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Lying media lie and lie and lie like never before

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The rise and rise and rise of media lying?

We’ve always known that all media lie when it comes to politics. For example, the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail will always urinate over everything the Labour Party does and the Guardian and Mirror and Independent will always defecate over everything the Tory Party does. And the BBC and C4 News will always urinate and defecate over everything about our country, our history, our culture and Western civilisation.

This is expected and understood.

But we seem to be entering a new level of media lying when the most basic science is being politicised and the media deliberately and knowingly lie to us about issues which should be scientific facts, not political propagandising.

This is clearest in two of the biggest issues of our time – the source of the Wuhan Chinese lab plague and supposed man-made climate change.

The Chinese Wuhan lab plague

It has been obvious to many of us for more than a year that the Wuhan Chinese plague, which has killed about 4 million people and devastated the lives of hundreds of millions around the world, leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology where the Chinese military were using US funding to conduct ‘gain of function’ research on bat viruses in order to create new bio-weapons as part of China’s policy of ‘unrestricted warfare’ against the West:

It has also been obvious that, when the Chinese Communist Party became aware of the leak, they persecuted any doctors trying to warn us about the plague and stopped all domestic travel while allowing international travel to spread the plague to the West assisted by utterly corrupt officials at the ludicrously misnamed World Health Organisation (WHO).

But, because this possibility was mentioned by President Trump, the media spent the last year refusing to even investigate this and lambasting anyone suggesting this as a crazed conspiracy theorist. And now we have a Democrat president in the USA, who is in the pockets of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) due to his allegedly druggie, porn-loving son taking over $1 billion from the CCP:

We’ve been told that senile, hair-sniffing Joe Biden has instructed US  intelligence services to investigate the origin of the Wuhan Chinese plague. But we should realise by now, with the rise of media lying, that US intelligence services and establishment media will lie and lie and lie in order to cover up the truth about the Wuhan lab leak.

Climate Change nonsense

We see the same torrent of media lies with regards to supposed man-made climate change. Most recently the media has been hyperventilating over a supposedly ‘unprecedented’ heat-wave in Canada and the US supposedly caused by humans using fossil fuels. When this heat-wave hype started, I tried to point out in my blog that, at the same time as the Canada/US heat-wave, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil were having record low temperatures. These low temperatures were, of course, ignored by the lying, biased media desperate to propagandise supposed catastrophic anthropogenic global warming.

In the UK, even the supposedly conservative Daily Telegraph has been vomiting out the climate catastrophist nonsense with headlines like: “Canada’s heat-wave should terrify us all – even rich countries face disaster from global warming”.

I’ve tried to demolish this climate garbage in my most recent book:

And here for a bit of sanity is Sky News Australia (probably one of the very few media you can trust) once again exposing the mainstream media’s lies and lies and lies about global warming or climate change or climate emergency or climate crisis or whatever it’s called this month:

8 comments to Lying media lie and lie and lie like never before

  • A Thorpe

    The media might be lying now but where did all this start. John Tyndall did experiments on gases in 1859 and this work is often quoted to justify the greenhouse effect. Tyndall cannot be accused of lying, he didn’t understand what he had observed. I doubt the media reported his work in the same way that the media today promotes modern versions of his experiment which are set up to deceive, just like a magic trick, which is effectively what they are. Jump forward to Michael Mann a physicist who produced the hockey stick curve using unreliable tree ring data and incorrect statistical analysis. This was promoted by James Hansen of NASA and so global warming took off and eventually a human caused climate crisis was created. There is no doubt that the media has played a huge part in this, but it is poor science in the first place that is supported by apparently 97% of scientists. There is a YouTube video of Prof Brian Cox on the Australian Q&A programme supporting the crisis using the ice core data to claim that CO2 is driving temperature change. He had separate graphs and held them up claiming to see this, which was impossible. He also promoted the idea of correlation being causation. The scientists are to blame. If they told the truth the media would not be able to promote their lies. Of course, the truth is there as David’s book shows and there are honest scientists but that does not make news or money.

