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Readers’ comments on “Scum of the world – come to Britain” blog

(Friday blog)

There were some great readers’ comments yesterday. So, I thought I’d take the day off today and recommend you click on the title of today’s blog to see what some readers wrote yesterday.

1. Why do so many migrants want to come to Britain?

Mainly so they can live off our generous benefits system while earning money on the side through working for cash or through criminality – theft, drug-dealing, fraud, burglaries etc. Britain has some of the most generous benefits for migrants in Europe. Note how few are interested in staying the countries they pass through on their way here.

Plus, for entertainment Britain will let them rape as many white girls as they want. Not only will the police allow them to rape and sodomise white girls, but some of those of their multi-cultural background will even join in the fun.

Here are the official figures for the number who came to the UK in 2019:

The real figure, which would include those not intercepted by the UK’s Border Farce, will probably be five to ten or twenty or thirty times the official figure?

And what’s happening this year? We don’t know. But we do know that over 90 illegal migrants were ferried by our Border Farce into Britain in a single day. That’s more in one day than in some months in 2019. And more than 470 have come in during the last week. So it looks like the migrant invasion is getting much worse and our Government and authorities are doing less than nothing to stop it. In fact, by providing free ferry services they’re encouraging it.

2. Why is our border force taxiing them in and why is the French equivalent not taking them back to France?

Our Border Farce are instructed to pick up as many as possible and ferry them in safety to Britain. As for the French, they’re only too happy to help the scum get to Britain. You think the French want all the parasitic, often criminal, often violent, often illiterate, often unemployable human garbage and detritus in their country?

3. What happens to them once they’re over here? How are they looked after (food, accommodation, clothing, etc.)? I suspect they get looked after better than our lot.

Once they get to Britain, they’re given accommodation, food and a weekly cash allowance while they spend months or even years claiming asylum using greedy solicitors all paid for by stupid British taxpayers. Also, many have been given debit cards already loaded with money by Soros-funded supposed refugee supposed charities as soon as they reach Europe to help them make the journey to Britain:

In 2019 the Home Office dropped its target to deal with most asylum claims within six months. The Migration Observatory says that only 25% now learn their fate in that time.

Less than half (I think) get asylum. It depends which country they claim to come from. You can see from the graph below that about half of those claiming to come from Iran and Eritrea are given asylum (the purple bars on the chart). But most of the rest stay here anyway (see question 4). Many of them throw away their passports and any identity documents making it almost impossible for them to be returned to whatever sh*t-hole they claim to have come from or actually have come from.

4. What proportion get returned to France?

Here’s the good bit. Can you see the tiny dark red bars on the graph below?

That’s the number of “Enforced Returns”. Pathetic, laughable and a total disgrace.

Lying Prime Minister Boris ‘Liar’ Johnson has told anyone hoping to come to Britain illegally: “We will send you back. If you come illegally, you are an illegal migrant and, I’m afraid, the law will treat you as such”. But, of course, Johnson was just being a lying liar like all our other politicians who don’t have to live in the violent, knife-crime-ridden, dystopian inner-city slums where illegal migrants tend to end up.

The Home Office has repeatedly stated that it is an “established principle that those in need of protection should claim asylum in the first safe country they reach”. But government ministers have contradicted this by saying that passing through a safe country like France without seeking refuge does not disqualify someone from being granted asylum in the UK.

Basically – if they get to Britain, they can stay in Britain leeching off taxpayers, earning money through criminality and raping white girls for the rest of their lives.

Still, when Labour get back into power at the next election, there probably won’t be any “Enforced Returns” at all and all illegal migrants will be given an amnesty. After all, remember that our Government (without telling us) signed the UN Compact for Safe and Orderly Migration

This, of course will encourage millions more to head our way.

Hopefully this short blog goes some way to answering the reader’s four questions.

The Wuhan Song

And here, to cheer us up for anyone who hasn’t already seen it, is my latest video – “THE WUHAN SONG”. It would be helpful if readers could use social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc – to increase the number of people who watch the video:

15 comments to Readers’ comments on “Scum of the world – come to Britain” blog

  • Eric Legge

    Why else are there so many sub-Saharans in our TV shows and in adverts and on websites? – Obviously to make us become used their presence, to seeing them.

