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Let the corrupt Chinese vaccinate the billions of poor in the corrupt Third-World

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As usual it’s us ‘racist’ Whities who have to pay

Here we go again. The UK is bankrupt. The EU is bankrupt. The US is bankrupt. Why? Mainly because of a rapidly-mutating, highly-infectious plague leaked from dirty, toilet-level labs by corrupt Chinese virologists trying to create new bioweapons working for the corrupt Chinese Communist Party.

Yet, our bleating, virtue-signalling politicians and sycophantic, West-hating media are trying to guilt-trip us into borrowing ever more money and paying ever more taxes as they claim it’s somehow our moral duty to pay tens of billions to provide vaccines for the world’s most corrupt countries. None of the ruling or media elites ever suggest that, as the corrupt Chinese caused the plague, it should be the corrupt Chinese who pay to vaccinate the poverty-stricken billions in the corrupt Third-World.

Nor would anyone in the West ever suggest that the corrupt looting elites in the corrupt Third World could easily pay to vaccinate their own populations. To suggest that would be racist!

Corruption and stupidity are the causes of poverty

Africa is the world’s richest continent. Africa is the world’s poorest continent. Does that make sense?

Africa is the  world’s richest continent in terms of natural resources. Oil, gas, metals, fertile farmland – Africa has them all in spades. But due to the corruption of Africa’s leaders and the stupidity of Africans, Africa is a hell-hole of excrement-covered poverty and misery.

Let’s take Ethiopia as an example. Apparently there’s yet another famine in Ethiopia. So you’ll soon be seeing loads of charity ads on TV featuring the usual multi-millionaire luvvies telling us “we have to do something”. That something is always us giving more and more money to be looted by Ethiopia’s corrupt multi-billionaire ruling families.

The ten richest Ethiopians are estimated to be worth over $22bn. That’s an average of $2bn each. Yet Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world.

When Saint Bob Geldorf did his Band Aid music thingy in 1984/5, Ethiopia couldn’t feed its population of 40 million. There are now more than 112 million Ethiopians:

By 2050 there will be over 200 million Ethiopians. By the end of this century there will be at least 500 million Ethiopians. Yet it never seems to have occurred to the intellectually-challenged inhabitants of that great country that, if their population rises faster than their economy, then almost everyone gets poorer. Moreover, you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to realise that a country which can’t feed 40 million when there’s a drought in the Horn of Africa every seven or so years, definitely can’t feed 112 million or 200 million or 500 million.

As for vaccinating Ethiopia’s current 112 million. With two doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca costing about $9, the whole adult population could be vaccinated for around $700m. As the ten richest Ethiopians have over $22bn, a one-off tax on just ten rich individuals of only 3.5% of their wealth would comfortably pay to vaccinate all the country’s adults. If you were to impose this ‘vaccination tax’ on Ethiopia’s 5,000+ millionaires, they would hardly notice the cost. Yet we’ll be told that Ethiopia is far too poor to vaccinate its own people and so, as usual, it’s our moral duty to pay.

As for any money we send to Ethiopia for them to buy vaccines – that will mostly get looted by Ethiopia’s corrupt ruling elites. And if we send loads of vaccines, they’ll probably get stolen by Ethiopia’s corrupt ruling elites and sold on to other countries leaving ordinary Ethiopians unvaccinated.

Such is life all over corrupt Africa. Such has it always been. And such will it always be.

Remember – in Africa, black lives don’t matter to other blacks.

11 comments to Let the corrupt Chinese vaccinate the billions of poor in the corrupt Third-World

  • Ern

    It’s a good film and, knowing a little about Africa, I’d say every word is true

    Just one thing though- the part “With two doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca costing about $9, the whole adult population could be vaccinated for around $700m” – well, as it stands, it is correct, sort of, is correct, but remember this non-vaccine will be mandated several times each year, it’s started already.

    “But nobody told us about that !!!”

    Boo Hoo, I think I’m going to cry.

  • adrian

    you always seem to have a finger on the pulse. Could you blog about the other African countries, maybe one by one also pointing out the fact that China owns vast tracts of land and infrastructure from lending money at high interest which countries declare they cannot repay despite billionaires everywhere.

  • A Thorpe

    I am more inclined to blame the USA rather than China for the virus. We know that Obama stopped the gain of function work because he was concerned about a dangerous virus being released. The work was about developing vaccines and modifying an existing virus was the easy part. There is no doubt in my mind that the USA created the virus before 2014 when Obama stopped the work. I believe that Fauci then funded the work in Wuhan and sent the virus to them or told them how to create it. Poor conditions in Wuhan might have resulted in the release of the virus but it would not have happened without the USA. Where there is a government there is corruption.

    Now we have the two fools Biden and Boris discussing “building back better”. They have destroyed the institutions and the beliefs we have been slowly developing for thousands of years based on what we know works.

  • David Craig

    Yup. I guess I’m inclined to agree with A Thorpe that my blog is wrong. The Chinese and the US should
    1. Admit they created and accidentally leaked the virus
    2. Pay reparations to all the countries and families affected by the USA/China plague.