    This is what President Eisenhower had to say in his 1961 farewell address “ Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by task forces of
    scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university,
    historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a
    revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a
    government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old
    blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers. The prospect of domination
    of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money
    is ever present — and is gravely to be regarded.”

    The real problem is the governments who we believe are there to protect us. Eisenhower’s warning has come true. Scientists are telling governments what they want to hear. There is no money to be made by telling them that there isn’t a problem, and if the scientists do, then they will be out of a job.

    The video is really about weather, not climate and it shows how it can disrupt lives, especially those of the poorest in the world.

    Regarding the pandemic. I think you have missed out the most dangerous organisation in the world, which is the Klaus Schwab created World Economic Forum. He has the connections with the CCP and the WHO is also strongly connected, along with Fauci. The WEF invited Greta to lecture them and call them fools. They applauded her because it suited their agenda, a one world government.

  • Bad Brian

    When i read this storys’ headlines I thought that it must refer to Englands disasterous performance at the football yesterdy.

    I keep reading about all those “HEROS” who get paid millions to kick a ball about for an hour and a half each week and keep thinking about the three penalties where Engerland failed to score.

    Now I don’t wish to appear sarcastic and i have to admit that on two ocassions the goalkeeper did jump and push the ball away which some would say was unsportsmanlike but for sheer affrontary, that white goalpost, to the right of the goalkeeper played a blinder as it just stood eactly where it had been the whole game and craftily ensured that the ball bounced off it !

    I am now informed by a variety of newspapers that the 19 year old who kicked that penalty is a hero and a role model and I should be really proud of him. A bit like Douglas Badder or Grace Darling I suppose.

    For me , the real hero of the game will always be that inanimate white post that brought the hopes of the majority of non child bearing , non-transgender, couldn’t give a toss about being woke, and could not stop ourselves for behaving like a bunch of hooligans fans, from banging on and on and on about winning a game of footie , and all the knighthoods, British Emprire Medals, that would have had to be handed out along with the numerous articles that eight out of eleven players were black therefore we are not really very good at being racist columns in the Telegraph. No extra bank holidays paid for by small businesses while Bojo and Princess Nut Nut take the credit and tell us this is a new start for GREAT Britain, and soon we will win the world cup.

    Meanwhile in Scotland we can gloat at Italy’s sucess, failing to mention that up here we got booted into touch early on and this was the first important football competition we managed to scrape our way into since our defeat at Culloden. We got beat on extra time !

    Hard luck England. Better luck next time to all you ” Hero” worshipers.

  • Brenda Blessed

    I credit Gareth Southgate’s unconscious bias training for losing. I have tried putting that comment on Mail online several times but failed. That’s how free speech is here on racial matters.

  • William Boreham

    With reference to the football, this appeared in my e-mail yesterday:

    What really happened at Wembley

    It was to be England’s big night and a deserved celebration of the possible ending of Covid restrictions, it had been our light at the end of a long tunnel for a month, and it had caught the attention of England as never before, it had sustained us like nothing since 1966, and fired the imagination of sports fans and couch potatoes alike – so what went wrong ?
    England played their best football of the tournament in the first half and scored inside two minutes, in the second half they paid a price for their efforts, and conceded a goal, but then more than regained their composure and took the match to extra time.
    Thereafter, they looked more likely to score than Italy, who made early substitutions while Gareth Southgate left it later, when it was obvious that new legs were needed.
    First Jordan Henderson replaced Declan Rice, and Saka replaced Trippier, then local hero Jack Grealish, who has the skill and pace to rattle any defence, was kept until 99 minutes before replacing grafter Mason Mount, begging the question : did Southgate want a penalty shoot out, rather than a win in extra time ?
    Then mysteriously, Walker and Henderson were replaced with just two minutes of extra time remaining, by Sancho and Rashford purely to take penalties, despite neither having got into the game, and neither having a track record as penalty takers ? .
    Our more recognisable Englishmen : Kane and Maguire, got us off to a good start, as did Berardi for Italy, but Belotti’s attempt is saved by the superb Pickford and it’s 2 -1 to England – – Bonucci levels it at 2 -2 then : Marcus ‘free meals’ Rashford, M.B.E. and B.L.M. hits the left hand post and misses – ALL SQUARE – – Italy make it 3 – 2 and Jaydon Sancho’s attempt is saved, 3 -2 .
    Jorghino misses and we have one chance to make it 3 – 3 and it’s down to young Nigerian Saka, – – not wide enough and Donnamurra saves, – – it’s all over and Italy are Euro champions .
    The National Propaganda Service who have used the tournament as a crutch for a month or more, are stunned initially,
    “ the best laid plans and all that “ – – but are soon into damage limitation mode, focussing on Saka’s tears and distress, but completely ignoring that of the more obviously identifiable ‘ English players ‘ : Maguire – Rice – Stones – Shaw – Mount – etc. who had worked their socks off in five previous games, so that the BLM boys could be seen to have WON IT FOR ENGLAND.
    This morning’s papers were plastered with full page touching images of an inconsolable Saka sobbing on Southgate’s shoulder – or was it the other way round, and were both mourning : a planned, BLM funded, publicity coup that had failed, spectacularly ? .
    It is not beyond the realms of possibility, as US based B.L.M.s questionable financial clout is well known.
    Gareth has some questions to answer, he owes the nation that ! .

