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China is our enemy! China is our enemy! China is our enemy! China is our ……..

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Beware the media’s weasel-wording to discredit Trump

First, let’s celebrate that President Trump has said what no other world supposed leader has dared to say – it’s almost certain that the Chinese Covid-19 plague was accidentally leaked from one of the two research institutes in Wuhan – either the biosafety level-4 Wuhan Institute of Virology or else the biosafety level-2 Wuhan Centre for Disease Control.

Readers will hopefully know that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is where bat virus expert Dr Peng Zhou was researching how bats could carry Ebola, SARS and Coronavirus without becoming ill themselves. Here’s Dr Peng Zhou describing his own work from the Wuhan Institute of Virology website:

“Taking bats as the research object, I will answer the molecular mechanism that can coexist with Ebola and SARS- associated coronavirus for a long time without causing disease, and its relationship with flight and longevity.”

As for the Wuhan Centre for Disease Control – that’s the place that produced a short documentary film in 2019 boasting about how they had managed to collect over 2,000 different viruses from bats to study in their research.

But given that Trump has dared accuse China of allowing the virus to leak from a Chinese research lab, we can expect all the Trump-hating media and Trump-loathing academics to do all they can to discredit Trump’s claims.

Their first attempts to  discredit Trump’s claims is to quote scientists who have said that the virus developed in animals and was not created in a lab. That’s what the BBC were using today.

But, of course, Trump never actually said the virus was created in a lab. He said it accidentally leaked from a lab.

Another approach the Trump-haters are taking is to claim there’s no way the Covid-19 virus could be a bio-weapon because it kills only about 1% of those infected – mainly the elderly and those with serious comorbidities. But Trump never claimed the virus was a bio-weapon.

So, please listen carefully to the media’s weasel-wording as they try to discredit Trump by knocking down claims he never made in the first place.

China is our enemy – we must defend ourselves

Hopefully some people in the West are starting to realise that China is our enemy. Just in the last week, Chinese officials have threatened Australia, the EU, France and the Netherlands with economic sanctions if those countries dare criticise China over China’s Covid-19 lies and cover-up.

In a way, the Chinese Covid-19 plague is a bit like 9/11. Until 9/11, most people didn’t understand how much the Religion of Peace hated us and wanted to conquer and kill us. After, 9/11 the Religion of Peace’s hatred for us became clear. Similarly, for years China has been the enemy of the free world and has been conducting economic warfare against us. Now, with the Chinese Covid-19 plague and China’s aggressive threats to countries and the EU, China’s belligerence and plans for world domination are being increasingly exposed.

Here’s an email one occasional reader sent me:

It is clear that the Covid-19 virus will prove to be a game changer in the way that business is conducted.

Apart from the colossal cost to the economies of the West caused by this virus, the scourge of long term unemployment must also urgently be addressed.

To do this, it is imperative that that Western Governments  wake up to the fact that China is our enemy and has no respect or regard for our rules, our philosophies or anything to that which we hold dear.

The solution is quite simple. Boycott China by imposing import tariffs of 100% or more.  Tariffs which can be adjusted to make the price of goods imported from China  match or even exceed the cost of local manufacture.

Such a policy would stimulate local manufacturing all across the West which should be additionally encouraged by governments implementing  substantially reduced tax rates on business who make their profits through manufacturing.

The results would be seen very quickly where unemployment is reduced as manufacturers recruit more and more workers from sectors that have been crippled by the virus pandemic.  The tax take for the governments would increase substantially as unemployed workers were enrolled in manufacturing enterprises and the haemorrhage to the West’s balance of payments which shifts ever eastwards to China, would dry up.

China would find itself with no export markets and unable to continue its ever increasingly aggressive foreign policies towards its neighbours and countries further afield which would mean that an inevitable Word War could be avoided and the cost and efforts of the West in matching China’s military might would ultimately be reduced.

Countries such as Australia whose economies at present are geared to exporting raw materials to China, would find new markets as new Western manufacturers appeared and could be financially helped temporarily by western governments who could club together to allow Australia to stockpile raw materials at agreed prices which would iron out boom and bust scenarios until a new international status quo was in place.

This is not just a formula that would work for the U.K. but a formula for a coalition that other Western economies and friends of the West could join together to implement leaving China to stand alone until it begins much needed political reforms both internally and externally and ceases to be the pariah state that it has deliberately set out to become.

Nikki Haley says it as it is

And to finish off, here’s former US Ambassador to the UN and a woman, who hopefully will be America’s first female president, making clear that China is a pariah state and our enemy:

8 comments to China is our enemy! China is our enemy! China is our enemy! China is our ……..

  • A Thorpe

    I take different views on this. Assuming Trump has evidence of an accidental leak, why has he announced it to the world and not given the evidence? If he has evidence he should use diplomacy to do something about it and that must mean having support from other world leaders and he doesn’t have that on anything. Even if it was accidental, what is he going to do? Our government and all others have damaged their own economies by the unnecessary lockdowns. All they had to do was protect the elderly and vulnerable, not lockdown the majority who will only have a minor illness if they get infected, and that is essential for herd immunity which we rely on with all viruses. Our government is the enemy, not China.

    China can only threaten us with sanctions because our own governments have made us overly dependent on China. We equally have been happy to accept cheap goods and export our industrial pollution.

