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We’re terrified of offending them – even with the truth

(Friday blog)

Who really rules over us?

I’ll start with a picture I’ve used many times before:

There was a Daily Mail article two days ago. The article was titled:

More than 13,000 people in the UK have been born out of ‘extreme inbreeding’ and the illegal incestuous trysts of close relatives, study claims.

Here’s the link if you want to read it. But there’s no need. It probably doesn’t say anything you didn’t know already:

However, there’s one important thing the article doesn’t say and doesn’t dare say – it makes no mention of which ethnic or religious group has the most incidences of “extreme inbreeding”. Why doesn’t the Daily Mail article mention which groups are responsible for most “extreme inbreeding”?

That brings us back to Voltaire’s quote “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise”

Saying what the Daily Mail is apparently afraid to say

Most of this “extreme inbreeding” seems to occur in British Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities, where marriage between cousins is designed to strengthen the family and keep wealth intact. According to a BBC documentary, it is estimated that 55% of couples of Pakistani heritage in the UK are in cousin marriages.

But there are massive health risks involved for the children of such couples. And when they are tragically born with disabilities, it is taxpayers who are left to pick up the huge costs of their NHS treatment and social care, which can run into millions over a lifetime.

Moreover, close-cousin marriages are a key factor in an average of two child deaths every week.

Thousands more children of consanguineous marriages survive, but with appalling physical or mental problems. These include blindness, deafness, blood ailments, heart or kidney failure, lung or liver problems and a myriad of often incurable and complex neurological or brain disorders.

According to a report for the BBC’s Newsnight, British Pakistanis are more than 10 times more likely to have children with genetic disorders than the general population. They are responsible for just three percent of all births, but produce about thirty percent of all British children with such health problems.

In Birmingham, around one in ten children from first-cousin marriages either dies in infancy or develops a serious life-long disability caused by genetic ailments, according to health officials in the city, where half the mothers of Pakistani origin are married to a close relative.

Meanwhile, a research document by the NHS-funded Enhanced Genetic Services Project reveals that in Birmingham in 2009-2010, the combined infant stillbirth and death rate ‘definitely or probably’ due to genetic disorders inherited from Pakistani cousin parents was 38 times higher than that among white European babies in the city.

The report — one of the most thorough into this health and social problem — says: “Almost a third of the affected children die before five years of age. Most of the survivors suffer chronic disability and impose massive costs and strain on health and social care services.”

More than six per cent of all children born in Bradford have severe disabilities, including blindness, deafness, and neuro-degenerative conditions. Yet to set out these truths is to invoke the fury of the politically-correct brigade, who refuse to consider anything that might intrude on their carefully-constructed fantasy of Utopian diversity and multi-culturalism. Meanwhile doctors and nurses in the city’s pediatric wards look after numerous children who are unable to speak and are fed through tubes. And the city’s special schools struggle to cope with the huge numbers of pupils with learning difficulties….

Seven years ago, leading geneticist Professor Steve Jones, of University College London, controversially warned that what he called ‘inbreeding’ in Britain’s Muslim communities threatened the health of children. Yet the Health and Wellbeing Board overseen by Oldham council recently said cousin marriage is an “integral part of cultural and social life and attempts to try to stop the deep-rooted practice were unlikely to succeed anyway”.

This view that society should not interfere in a custom of some ethnic communities wins a degree of sympathy from even those at the top of the medical profession.

Former Labour MP Ann Cryer, who represented Keighley near Bradford, has bravely highlighted this issue, but was attacked by the Left for calling for an end to such medieval unions. She said: “It’s not fair to the children or to the NHS which has to treat them. If you go into a pediatric ward in Bradford or Keighley, you will find more than half the kids are from the Asian community.”

The whole issue is so highly contentious that few dare mention it. NHS doctors and nurses are reluctant to speak out for fear of being branded racist.

A retired NHS nurse dared admit: “The children are being kept alive by the skills of the NHS, which is already over-stretched. In the paediatric wards of east London hospitals, I have seen the result. Intensive care beds are being taken up by terribly disabled babies born to related parentsThey will never be out of nappies. Some will never speak beyond a wail. They have such grave problems that they will cost the state thousands upon thousands over their lifetimes.” Another medic recently complained on an internet forum discussing the issue: ‘The problem is no one dares say: “No, stop marrying cousins” because it is politically incorrect to do so.”

Even more worryingly, the number of children damaged by consanguinity is predicted to increase as the birth rate in ethnic [that is, Muslim] communities goes up.

In Yorkshire and Humber (embracing Bradford, Kirklees, Leeds, Sheffield, and Rotherham) doctors are having to deal with 600 cases a year — a number they expect to rise to 2,400 a year by 2031, according to documents published by public health officials in the area….

If we estimate that it costs say £50,000 a year in medical care, social care, disability benefits and carer’s allowances to look after each of these miserable blighted creatures, then with more than 13,000 of them, that’s costing taxpayers over £650,000,000 a year. No wonder we don’t have the money to look after our own elderly.

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise!!!!!

6 comments to We’re terrified of offending them – even with the truth

  • William Boreham

    Seems even our Prehistoric ancestors had more brain cells than modern Pakistanis. I saw this report a year ago: Prehistoric humans avoided inbreeding as they knew of its dangers at least 34,000 years ago, a study has found. They developed surprisingly sophisticated social and mating networks, and deliberately sought partners beyond their family, research suggests. The findings could explain why modern humans proved more successful than other species, such as Neanderthals, that did not avoid inbreeding. By comparison, genomic sequencing of a Neanderthal individual from the Altai Mountains who lived about 50,000 years ago indicates inbreeding was not avoided.  It led researchers to speculate that an early, systematic approach to preventing inbreeding may have helped anatomically-modern humans to thrive, compared with other hominins. Unfortunately, modern (white man’s) medicine keeps these modem Neanderthals alive and out-breeding us.