  • A Thorpe

    How can the UK survive a climate crisis, a football crisis, and a pandemic? Which should we sort out first?

  • Eric Legge

    Boreham: “… but completely ignoring that of the more obviously identifiable “English players” : Maguire – Rice – Stones – Shaw – Mount – etc. who had worked their socks off in five previous games, so that the BLM boys could be seen to have WON IT FOR ENGLAND.”

    That is how it looks to me as well. Southgate took the knee, as did both teams. This knee-taking and unconscious bias training and critical race theory are all psychological conditioning designed to create guilt in order to get blacks into positions in government and business that they would never make if equality of opportunity were in play instead of this creeping equality of outcomes (quota) ideology.

    If England had won that penalty shoot-out, we would have seen those BLM faces in adverts for God only knows how many years to come.

    The feminists use making men stink of misogyny, sexism, toxic masculinity, label men as rapists, paedophiles, women traffickers, porn merchants and buyers and domestic violence perpetrators in order to make women avoid men other than getting put into the club by them. Women are then increasingly dependent on the state. Which is the desired outcome that makes them grateful prisoners of cultural Marxist statist propaganda.

    This strategy has taken over from the Sex as Original Sin of the bent Christian clergy, which is where all of this started.

    These people don’t have the talent to make it on their own so they have to undermine those who do in order to be in a position to replace them. This is a guaranteed recipe for decline.

  • Brenda Blessed

    The mainstream has been making a mega meal out of racist comments made by a very small number of people, too thick to know better, aimed at the three black England-team players who missed penalties.

    It was bound to happen after black people were shown during a BLM protest tearing down statues and defacing the statue of Winston Churchill. The more so since almost anyone who was even vaguely associated with slavery is coming under threat of being cancelled from our history and our educational curricula are being threatened with “decolonisation” by having black history, such as it is, taught in the schools and universities.

    And then seeing white politicians taking the knee to all of this is bound to rub plenty of people up the wrong way, some of whom are not bright enough to keep themselves under control online.

    Another race row was sparked after a black actress, an American with a very white name, Jodie Turner-Smith, was cast as King Henry VIII’s wife, Anne Boleyn, in a period drama that makes out that Boleyn was a lesbian. If a white actor were to play a black historical person, such as Robert Mugabe, it would be condemned and called cultural appropriation.

    These people obviously don’t want to be British, they want to keep their cultural identities, such as they are, and shame us into making the indigenous British constantly aware of them, even though their numbers only make up around 3% of the population, with most of that being located in and around London.

    All of this kind of inconsistent whackiness is obviously going to increase not decrease racist tribal behaviour from the indigenous white population.

    All of that kind of thing looks like deliberate provocation to me.

  • Brenda Blessed

    I forgot to say that being unable to switch your TV on without seeing black faces is another factor that must be inflaming the situation.

    It irritates me to the point where, if possible, I will not buy goods from companies that are constantly engaged in creating the illusion that Britain is undergoing real equality and racial integration when the opposite is much closer to the truth.

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