    Any fool should be able to see that this is a deliberate agenda at work.

    What would the Chinese or Indians or Japanese come to the conclusion was the reason for seeing Caucasians to the same extent appearing in their TV programmes and adverts?

    You should provide larger graph images instead of unreadable or hard-to-read thumbnail-sized images of graphs. They don’t provide larger versions by clicking on them.

  • David Craig

    WordPress have changed something in their programme. Before when you clicked on an image, it would enlarge and be easier to read. That no longer happens.

    However, instead of telling me what I should or shouldn’t do on the blog that I write for free and pay for with my money, why not come with constructive suggestions of how I can make images larger?

    Or is that too much to ask?

  • Stillreading

    Just after the lockdown started, during the first sunny, warm, wind-free weekend, BBC News showed us Police in pairs strolling along the sea-front parade at Hastings, doubtless much enjoying the sunshine themselves, officiously monitoring law-abiding UK citizens walking their dogs, strolling alone or in family groups, doing their best to control their little children, prepared immediately to castigate anyone believed to be contravening the “social distancing” instruction.
    Then, right at the end of the parade, out of sight of the lawfully behaving UK citizens, was a bunch of very newly arrived illegals, a dozen if not more, who had just made it across the Channel in rubber inflatables. No “social distancing” there – as the TV reporter, to his credit, pointed out. The Police and sundry others – officials, do-gooders etc. – were all crowding round to ensure these newly arrived highly desirable members of our society were dried off, fed, and chaperoned to places of safety. Doubtless thousands of my fellow citizens who are currently obeying instruction, isolating ourselves from family and friends, seeing our children’s businesses fail and their aspirations for a successful future demolished, would have watched, as did I, with rage and despairing impotence. I was surprised the BBC permitted transmission of the item, potentially inflammatory as it was. But presumably Auntie is now so steeped in leftie PC ideology that her news editors believe all viewers welcome with elation these highly desirable newcomers to our overcrowded bit of terra firma!

  • loppoman

    Good summation David,
    Whereas I fully understand why the French want rid and so have no interest in bringing them back to France, I still have no clue why the British want them in Britain. What proportion of these illegals have anything useful to offer to this country?
    A relative of mine works in a housing association where, by law, they are obliged to offer accommodation to tenants who, they know, will never be able to afford the rent. So his job is chasing the various state benefits that these guys may be entitled to in order to, at least, partially meet the rent. He tells me that, in spite of what’s being reported, these benefits don’t come easy and loops need to be jumped through.
    Looks like the illegals get it all for free which is a total scandal. Not surprising though – if you bring them in, you have to look after them. But I repeat my question. Why, why, why bring them in???
    Never mind, we have captain Tom and tonight’s clapping to cheer us up. Much more important.

  • Hardcastle

    Yes Eric and it all happened around the same time,quite a coincidence? Also the immigrants shown are all well integrated and generally speak standard English and live middle class types of lives just like us. We know the majority are nothing like this,pure propaganda and an insult to our intelligence.Just like the news I now turn off advertising.If enough of us did this advertising revenues might fall significantly and force a change? Probably not,as it would appear that a huge proportion of the British public appear to be quite happy to go along with this charade.The coming financial disaster is our only hope that this might be turned around but things could,perhaps need to,turn nasty.

  • Hardcastle

    Lack of political will,that simple,is why these illegals are ferried to our country,allowed to stay and then supported by us the taxpayer.A politician with guts and determination could turn this around tomorrow and have
    the support of the majority of legal Britons who pay tax.However,none of our present incumbents has the courage,fortitude or patriotism to face down the socialists occupying so much of,if not all,the public services.I despair.

