this little story could point to one of their own older relatives with a similair narrative.

  • Stillreading

    Well said, Bad Brian. But bad indeed to dare even mention the sacrifices of our forebears. Very unwoke! If you say much more in the same vein someone will probably decide to send you on a course on how to think. However, when they do you will have the comfort of being in the congenial company of many others who think as you do. In all seriousness, if our grandfathers and their contemporaries who fought in WW1 (a great uncle died of gangrene on the Somme before the medics got around to amputating his leg) and our fathers who fought Hitler in WW2 (I scarcely saw my father until I was eight years old because he was in the Army and an uncle was a fighter pilot in a Spitfire) could see now the plight of our once proud nation, I wonder whether they would have considered their sacrifices worth it?

  • Eric Legge

    The UK also relies mainly on the quality of its human population to earn its living. Across the UK destabilising and downright destructive measure s are being take to undermine its population’s abilities to earn that living. Such as an insane drive to dumb down the educations system evermore in order to make the lies of social and sexual equality appear to be a natural reality.

    Surely that must be because we have people running the country across the board who have low intelligence and/or particularly perverse nihilistic natures. The UK has a absurd number of its people addicted to anti-depressant drugs and narcotics. I say that those two phenomena are very closely related. Indeed, it is obvious to me that so many inadequate idealists have attained positions of authority is because they were able to game social and sexual equality as a springboard and then as weapons used to close down any opposition.

    There was an item on GB News this afternoon in which the levels of control that Big Pharma has over the funding of drug regulators was discussed. In most western countries Big Pharma provides around 85% of that funding. Is it any wonder that we rely to such a great extent on the drugs and vaccines that Big Pharma manufactures?

    The philosopher, Nietzsche (1844 to 1900) declared that depression and nihilism are one and the same illness.

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