July 2024

Remoaner lies exposed yet again and again and again and……….

(Tuesday blog)

Carry on lying?

How many times will the Remoaners keep on lying to us? And why do the biased, europhiliac mainstream media never challenge the liar Remoaners about their lies?

So today, as Parliament goes into meltdown, let’s just quickly recap the main Remoaner lies:

Lie 1: People didn’t know what they were voting for. That’s a lie. David Cameron made it absolutely clear that a Leave vote would mean leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union:

Lie 2: The Leave campaign overspent. That’s a lie. It was the Remain campaign which overspent by the Government using £9 million of taxpayers’ money sending pro-remain propaganda to every household in Britain:

Moreover, the EU-adoring Electoral Commission let the Government perpetrate this electoral fraud while launching expensive and pointless investigations of the Leave campaign:

Lie 3: The 2016 Referendum was only ‘advisory’. That’s a lie. The Government promised to implement what voters decided:

Lie 4: It’s hypocritical for Leavers to say we want to take back power for Parliament and then to reject Parliament’s decision to keep us in the EU. That’s a lie. It’s quite clear from the booklet sent to every home in Britain (see above) that Parliament voted by a majority of 6 to 1 to give the decision to the British people

Lie 5: Nobody voted for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit. That’s a lie. In the 2016 Referendum there was no mention of what kind of Brexit the Government would implement. The choice was purely between Remain or Leave

Lie 6: The Tories don’t have a mandate for ‘No deal’. That’s a lie. Here’s a quote from the EU-loving Independent “It’s nonsense for protesters to claim that “nobody voted for no deal”. Theresa May said again and again during the 2017 election campaign “no deal is better than a bad deal”.  It’s even in the Conservative Party manifesto (page 36)

Lie 7: Project Fear – voting to leave the EU would be catastrophic for the British economy. That’s a lie. Since the 2016 Leave vote employment has been at a record high and  wages have been rising faster than inflation. However, this cannot continue if the useless, squabbling politicians don’t give business a clear view of the future relationship with the EU.

Lie 8: After 2 years of negotiation, we have the best deal we’ll get. That’s a lie. The (IMHO) useless, treacherous, EU-loving surrender monkey Theresa May caved in to every demand Brussels made even before Brussels made them:

Lie 9: Tory rebels are opposed to ‘No Deal’. That’s a lie. It’s quite clear to me that Hammond and Gauke and others of their ilk are really trying to sabotage the Government’s negotiating position to prevent Johnson getting a deal from the EU and thus they will keep us in the EU. Don’t believe their (IMHO) blatant lies about ‘honouring the referendum result’. They are (IMHO) lying, lowlife, lying Remainer liars.


A typical lefty, progressive, libtard Remoaner meltdown

And here, in case you haven’t seen it, is a total meltdown from yesterday’s Jeremy Vine show in which some ghastly progressive, London-based Remoaner has a total meltdown at the thought of leaving her beloved EU. Apparently the lady used to work for the biased BBC which explains her adoration of the EU and she used to present some children’s programme which helps explain her somewhat questionable grasp of politics.

Enjoy the great political expert Konnie Huq:

2 comments to Remoaner lies exposed yet again and again and again and……….

  • A Thorpe

    Item 1 is key to this issue. Cameron and Osborne campaigned on the basis of leaving the EU entirely and all they did was warn us of the cost in terms of job losses and extra costs per household. The figures were published in the pamphlet sent to us all. Cameron should have been forced to explain all this again and again until all the media and the remain voters understood what they voted for.

    As I understand the situation parliament agreed the question but I have not found the evidence for that. The media and leave MPs should know but they do nothing to clarify it. It would have been impossible to include any details about a deal in the question since there was no deal.

    I have no idea what the deal is that they are all talking about. All we have is an exit agreement that ties us into the EU. May produced this and it has been rejected three times by MPs. The deal I believe means the trading agreement and that will not be sorted out until we have left. What is it they are all talking about? Of course it is chaos. A transition arrangement should have been central to leaving so that we could sort out trade, sector by sector over a period of years.

    My main concern is about the public and MP views about democracy. Democracy means that the view of the majority must be accepted. This is what happens at every election and in every vote in parliament. Our MPs are our representatives but they are elected to use their own judgement about issues. They continually talk about being in touch with their constituents and representing them and now it is about unifying the country. The voters soak up all this nonsense. The MPs cannot represent our views which they have shown repeatedly over Brexit. It is impossible to represent just two voters with different views, let alone thousands. They gave the decision on EU membership because they could not agree amongst themselves. We gave them the answer and they still incapable of following the instructions we gave. Last night we have the dreadful Ian Blackford telling us how the Scottish Parliament cooperates on everything and Westminster should do the same. The SNP only cooperate with other parties because it does not have a majority. MPs do not want to unite. They want the power to implement their party views.

  • twi5ted

    The Great Hack is a netflix movie which also tries to blame election of Trump and Brexit on misuse of private data acquired from facebook. People were manipulated into voting for brexit because of misuse of this “physcological weapon” as it is described in the movie or advertising as it would more typically be known.

    Of course when Obama used the same techniques 4 years before it was considered progressive and beyond clever. Yet the same stuff used by anyone else is abuse and illegal. Worth a watch for the nonsense portrayed.

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