  • Stillreading

    I think things could – probably will – turn nasty Hardcastle, when the lockdown is over and people turn their minds from the immediate personal inconvenience of being forbidden to do pleasant, law-abiding and innocent things we’ve done all our lives (visit our families, cuddle our grandchildren, go for a picnic, chat to a friend in the supermarket, sit on a park seat) to how all this is to be paid for. As always, it will be the law-abiding, the long-term UK citizens, the regular wage or salary earners, the home owners or mortgage holders with NI numbers, Tax codes, fixed addresses, a bit in the bank, a few (increasingly worthless) shares, who will pick up the tab. It won’t be the newcomers, because they have nothing identifiable, they can’t be “sent back” because either it’s against their “ooman rights” or because we don’t know where they come from. So they will continue to receive priority, to be housed and fed and their health needs attended to, while those of us who have contributed to the system all our working lives will, as usual, go to the back of the queue. Our function will be to pay more tax. Simples! I guess though, knowing the fundamental apathy of the UK population when it comes to standing up for ourselves, we’ll take it all. We’ll put our backs to the wheel, step up to the plate, show our native determination, all the other rather sickening clichés and metaphors customarily trotted out by politicians in times of crisis to get us to comply like obedient children. And our pacific compliance will serve to make the UK and its benefits system even more attractive to the thousands gathering just across the Channel. I suppose we should be hoping for a summer of Force 10 south-westers!

  • loppoman

    Are we saying the reason they are brought into the UK is political?
    Assuming that’s correct, then who gains? Surely, money comes into this somewhere.
    Or are talking about securing future votes at the ballot box?

  • David Morgan

    The fiasco has been going on for ages. For a fortnight in 2003, I worked for a company called Clearsprings International, that had a contract with the Blair government. It was to resettle so called asylum seekers / refugees into Britain. My role was that of a property manager. I was in charge of up to 20 properties leased to the company by private landlords for the purpose of accommodating these incomers. Every so often I’d be present when a bus load of ‘asylum seekers ‘ would arrive in a supermarket car park and unload a group of them. I’d be assigned to look after people and take them to their allocated accommodation. These dwellings had to be of a certain standard and were all equipped with new white goods ( fridges, freezers, cookers, washing machines et al). They also had televisions, vacuum cleaners, etc., etc, all paid for by the likes of you and I, from H.M Treasury’s coffers. One weekend,I had to establish what day household refuse was picked up by the local authority. I called at a house next door to one of those I managed, and spoke to an elderly lady on a Zimmer frame. She gave me the information I wanted and I had bit of a chat with her. She explained her husband was in her kitchen, recovering from a stroke. I asked her what help she was getting from the state, and she said none. Realising that I was being paid to look after foreign people coming into our country, paid for by the government, whilst our own people were being neglected, I resolved to leave the job. I resigned the very same day. I was livid with the unfairness of what was happening. Tony Blair, Gordon Brown etc., have a lot to answer for, bringing in thousands of immigrants without letting the majority of the population know about it. Why was this done? I don’t know. My contempt for politicians is beyond description. (All this is discussed in Lord Peter Mandleson’s memoirs). That this is happening in the middle of a pandemic and these people aren’t being quarantined makes it even worse.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, is currently under investigation for allegedly bullying her staff. However, on her watch, our ‘Common Purpose’ Chief Constables, and their subordinates, seem to rather enjoy treating the current situation as an excuse to show how bravely they can bully the law-abiding general public, without let or hindrance from a Home Secretary who, exactly like Theresa May, talks tough but has done precisely nothing.
    Who had any idea what vast numbers of police officers we actually had, nor the huge and intimidatory fleet of motor vehicles that they now flaunt on our streets? For years, they’ve whinged about cuts in budgets and numbers, telling us that this was the real reason why our streets were devoid of policemen to protect us from imported muggers, terrorists and knifemen. Now, thousands of uniformed policemen have suddenly emerged to threaten the general public with dire penalties if we dare to attempt to escape from house arrest for more than an hour a day.
    And I wonder just how long it will take, after this emergency is over, for the massive police presence currently all too visible on our streets 24 hours a day to disappear, when they’re faced once more with the task of dealing with genuine, serious threats to public order such as drug gangs, the epidemic of stabbings, organised rape gangs, and terrorism. And how long it will take for them to retire behind their laptops again to look for ‘Hate Crime’, while bleating once more about Tory cuts to police numbers and budgets – not to mention heroically locking themselves in their cars while their subordinates are murdered before their very eyes.
    This Home Secretary should be sacked immediately – not for bullying, but for continuing to allow the likes of Cressida Dick and ‘Neil’ Basu to continue to have any positions of power at all in our police services.

