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Are we really all Klu Klux Klan racists?

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Are we really all rabid racists?

I have been slightly perturbed by the reaction of the media and politicians to the pathetic performance of the English football team against Italy last Sunday. In fact, almost nobody mentioned the lacklustre wandering around the pitch by the English football team. Instead, in the mainstream media there was a massive concerted assault on us accusing us all of being racists and accusing the English of being institutionally racist.

As far as I understand, about 30 million people watched the English football team’s third-rate performance. Of these 30 million, about 1,000 on Twitter and perhaps another 1,000 on Instagram and Facebook and other such social media sewers made derogatory and possibly racially-motivated comments about the failure of some coloured footballers to kick a ball into a goal from 12 yards away even when the Italian goalkeeper left the goal wide open by going the wrong way.

I ain’t no mathematical genius, but let’s say that there were around 3,000 allegedly ‘racist’ comments on the social media sewer. That means around 0.01% of those who watched the game made allegedly ‘racist’ comments about certain players. Then, that also means around 99.99% of viewers didn’t make any allegedly ‘racist’ comments. Moreover, many of the supposedly ‘racist’ comments seem to have come from people living outside the UK.

Yet since Sunday’s game, scores of supposed ‘opinion leaders’ and politicians have been appearing on TV and in the press claiming that England is a racist country and that the majority of us are racists.

Of course, the allegation that the majority of us are racists is complete rubbish. But as public debate has been hijacked by those who hate Britain, hate the West, hate the fact that white people are responsible for almost all human progress, hate democracy and hate anyone who doesn’t share their opinions, these people will exploit any opportunity to foment division and conflict to damage our civilisation and hand power over to them.

Multi-millionaire failure Southgate owes fans an explanation

England’s £60,000-a-week man

I believe that the English manager, Gareth ‘muti-millionaire’ Southgate earns gets paid about £3 million a year. That’s about £60,000 a week. I realise that Mr Southgate is some kind of footballer and not an economist. So, it’s possible that Mr Southgate doesn’t understand that the £60,000 a week that pours so effortlessly into his bank account comes from football fans, many of whom don’t get paid £60,000 a week. In fact, many of these fans don’t get paid £60,000 a year. In fact, many of these fans would have to work for 2 to 3 years to get the £60,000 that Mr Southgate reportedly gets every single week.

Did Southgate ‘play the victim card’?

As soon as England lost the game on Sunday, Southgate seemed to me to do what all celebs seem to do nowadays – ‘play the victim card’. Rather than manning up and giving England’s millions of fans an explanation for the dreadful performance of the English team, Southgate made some comment like “it feels like my stomach’s been ripped out”. Was he trying to shift blame from himself by portraying himself as a victim of cruel fate rather than his own incompetence? Does that mean we should feel sorry for him? Does that mean he should not be criticised?

Gareth – How about being a man and explaining the following?

I don’t care who won or lost this unimportant football game in a second-rate competition. But I do believe that, if £60,000-a-week Southgate had been a real man, he should have explained the following to the fans who pay his generous £3m-a-year salary:

  • after stunning the Italians with their first goal, why did the English team fall back into defensive play rather than trying to score a second, morale-destroying goal while the Italians were discombobulated?
  • why did Southgate not change things at half time to push England into attacking?
  • at around 15 minutes into the second half, it was clear that the English team was getting nowhere. Why didn’t Southgate shake things up by putting on a couple of fresh players?
  • when the game went into extra time, why didn’t Southgate put some new energy into the team with a couple of substitutes?
  • given that the Italian goalkeeper was huge and effective, it should have been obvious that England would lose if the game went to penalties. So why didn’t Southgate push the English team into constant attack in extra time rather than the English team hiding trembling in their own half just trying to survive?
  • did Southgate choose the penalty-takers based on the likelihood of them scoring? Or did he choose them on ‘woke’ grounds of their skin colour?
  • why did Southgate even bother turning up for the game given that he seemed (IMHO) paralysed by fear and wokeness and contributed less than nothing to the team’s performance?

But English fans, who pay Southgate’s generous £3m-a-year salary, will probably never get any answers to these legitimate questions. Instead, English fans will be insulted and excoriated by our sporting, media and political elites for supposedly being ignorant, violent, reprehensible, worth-than-scum racists.