    Of course, neither will ever happen. But I still maintain that giving money or vaccines to utterly venal Third-World kleptocrats is more than pointless as neither money nor vaccines will ever reach those for whom they are intended.

  • William Boreham

    Considering the median age in Africa is 19.7 years compared to we in the West at 42.5, the Covid pandemic will have considerably less effect in term of death rate amongst the third world, vaccinated or not, than our already white population decline here in Europe. Over 95% of Covid deaths come from those in the 70/80’90 age groups and those with ‘underlying heath issues.‘ I’m still gobsmacked that we even remotely considered vaccinating our young folk with this novel, experimental vaccine that we have no idea as to the long term damage that will probably transpire. I notice this today, ‘tip of the iceberg’? “US health chiefs call urgent meeting over Covid vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna amid fears they cause heart damage in teenagers after spotting 226 cases of rare complication.” It’s interesting that we have turned the world upside down because of a total of 3,774,138 Covid deaths since this pandemic began, compared to the over 35 million new babies (mainly third world) added the our global population so far in this year alone.

  • Brenda Blessed

    The vaccination of the entire populations of third world is obviously never going to take place. There just isn’t the medical and other infrastructure to make that possible. Anyhow, the people don’t see any evidence of the pandemic and probably won’t accept being vaccinated. Any aid will be swallowed up internally and no doubt wind up in Swiss bank accounts.

    Given that Africa is the richest continent in terms of natural resources and the poorest continent in terms of the education, capabilities and competence of its people, why is the US and UK advertising industry increasingly dominated by commercials featuring people of African origin?

    Moreover, those adverts are increasingly featuring mixed-race black/white couples. Even on property websites. Is that initiative aimed at increasing our competence as a nation?

    The black populations of the UK and USA are around 3% and 12% respectfully. Those figures are probably a percentage point higher due to illegal immigrants that don’t appear in census figures. Moreover, the BAME population of the UK is being held up to being more vulnerable than whites to Covid-19 due to their less than average socio-economic living conditions.

    That has to mean that black people are not the big spenders, so why do the banks, building societies, supermarkets, brewers and distillers, car and electronic manufacturers, food outlets, dating websites, etc., use so many black people in their adverts. It can’t be to increase sales.

    It looks to me that when the SHTF in Africa due to its population explosion, all of the rich Africans and their families, friends and associates that have done so well due to aid and no-doubt have provided backhanders to the UK and USA, will be allowed to come and reside in the UK, probably using “climate-change” as the excuse.

    There could be several million of them given that there are already over a billion black Africans that will double by 2050. That would help the liberal globalists’ less-male, less-white agendas no end.

  • Ern

    Forecasting future populations is challenging and risky, as many presumptions must be made (guessed). Ask any ”Climate change expert”, they are usually brilliant at guessing, but not at getting it right.

    One useful fact is, should a country (ie the people in a country) flourish and gradually acquire more “spending money”, the population of that country will decrease. Please forgive me for not giving an easily quotable reference, but many African countries are excellent examples of this fact. Please note I’m not referring to politics of any sort, just population (if you believe the census) and GNP.

    Of course, one huge factor affecting population increase or decrease or is …… You know what. No-one, simply no-one has a clue of the future there.

    What to do ? Not sure I can help there, Sorry.

  • The increasing representation of black people in advertising has been going on from a long time in the USA. It is gaining prevalence seemingly constantly in the UK. There are articles on it online, but I could not find anything on what the state of affairs are in the major EU countries – Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

    Can anyone who comments here, who has watched the media in those countries, provide any information on this subject?

    The black population of the UK is so low that the representation of black people and black/white miscegenation in advertising is obviously diversity propaganda.

    Here is a link to a good article on this subject on a US website:

    To read it, enter counter-currents dot com into a web-browser’s address bar so that it creates a .com domain name and then add /2018/03/the-war-against-whites-in-advertising/

  • Loppoman

    A disturbing and frightening report, Eric.
    Unfortunately, I wholly agree with the contents. White people are ignoring their coming demise. The stuff is so “in your face” that I cannot understand why it doesn’t register as extreme and needing urgent attention.
    I already don’t buy anything from companies that subscribe to this genocide.

  • BrendaBlessed

    Those of us of the woke have been turned into unthinking zombies by the media, Loppoman.

    Have a look at the latest advert from that just greeted me when I switched on my computer.

    It is literally beyond the pale.

    Windows 10 opens with its Edge browser every time I start my computer up from its sleep state.

    If you don’t want Microsoft Edge to start when you sign in to Windows, you can change this in Windows Settings. But I leave it so that I can see what is going on. Unfortunately, you can’t turn off from what these liberal egalitarians are doing.

    1. Go to Start => Settings .

    2. Select Accounts => Sign-in options.

    3. Turn off “Automatically save my restartable apps when I sign out and restart them when I sign in”.

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