    In relation to the email. It is not the virus that is the game changer, or damaging the economy, it is our government’s response to it. Astonishingly, there seems to be a huge public support for it. We have become like puppets with the government pulling the strings and bringing us out clapping onto the streets like idiots. I think the government will have difficulty getting people back to normal because they seem so afraid and whilst there are any deaths or when they return, the fear and panic will be back.

    Import tariffs are not paid by China, they are paid to the UK government by the companies importing the goods, so in the end the UK consumers pay. We don’t have the ability to manufacture those goods and we certainly will not be able to manufacture them cheaper than China, so UK consumers pay more. We have to earn the extra money and how are we going to do that? We also no longer have the energy. Renewables will not support existing industry let alone new, as China, but not Europe knows very well. We cannot build factories or train people for skilled work “very quickly”. The world is not going to change world trade by cutting China out of it. China is one of the few countries that has all the energy and raw materials to exist quite well in isolation. The UK certainly cannot do that; we need to trade and sell and what we make must be competitive, and that is not likely at the wages we demand. China will also use force to control the population.

  • twi5ted

    Its the CCP at fault here not China, similar to the EU vs Europe. Europe is our friend not the EU who like the CCP is anti democratic authoritarian and corrupt. The chinese people are still largely very poor by western standards.

    The Chinese govt use money to buy influence around the world following the saudi model. There are enough corrupt politicians, academics and business people to take their money and lobby for them.

    Even if the figures of 50k dead in Wuhan are right then again it means little other than to know the CCP lied, but that seems common in a lot of asian countries. The figures everywhere are not consistent and the context is always forgotten. How many Chinese die in Wuhan every year? There is excellent analysis in the uk that this year is not untypical and is in fact not the worst year – 5 season since 1995 nearly as bad and 1999 worse!

    But the problems here are home grown. The UK government response to this emergency has been appalling. Not closing the airports or ports. But closing the hospitals and removing sick and ill people, into care homes if they could not go home, has killed thousands. Thousands more will die from not being treated for cancer etc whilst hospitals sit half empty. The economic loss will kill many many more than those that died from the virus.

    The drums of war are beating. Its too easy to blame china and we have to tread very carefully. Economic decline is more likely to lead to unrest and war and growing our own economy, putting tariffs on imports from closed oversea markets and restricting hot money not invested long term and productively in the uk needs further levies. The true cost of tariffs has to be weighed against the cost of unemployment, economic decline and deprivation in the uk.

  • Bad Brian.

    Manufacturing in the West and especially in the UK is the way forward for full employment, wealth creation and international political clout and independence.

    I once had diner with a multi millionaire who struck me as being a very ordinary person. To be honest he did not strike me as being too bright.

    I asked him how he had made his mega millions.

    He replied, ” Well , what you have to do is make things that people want. The rest is easy ”

    “How’s that ? ” I asked,

    ” Well”, he continued, ” You take something like nuts and bolts. You set up the machine and feed in the raw materials.
    Every 100 nuts and bolts costs you about £3.00 to make. So you sell them for £30.00. It’s amazing how much money you can make with a 10% markup “

  • A Thorpe

    twi5ted – you make a good point about the Chinese still being poor which is because of the huge population. The Chinese economy needs growth to bring their standard of living to our standards. There doesn’t seem to be any sign that the CCP wants to limit growth. Why would they or the west want a war? Poverty is the world’s biggest problem and that needs growth; growth needs cheap energy and economic stability. The environmentalists backed by the UN EP seem determined to take the world back to living with nature. They are a bigger threat than the CCP.

  • A F Fanculo

    Brian. A 10% markup would be only £3.30. £30 is 900%,I think, I didn’t do Maths to ‘A’ level.
    Make what people want at a price they can afford.Cheap UK immmigrant forced labour in cheap electricity(coal-fired)factories and we would have the Chinese on the run. dump all the green crap as Cameron sound-bited.
    Re Africa. If we had shot all the commie greedy politicians and continued to run the countries in the British well-ordered way the Chinese wouldn’t have had a look-in

  • A F Fanculo

    Apologies. Immigrant should be on workfare in factories. We should have done as the Chinese have done and taken all African politicians for retraining, preferably on St Kilda and let them off only when they had seen sense. When acclimatized they would not have wished to return to such a hot climate as Africa’s.

  • chris

    The 24 hour stampede by May and Boris to blame Putin over Skripal is in stark contrast to the MSM reluctance to blame CCP for its (probably intentional) release of CV. As ever, cui bono. Israel, China, Biden, EU, Soros, Gates, Common purpose and all the CEO’s who resigned knowing what was about to unfold.

  • Bad Brian.

    Dear Mr A F Fanculo,

    Thank you for missing completely the “Joke ” I just told above.

    It is always fun to tell this story to a small gathering , only to have someone in the company leap up after a few moments and proceed to bleat on that a 10% markup would only generate a profit of 30p and not a whopping £27.00.

    My response is usually to thank that person for pointing this out to the rest of the group.

    So here goes.Thanks for pointing this out to us Mr Fanculo, very much appreciate your insight on this.

    While you admit to not sitting “A” level Maths, from your two posts above I presume that you did study politics, probably in Berlin 1933-1939. And why you would think it acceptable to plant African “Immigrant” on St.Kilda where they could no doubt pick cotton, when the Isle of Dogs is a lot closer, is a mystery to me.

    While on the subject, Fanculo is an old African name is it not or am I confusing it with that of Mussolini’s big sister ?

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