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Suck my Remoaner cock! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! Moan! Moan! Moan!

(Thursday blog)

Oh happy day!!!!

Oh what a glorious day yesterday. While the (IMHO) lying, devious, treacherous, europhiliac scum like Grieve and Hammond and Gauke and others of their ilk were plotting to keep Britain in their beloved EU, Boris Johnson seems to have blind-sided them all by proroguing Parliament. Brilliant! Wonderful!

And what pleasure seeing the treacherous Europhiliacs exploding with fury at being outmanoeuvred. These (IMHO) lying bastards have even accused Johnson of acting “unconstitutionally” and “undemocratically” and of conducting a “political coup” and other such crap. They seem to have forgotten the clear promise they made to us before the 2016 Referendum:


If anyone has been acting “unconstitutionally” it’s the (IMHO) lying, Remoaner low-lifes like Grieve and Corbyn and Hammond and Swinson and Blair and Campbell and Bercow and hundreds of others like them.

But there will be so much heat and noise generated over the next couple of months by Johnson’s decision, that I doubt there’s anything intelligent I could add.

So, let’s instead focus on the reported fury of just one apparently apoplectic Remoaner

Suck my remoaner dick!!!!!

There’s a supposedly famous British actor called Hugh Grant. One of his greatest roles, if I remember correctly, was in 1995 playing a British actor who was meant to be in Hollywood to promote his latest film, Nine Months, when he decided, as a local paper said, “to take a walk on the wild side”, cruising down LA’s notorious Sunset Strip at night. It was here that he reportedly met Divine Brown (real name Estella Marie Thompson), a local sex worker who he reportedly paid $60 (£37) to perform oral sex on him in a nearby street (according to the Guardian newspaper):

Also, if I remember correctly, the condom used was mint-flavoured. But I might have got that bit wrong. Apparently, Hugh Grant’s performance was so life-like that he was arrested by the Los Angeles police.

The now defunct News of the World got the scoop, paying Brown a reported $100,000 for a blow-by-blow account of what happened.

Anyway, the great actor has been reported to have volcanically erupted at the news of Boris Johnson proroguing Parliament and this is reportedly a tweet from yesterday attributed to the great political expert Hugh:

So, if I understand correctly, history expert Hugh Grant is saying that, as his grandfather “fought two world wars” against Germany to defend Britain’s freedom not to be ruled by Germany, we should now stay in the German Fourth Reich (aka the EU) to keep the freedoms his grandfather fought for. Umm… am I the only person who finds this argument slightly illogical?

Though, if the tweets are genuine Hugh-Grantisms, then it seems Professor Grant has long been a supporter of Britain remaining in the German-controlled EU as he signed a petition to revoke Article 50:

It really does seem that the seething, europhiliac, ruling elites have gone completely gaga. What fun to watch their incandescent fury.

5 comments to Suck my Remoaner cock! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! Moan! Moan! Moan!

  • A Thorpe

    The 16m or so remainers have the chance to move to the Fourth Reich under the free movement rules but not many seem to have done so unfortunately. The problem is that when we know the final outcome we will be left with a ruling elite, the media and celebs who are still completely gaga.

  • David Craig

    Maybe the 16 million Remoaners haven’t moved to their beloved Fourth Reich because they’re not intelligent enough to speak any language other than their limited English – unlike a supposedly stupid, uneducated Leaver like myself who speaks 5 European languages?

  • loppoman

    Aren’t these so-called celebrities just arrogant and repulsive.
    Why give them publicity of any kind.
    Just ignore them.
    They like to promote themselves as something we, ordinary mortals, should look up to and admire. Idiots!

  • Stillreading

    But all is not yet lost! With the intention of preventing it, that laudable Guyanian-born British citizen, of Indian parentage, Gina Miller, intends to request an urgent Judicial Enquiry into the legality of the PM’s proposal to prorogue Parliament. We heard it from the lady’s own lips on R4 this morning. How fortunate all we fools who voted Brexit are to have such a champion of the British people, willing to go to such lengths to show us the error of our ways. “Oh brave new world, that has such people in it.”

  • Toxic Zelda


    Your articles are becoming more and more distant from reality !

    Do you seriously believe that any of your readers would believe that anyone, even Hugh Grant , would be daft enough to give Mz Thompson ( as pictured), £37.00 for oral sex. The very idea is difficult to swallow !

    I was under the impression that Hugh Grant, for Health & Safety reasons, only recommended the use of registered transvestites when paying for street sex. Had I known this would prove not to be the case, I would never have been taken in by his profound and influential views on Brexit. I have been grossly misled and feel vulnerable and abused.

    Hugh’s views on British membership of the EU have been “blown” out the water by his disgusting behaviour which demonstrates a fragrant disregard to family values. By “spaffing” into the painted gob of what looks to me like a bisexual Trump supporter, I would point out that the only reason Hugh’s grandfather had to stand up to the Bosch on two separate occasions was because his own father was a “Conchie” who not only shirked his duties at Monte Casino and on D-day, but went on to refuse to fight in korea, Malaya, Aden, and Cyprus. When the Falklands War erupted, where was he then ?. My point is that ” Both Dad and Grandad” were nowhere to be seen !

    Of course, it would be reasonable to surmise that by that time, Hugh’s dad’s military career had taken a turn for the worse and he had resorted to making a living by dressing as a Trump supporting transvestite, turning tricks on the outskirts of an industrial estate near Leeds. Poor Hugh, you can’t choose your parents I suppose.

    At least Hugh is making amends and sticking up for his kids rights to be bossed about by a bunch of Krauts !

    Politics aside, as for Boris Johnson prolonging parliament, I think he would be better just closing it down for a short while !

    Greta Thumbumz ( aged 16 ” boy , what a dish !”), has calculated that even if parliament was shut for a month, the green house gasses it would create would be enough to build a new jungle every week.

    As long as these jungles are not just used, like the last time, as a dumping ground for dangerous animals and filled with smelly plants, that would get my vote !

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