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“Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past”

(Wednesday blog)

I’m not going to comment on the US presidential debate as it will take time to sift through all the lies and distortions from the Trump-loathing, Biden-adoring lying UK mainstream media.

“Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past”

Let’s imagine we’d just had a blistering hot September and all the snow in even the highest summer ski resorts in the Alps had melted. Can you imagine how this would have been jumped on by the supposed ‘scientists’ and Greenies and Extinction Rebellion activists and Saint Greta worshippers? Can you picture their faces distorted by spit-flecked rage as they howl that this is yet more proof that supposed ‘Man-made Global Warming’ was going to wipe out the human race? Can you imagine the self-satisfied screaming from the BBC and C4’s Jon Snow, Kathy Newman and the small fat guy with the long name?

And no doubt the screeching Warmies would be reminding us that just over 20 years ago – in March 2000 – we were warned by the Guardian and the Independent and the BBC and a few other equally reliable mainstream media that “snowfalls are now just a thing of the past”:

And one of the world’s leading climatologists – Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the (IMHO) totally discredited Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia – who grabbed the headlines 20 years ago when he claimed that within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event” and that “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is” would be hailed as a prophet for foreseeing the end of snowfalls.

So here’s a story I haven’t seen mentioned in any of our mainstream media. On 27 September (3 days ago) specialist skiing websites reported ‘remarkable’ early snowfall in French mountain ranges: “Snow has fallen in the Alps and Pyrenees very early this year, with temperatures dropping significantly and “remarkable” amounts of snow forcing some roads to close”.

Here’s a photo from an alpine ski resort just two days ago:

Yup, in spite of the fact that Dr Viner warned we would seldom see snow again, this year has seen the earliest snowfalls for over a century in the Alps, the Pyrenees, Colorado, New Mexico and loads of other places.

Here’s another picture from the Alps:

And here’s one from Tasmania which also had its earliest snowfall for decades:

And here’s one from Ballarat (mentioned in the video below) – a town near Melbourne Australia – which has just had its coldest September for more than fifty years:

And here’s a report from the USA: Seventeen inches of snow in Wyoming, the earliest snowfall on record for New Mexico and the earliest flakes in decades for parts of Colorado — these are just a few of the astonishing weather reports coming out of a record-setting September week.

On Wednesday morning, snow was falling over parts of Colorado and 5 million people remained under winter weather alerts across portions of the Northern and Central Rockies:

There has been so much early snow this year that many ski resorts are now considering opening early.

Haven’t we been here before?

But this is not just a one off limited to one place on the planet. This September there have been record early snowfalls in Europe, the USA and Australia.

Nor is this year an exception that can be ascribed to Climate Change giving more extreme conditions. Just two years ago – in 2018 – the skiing season also started historically early due to large amounts of early season snow.

And once again, the UK media don’t mention this early snowfall in Europe, the USA and Australia as it doesn’t fit in with the official ‘Man-made Global Warming’ narrative which is the only narrative that the media allow. And you certainly won’t hear any UK media mention the ‘Grand Solar Minimum’ as we’re supposed to believe that our climate is more influenced by a trace gas that can only be measured in parts per million of the atmosphere rather than being influenced by solar activity.

And once again, we have to go to Sky News Australia to find out what is really happening with the weather:

6 comments to “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past”

  • Hardcastle

    Ah,but David,that is why they cleverly changed it from global warming to climate change.Now,any climatic episode which is slightly unusual is conveniently caused by climate change.The science is settled you see,please catch up.

  • Stillreading

    It’s obvious! It’s all the millenial Snowflakes preventing themselves from melting by enjoying a group Lie-In!

  • A Thorpe

    You have demonstrated why the use of average temperatures to describe the climate results in nonsense and the inability of a majority to understand why. The use of an average to describe anything means there is a distribution of actual values and what we experience will vary, sometimes significantly. There is no average temperature that the earth should have and the average will be different using past temperatures (mostly unreliable proxy values anyway) depending on the period used to calculate it.

    Michael Mann and the IPCC did a great job in wiping out past climate variations from the temperature records but they cannot wipe out knowledge of human experiences of those changes. Within the last 2000 years we have seen warmer and colder periods on a generally warming trend. The ridiculous belief that we are changing the climate is preventing the required research into why the climate changes.

