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Trust the mainstream media – to lie and lie and lie

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Saint Marcus of Rashford MBE not racially abused after all

What a week! After 5 days of being assured that horrific, racist comments were spray-painted on a mural of a footballer and modern-day saint, Saint Marcus of Rashford MBE, the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) have done a screeching reverse ferret. A police spokesperson said: “While the content of the vandalism is not believed to be of a racial nature, officers are keeping an open mind as to the motive behind defacing the artwork.

Well, I can help the useless GMP. From what I understand the vandals wrote something like “Useless f**king twat” on the Manchester mural of multi-millionaire football-kicker Saint Marcus of Rashford MBE. As for the motive, it’s possibly because he missed the easiest penalty kick in footballing history by dribbling the ball far outside the goalposts while the Italian goalkeeper dived the wrong way:

I guess that possibility hasn’t yet occurred to the useless GMP? Maybe it will take them another year or two of investigations to solve this ‘crime’?

I wonder why the mainstream media spent almost the whole week bigging up the supposed ‘racism’ story when anyone can see that there’s nothing racist about pointing out that in the eyes of millions of England football fans, multi-millionaire football-kicker, Saint Marcus of Rashford MBE, truly was a “Useless f**king twat”.

As for multi-millionaire Saint Marcus Rashford MBE, he doesn’t appear to be quite as devastated by his footballing f**k-up as millions of English football fans. This is him and, I think another of the football-kickers who missed their penalties, on a private jet off to their holidays just after losing to Italy:

If England had won, then the team might have had to stay in the UK for parades and invites to Downing Street and all that kind of hassle and then wouldn’t have been able to jet off on their hols!

Life must be tough when you’re a racially-oppressed, multi-millionaire coloured person in the horrifically racist UK.

Climate catastrophe in Germany! Not really.

There has been a lot of rain in Germany. And lots of flooding:

Obviously this is all because of climate change. That’s what the BBC has been claiming. But if you look at the summer rainfall chart for Germany from 1960 t0 2018, there has been no pattern of rainfall increase in spite of atmospheric CO2 rising from about 340 parts per million to 417 parts per million:

In fact, 2018 was so dry that it was called ‘Germany’s endless summer’. Of course, the ‘scientists’ assured us that the unusually dry weather in Germany in 2018 was caused by climate change: “2018 was not the first year that the effects of climate change made their presence felt on the continent; scientists have tracked and documented Europe’s gradually warmer summers for two decades”.

And we were told back in 2018: “The summer of 2018 may or may not have been the hottest on record (some meteorologists claim that July/August 2003 were hotter) but the year is definitely the driest since record-keeping began, particularly in Germany, with drought conditions lasting from April well into November. Rivers dried up, lakes shrank, asphalt roads heaved, forests burned, fish populations died from lack of oxygen in their water, elderly people collapsed, and exhausted livestock was slaughtered before it perished. Next year may not be as brutal, but these blistering summers will happen ever more frequently, say climate researchers.”

Being rather stupid, I’m confused. Is Germany’s ‘endless’ summer’ heatwave of 2018 definite proof of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming(CAGW)? Or are Germany’s 2021 great floods definite proof of CAGW? Perhaps some expert could explain how both no rain in 2018 and lots of rain in 2021 can both be proving the same thing?

Climate catastrophe in USA! Not really.

And to save both you and me time, here’s the wonderful Tony Heller explaining why the unusually warm weather in the USA isn’t quite so unusual as the worthless, lying, propagandising mainstream media keep claiming:


8 comments to Trust the mainstream media – to lie and lie and lie

  • twi5ted

    The fact there is a Marcus Rashford mural is disturbing although symbolic. Of course he is, like greta, a useful vehicle to promote policies of greater state spending and control. Totalitarian regimes are fond of these sort of murals to show the plebs who is calling the shots.

    As to flooding in Germany. Lets face it they are probably not dredging the rivers, just like the Thames & Somerset levels etc hence when it rains a lot the rivers overflow. I suspect like Britain some ecocommie directive from the EU is dictating the preservation of river bank weeds is more important than the loss to life and property.