  • Hardcastle

    We think we are so bloody clever these days that we have cast aside many of the mores and basic social organisations that developed over centuries for good reason. Inbreeding within family groups being one of the obvious ones. We have tended to ignore the basic fundamental truths in so many areas of life and by Jove it will come back and bite us hard in the not too distant future. Disease prevention,flood defence are two other areas where basics have been ignored because they are just that,basic! Not sexy and “smart” basic,might involve a bloke with a spade or just a bit of old fashioned common sense or local knowledge.Do not need maps any more apparently, got sat nav you see. You bloody do if the electricity is off or there is no signal. Good job the RAF still recognise the need for maps despite the technology.

  • Stillreading

    One can only despair in the face of such ignorance and refusals to acknowledge medical reality. In most societies incest – because in effect that’s what this inbreeding is – became taboo thousands of years ago. The Ancient Egyptians ignored it and their monarchy died out as a consequence. Thanks to modern non-invasive investigative technics of mummified remains we now know the sort of defects from which they suffered and died. At least some of the younger men interviewed have turned against the notion of first cousin marriages so perhaps there’s a glimmer of hope. The bigotry of the Imam and of some of the older men is breath taking. Maybe the problem isn’t evident to the same extent in the ghastly places where these families or their predecessors originated. Assuming there’s the same percentage of defective babies born in these countries, they presumably die fairly soon after birth or in their very early years because there’s not the same medical support available as in the UK. It’s the Will of Allah after all! The children of the mother who blames the doctors’ medicines for their condition is right is no far as had they not received throughout childhood all the best medical care the UK had to offer, they would no longer be alive, needing her care and incidentally costing the UK tens of thousands of pounds per annum! Such gratitude for what her offspring have already cost our nation! I cannot be persuaded that the children and young adults shown in the video have any sort of quality of life. Best had they not been born in the first place, but given that they were, better had they not received so much active Western medical intervention in the peri-natal and infancy period. The Will of Allah, according to which those advocating first cousin marriage conduct their lives, would then, one assumes, have prevailed.

  • A Thorpe

    I think a more appropriate quote is from Charles Mackey, briefly, men think in herds, go mad in herds and only recover their senses slowly, one by one. These birth defects and ruined lives are a result of the group think systems of religion and socialism coming together. The discussion above reveals that it is really our genes that are in control in both the short and long term. Our discover of antibiotics has saved many lives but there have been warnings for years about antibiotics resistance which has been in the news again recently. Our knowledge makes us complacent but bacteria are playing a different game to us and our stupidity means resources are not used correctly.

    I imagine there was a lot of interbreeding in our early ancestors because they lived in small groups. Perhaps interbreeding did not cause problems until evolution resulted in genes that benefited us in other ways but resulted in birth defects. This would not have been noticed since studies over the last 2000 years show that 25% of children died in their first year and 50% did not reach adulthood. It is as also said above science that has provided the understanding. Religion and science do not go together. Now the green movement, which has developed from Marxist thinking, is also ignoring science resulting in the fraud of human caused climate change, which if allowed to continue will destroy our advanced civilisation more than religion is doing.

    However, it is socialist health care that results in both young and old being kept alive with health problems nobody would choose to have. These problems are created by the state because we don’t have to pay and the state cannot now refuse any health care without a public outcry. It is not politically correct to even discuss allowing people to die at any age. A bigger problem than interbreeding is the poor health of the elderly and enormous cost of care. The health of some younger people is also an issue. Socialism is the driver that results in people no longer taking responsibility for themselves and depending on an ever expanding state to provide for them. If the state controlled food supplies the shelves would be empty. We might see this soon and it will be because of state control of our lives.

    All the signs are that the human race is going backwards and the green movement driving it do not have a clue about science. They started the acid rain scare which did not cause the imagined problems and this has developed into the pointless climate crisis. This happens because the masses seem to have stopped thinking for themselves. They do not understand even basic science and believe a sixteen year old schoolgirl knows what is best for the entire world. At a time of crisis the last thing we need are priests and politicians as the recent debates in the Commons demonstrate, obviously since it is priests and politicians that cause all our problems.

  • Julia Green

    Incredible, great research, this needs to be broadcast far and wide.

  • Smoking Scot

    My parents were first cousins. White Scots the pair of them. Grandad fathers side and Grandma mothers side brother and sister. It was the first case in the family for some time, so not extreme inbreeding and the time of their engagement was just after WW2 when intact males were at a premium.

    Once I discovered that I probably carry yuck genes I made the decision to not father children basically because I could never live with myself if I passed on this albatross that’s forever on my head.

    Spent many years in the Arabian peninsula and there the practice of extreme inbreeding continues. One of my work colleagues had 3 kids, only one was normal. When one died I voiced my sympathy to the father, who simply shrugged it off as Allah’s Will.

    So it’s widespread throughout the whole region, yet despite the evidence in front of their face and it being available on the Web it still continues. Yes there’s huge pressure to get daughters married asap, especially in poor families and in some cases money or assets or favours are promised to get shot of them. But the culture allows the man several wives, so in some cases it’s really no big deal to a wealthy guy to do a favour to the girls family.

    Here the kids get some protection because of the NHS. In remote areas, or in the privacy of a walled compound, deformed infants can be simply left to die, or cared for until an infection takes them, which can take years.

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