    We know about the ice ages and we know we are approaching the peak of an interglacial period but that could be 1,000 years away, we don’t know with any precision. We could enter a cooler period before returning to increasing temperatures, before the downward trend to the depth of the next ice age. One thing is certain and that is colder weather is not good for humanity. There is a reason that the last 2000 years brought huge advances and that was the warmer climate.

    Climate change is a threat, but we have to adapt, we cannot change it. We have an even bigger threat than the climate to deal with and that is the fraudulent scientists, the environmentalists supporting them, and the governments that find it easier to go along with the ignorance of mass opinion rather that give rational direction.

    Governments are now the biggest threat to humanity and they have a new, even greater imagined threat to use against us – a war against a virus.

  • William Boreham

    If our crazy, irrational response to the Covid pandemic doesn’t destroy our economy, waiting in the background to finish us off is Ed Milliband’s barmy Climate Change Act, predictably made worse by the intervention by mad Theresa May last year. Cutting our CO2 emissions to zero by 2050 has been accurately described as a ‘trillion pound suicide act.’ No other country in the world has gone down this route where enlightened self interest comes well before ‘saving the planet.’ If our politicians wish to find out what living in a country with zero CO2 emissions feels like – visit Zimbabwe

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    A Thorpe – All systems of government eventually become obsolescent, finally unable to cope with the inexorable evolution of society. It would appear that our modern parliamentary democracy has at last reached that stage – and in reality, after a mere hundred and fifty-odd years. What is likely to replace it? One hopes, not the World government so much desired by the UN, WHO, Soros and their ilk. And contemporary China, currently the most dynamic society on the planet, to my mind grimly represents exactly the kind of governments that would now be in charge in Germany and Italy had there been no second world war.

    But to return to David’s point – in a lifetime of reading history of all kinds, one of the things that’s always struck me is how mankind has been engaged in a constant struggle for survival, for many thousands of years, against the awesome power of Nature – long, long before we decided to rename it ‘The Environment’.

    The weather – storms, floods, heatwaves, gales, snow and ice – has absolutely no conscience. Nor do volcanos, earthquakes, or wildfires. In the absence of our own efforts to protect ourselves therefrom, these natural phenomena cheerfully kill and destroy everything in their path, without a trace of regret.

    Wild animals also have no conscience at all. Even domesticated animals base their relationships with humans, fundamentally, upon whether or not a particular person is likely to feed them. And a substantial number of wild animals have always looked upon humans either as a natural enemy, or as food – have, indeed, since long before humans managed to exploit animals as a food source in any way that didn’t involve putting themselves in extreme peril on a daily basis.

    In short, despite the blatherings of Attenborough and his ilk, Nature is not something that can be summed up by romantic photographs of (allegedly) cuddly polar bears. Nature is actually, for the human race, a killer that has at its disposal a thousand fascinating ways of bumping us off, from insects to earthquakes. And will use them on us without losing a moment’s sleep. I think that we forget this fundamental truth about our relationship with Nature at our peril.

    So perhaps I might be forgiven if I express my disagreement with the founders of Extinction Rebellion, when they tell me they want us to revert to a “State of Wilding”, doing away with modern civilisation and all the protection mankind has developed against unforgiving nature.

    I beg leave to doubt that most modern humans, rather softer now than their ancestors of even only a century ago were, would last very long without the infrastructure that Western civilisation has managed to create in order to protect its citizens over the last two centuries; ie a developed, industrial society with both the technology to provide all of us with adequate food, shelter, heating, and medicine, and with an economy that enables us to pay for those things

  • A Thorpe

    Interesting comments Jeffrey. Europe entered the dark ages when the Roman empire collapsed. In the UK we enjoyed the benefits of the “advanced” Roman civilisation, but when they left we did not have the skills to maintain what they gave us. Something similar happened with Spain. They had all the gold and silver from the Americas and used that to buy what they wanted. When the gold ran out they did not have the skills to keep their standard of living and became one of the poorest countries in Europe. As you point out, our knowledge and skills produce the standard of living we have now. Give them up for living with nature and we will create a new dark age. There is no reason to think that humanity will not go backwards and it will be down to our actions if we do.

    I do have concerns about the long-term future. We might run out of some materials and we must develop nuclear fusion for energy in my view. But in around 100,000 years we will be in the depth of another ice age with the northern hemisphere covered in a vast ice sheet. We will have problems long before then and 7 billion people are not going to live in a band around the equator. Wailing in the streets in red cloaks won’t deal with that problem.

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