Truly the once civilised West has lost its confidence and its mind and is intent on committing suicide.

Here’s Paul Joseph Watson commenting on Mr Southgate’s woke English footballing flops:

7 comments to Are we really all Klu Klux Klan racists?

  • Loppoman

    Maybe it’s because, in a white country, the whites are now sidelined in favour of the blacks in almost all aspects of our daily lives. For me, this encourages racism and I can understand why some, if not racists now, will become racists. It’s not rocket science!

  • Roy Hartwell

    I for one feel I have developed more racist tendencies in the last few months than I have ever experienced before. I find myself counting the number of black / mixed-race individuals and couples represented in TV adverts. I feel white people are being rapidly sidelined despite being the majority in this country. I feel white people are being manipulated to feel guilty for what exactly? I don’t want to feel like this but I feel I’m being forced into it so we actually become the institutional racists they accuse us of being.
    Regarding the football Tweets, I read somewhere that at least 70% were from overseas. does this again suggest a concerted effort to defame the English ?

  • twi5ted

    Southgate left a lot to be desired and whilst busy holding heated discussions and standing attentive at the touch line throughout the game seemed oblivious to the Italians adapting their play and running rampant down the left side. His failure to react leaves unanswered questions but similar to politics in general diversity seems a convenient excuse to hide behind.

    Sadly these same tactics playing out in the real world with diversity being used as a shield to usher in unopposed a new world order. The diverse, like the proletariat in Russia, will be discarded as soon as the revolution is successful. They are just a vehicle for power.

  • A Thorpe

    Thomas Sowell, a black, 91 year old American has experienced and see it all. He says we can end racism by not talking about it. Dr King did not talk about racism, he talked about working together for a better world. Malcolm X and Sowell both say the same about activists who claim to help minority groups. Activists are are only helping themselves by creating divisions in society which they claim they can heal. They never do solve anything because that would be the end of their power and income. Sowell names Obama as the worst President ever for creating racism in America. Now we see black millionaires and billionaires claiming they have been oppressed by whites. We need to ignore these celebrities, royals and sports personalities who are creating racism where none exists. But it is the media that gives then a voice and seems to be at the centre of all our problems.

    I agree about the salaries of footballers. It is not just money from the fans, a lot of income must come from TV rights which we all pay for through subscriptions and advertising. Fans seem to complain about tickets prices and they have the power to do something about it. It shows to me how socialism distorts every aspect of an economy. If the fans had to provide for the most important issue, health care, they would not be giving footballers a millionaire lifestyle.

  • Loppoman

    To follow on from your last blog –
    Once again the media are linking the German floods to “climate change”.
    If I’m not mistaken, floods are mentioned in the Bible.
    Must have been the machinery in the carpenter workshop pumping out too much CO2.

  • Bad Brian

    Given the recent heat on racism, me and my chums have all stopped going to our local KKK meetings.

    Hiowever, having strong communist leanings and despising the people of Cuba, we dedided to enroll in Black Lives Matter instead, mostly for the company on a tuesday night as the telly is always rubbish on a tuesday.

    So after a quick chat with our local Black Lives Matter organiser he too admitted that their tuesday bingo sessions were always a bit quiet and new members were required as lots of them seem to get shot dead or end up in prison.
    So Mr LLoyd George Nelso Mabongo agreed to let us join BLM on the condition that we all agree to black up at their events and social gatherings. He gave us each a DVD showing how the Canadian Prime Minister black up which gave us a few pointers.

    Other activities have included workshops on how to make a smart wooly hat out of your grans tea cosy and fry a chicken. weekends tend to be more focused on how to make multiple claims for unemployment and housing benefits, how to claim for multiple child benefits even if you are single, and how to make money out of a drugs bust.

  • Here is a good video on how fear of being labelled a racist made Kyle Lawler, a junior security guard at the Manchester Arena bombing, ignore the highly suspicious bomber who was carrying a huge backpack.

    There is a link to Douglass Murry’s Spectator article in the video.

    Douglas Murray: ‘In modern Britain if you see something you shouldn’t say something’ | Spectator TV –

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