  • Loppoman

    Floods of “biblical” proportions.

  • A Thorpe

    Obviously the racial abuse cannot be that bad because Oprah hasn’t interviewed him.

    It is about time we recognised that the Earth and its climate (the biblical Garden of Eden) wasn’t created to be a perfect world for us. Sea level rises are not causing problems for us and coastal damage is because of storms. There is more damage because more people want to live on the coast. Everything is covered in concrete so the storm water has no where to go, and there is more property to damage. We are told that there are more storms but the statistics show this is not true, there is just more damage because there is more to damage.

    We have built up river banks to reclaim flood plains and are surprised when we have flooding in towns and cities. I just checked about the New Orleans flooding in 2005 and discovered that it is described as the worst engineering disaster in the history of the United States, not a climate crisis. I haven’t seen any details about the German flooding but I guess this will be the same – failure to recognise that rivers flood and that land may not be stable.

    Tony Heller is doing a good job in drawing attention to extremes of weather in the USA. We need somebody to do the same in the UK and other countries. Our useless media will never do this. Returning to my regular complaint, an average temperature has no physical meaning even though the maths can be done. There is no calculation in physics that can produce an average temperature because there is no total temperature. Mixing two cups of water at 50C does not produce boiling water. The use of an average temperature or average rainfall takes all the detail out of the records. Tony Heller is correct to draw attention to the extremes. The maximum and minimum temperature are actual temperatures and can be plotted as a distribution and that is what we should be looking at. The only person who I have found doing a statistical analysis is Darko Butina and his reports are easy to find. Extremes occur but apparently not in the education system of today. As Douglas Murray has said we have educated imbecility.

  • A Thorpe

    Yesterday I was left thinking that there is no point in trying to resist the stupidity of our modern age.

    Whilst watching the British GP, one of the drivers, Sebastian Vettel, was invited to a junior school to talk about the environment. It was obvious that the children were too young to ask their questions, It was an illustration of the brainwashing that is going on in schools and also that the parents of these children have also gone through the same brainwashing if they don’t take action about the failure of the schools.

    Then on GB News Neil Oliver interviewed an Oxford University professor, Myles Allen, about the German floods, which of course he claimed was due to the changes we are causing to the climate, although it is now perfectly obvious that the floods are a failure of planning and infrastructure. The universities are no longer centres of study and education. They are centres of cult activities, effectively promoting superstition. I cannot understand how the students can allow this to happen. They are being taught incorrect physics and apparently cannot work out that it is wrong, because if they have to apply it to get anything to work, it will fail.

    The worst of it is that the people who do understand are denied a voice. Tony Heller is unlikely to be invited into schools, or any of the university staff who still have jobs and understand the fraud. Al Gore had his film shown in schools, but David’s book will never be bought by the schools.

  • Loppoman

    I said it before.
    David could get himself onto GBNews to discuss his book. That would be a good start. Surely, they would not refuse him.

  • Speaking of lies, here is an interesting interview with Larry Sanger, one of the creators of Wikipedia. He says that Wikipedia is little more than a mouthpiece of the liberal establishment. I gave it my last donation last year.

    Wikipedia co-founder: I no longer trust the website I created –

  • And below is a link to information about Dr Robert W. Malone, the creator of mRNA vaccine technology that most of the Covid vaccines use. His Wikipedia page has been removed along with many videos that he appeared in, including on YT because of what he has said about the vaccines.

    There is still quite a bit of information on him on other websites, such as this one:

    Total Deletion of Dr. Robert Malone Shows the Vaccine Con Artists are Terrified of the Truth Getting Out –

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    And yesterday Lewis ‘BLM’ Hamilton played the race card after he was criticised on social media for punting his principal rival Max Verstappen off the circuit at 180mph on the first lap of the British Grand Prix, and then celebrating wildly after winning without bothering to find out how his rival was recovering.

    It is now evident that any criticism at all of any action of a ‘Person Of Colour’ is ‘Racist’.

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