  • Stillreading

    Agree with every word David Morgan, and indisputably true coming, as it does, from the “horse’s mouth”. Well done for quitting the job.
    Those who want to raise their blood pressure even further, take a look at this – Ch5., Gypsies on Benefits and Proud:
    If the link doesn’t work, Google Ch5 replay or similar.
    Just heard whilst doing things around the house someone on R4 bleating on about the poor “refugees” living in Calais, wanting to come here for a better life. 30 minutes of it. Sickening! What’s wrong with the French benefits system or, indeed, that of any other European country they’ve passed through?

  • David Morgan

    These immigrants / asylum seekers / refugees or whatever you want to call them come to Britain, because we advertise what benefits there are here. It’s crazy, they cross through the Continent to get here, whereas they are supposed to seek asylum in the first safe country they arrive in. I am not against helping people in genuine need, but the majority of these blighters are taking the ‘wee wee’.

    This is from Fullfact.Org.

    What can refugees claim?
    The term refugees refers to asylum seekers whose applications for asylum have been successful. According to a House of Commons research briefing, refugees “are able to claim social security benefits and tax credits on the same basis as UK nationals”.

    That means they would theoretically be eligible for the same kinds of pensions as the British pensioners described above would, although aren’t as likely to have built up the required national insurance contributions if they arrived in adulthood.

    The £29,900 figure quoted in the image is unusually high—the benefits cap means the maximum payment of certain types of benefits to a couple or single person with children in London is £23,000 per household.

    Refugees in this image may refer to asylum seekers who are still awaiting a decision on their asylum application to remain here. To be eligible for asylum, someone must be unable to live safely in their country out of fear of persecution because of characteristics like race, religion or political opinions that put them at risk there.

    Asylum seekers who are waiting for a decision are not allowed to claim mainstream non-contributory social security benefits, and are not usually allowed to work either.

    But they may be eligible for asylum support from the Home Office, which parliament described as “less generous than social security benefits” in its debunking briefing.

    This support can consist of somewhere to live (which they cannot choose and is unlikely to be in London or the South East), plus £37.75 per person in the household a week. They can also get £3-5 per week per pregnant mother, baby and child under three, and may qualify for a one off maternity payment of £300.

    Is it any wonder these people are queuing up to come to the U.K.?

  • Stillreading

    Reverting to a topic discussed earlier this week, I’ve just seen on my local TV news that Agincare Homes, a Chain which owns 13 Care Homes for the elderly, is invoicing residents £200 per month for the provision of PPE to staff. That’s in addition to the £4,000 per month fee. Nice little earner! Staff are saying that they haven’t had the benefit of PPE for as long and a month. High time for a thorough overhaul of care home costs and just what they provide for the exorbitant fees they charge.

  • A Thorpe

    Another way of looking at this is to ask “Why do they want to leave the country of their birth?” The answer is obvious for many countries and we would do the same in their position. We might also ask why Western governments have watched this situation developing. The West has contributed to making life intolerable in many areas of the Middle East. It may not have been very good without us interfering, but bombing it into the ground has not helped. The problems in Africa began with the end of the colonial era which allowed the communists take over. Why didn’t the West have an agreement to invest in Africa as part of independence? We will not invest now because the risk for private investors is too high, and this has allowed China to move in. Our governments are to blame for this mass movement of people.

  • Cliff Hatton

    I wish I’d bookmarked the UK-Arab agreement I saw here on the net a while back; it guaranteed full health, education, employment and voting rights to Muslims who make it to the UK legally or otherwise. Add to this the Barcelona Agreement and the BLATANT encouragement of all things Mohammed and it becomes laughable to even question whether there might be a plot against the British and mainland Europe…it couldn’t BE more in yer face.
    I saw this coming in the early 90s when I began asking through letters columns and the like “What’s Islam got to do with US?” I saw it almost every evening when one of the great and the good stood on Westminster Bridge and added their two penn’orth to the mantra that immigration was going to enrich us and make this ‘dull, grey country’ so much more ‘vibrant’ (remember?) I wish I’d kept a record of all these crafty conspirators. Suffice to say all the usual suspects were there – including Boris.

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