July 2024

How many sexes/genders are there in Australia?

(Tuesday blog)

I got up late today and so don’t have a story. Or perhaps there is one thing I could mention?

There is a bit of good news I can bring you. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has finally moved with the times and recognised that there are more sexes/genders than just male and female. Of course, there used to be just two sexes/genders in Australia – ‘mates’ and ‘sheilas’. But, in the next census, the questionnaire will be giving a multiple choice of answer on the question of what sex/gender each respondent is.

Of course, the question is difficult as we all know that there is now a huge difference between ‘sex’ and ‘gender’. One’s sex is whether one was born male or female. Or at least it used to be that simple. Gender is apparently something completely different. Gender is apparently a ‘social construct’ and nowadays anyone can identify with whatever gender they choose:

We don’t yet know how the ABS will approach this issue. Will they ask for each respondent’s ‘sex’ or their ‘gender’? Moreover, if the ABS asks for each respondent’s ‘sex’, how many options will they give? Will it just be ‘male’ (mate), ‘female’ (sheila) and ‘other’? Or will there be many more options? Or if the ABS asks for people to state their gender, will they give all the 71 options I wrote about a few days ago? Or will the ABS cut down the choices to a more manageable mere 40 or 50?

It is now politically-correct to claim that gender is a spectrum with multiple possibilities:

In fact, to suggest otherwise is a ‘thought crime’ a ‘hate crime’ and clearly ‘heteronormative’ and ‘transphobic’. I believe that the Scottish schoolboy who claimed there were only two sexes/genders has now been expelled. But there are some dinosaurs who think the whole multiple genders thing is a load of total bollox:


It’s all pretty fascinating stuff.

Here’s a United Nations report praising how the Australians are approaching the thorny topic of sex and gender in their next census:

If we ever needed a perfect indication of a civilisation that has lost its way and is doomed to decline and be conquered by a more self-assured and more aggressive civilisation (I think you can guess which one) this pointless and narcissistic squabbling over sex and gender must surely be it.

5 comments to How many sexes/genders are there in Australia?

  • A Thorpe

    I am sure that it is a sign of a declining civilisation along with many other factors. Care for the elderly reveals a fundamental problem that applies to many areas. The masses now look to the state to solve every problem, and all those problems need money that the state does not have. The politicians encourage the masses to believe that they can solve the problem and they don’t know where the money will come from. The money is needed to provide people who will do the jobs we will not do. It is effectively a form of slavery. The west has a sense of entitlement that they cannot provide by their own efforts. The UK has not been paying it way in the world for decades and other countries are in similar situations. They have climate policies that are damaging our economies and benefitting our competitors. The list goes on and on.

  • William Boreham

    I thought years back that the Aussies were on the slippery slope when I read the Sydney was about to hold the world’s biggest gay parade. I thought a the time, what! – in Australia of all places where men were men and women were shelia’s? I notice their once dominance at sport has also declined, seems they to are joining the decline and fall of Western manhood and civilisation.

  • Stillreading

    The final paragraph of today’s bog says it all. Nothing to add is there?
    Off topic, but I am listening to today’s R4 “You & Yours” about the appalling f*ck-up Inland Revenue – with one assumes the full approval of the Government – has made of senior doctors’ pay, where Consultants earning over about £100K per annum are actually required to PAY the tax man if they earn a bit more by doing overtime. A year’s pay of £100K may sound a lot to some people, but it’s taken these highly skilled doctors more than half a lifetime to achieve their levels of expertise and to financially penalise them so they can’t work, when we all know the NHS is on its knees, is crass beyond any words of mine to express. It can’t be a lot of fun to receive a tax demand, out of the blue, for thousands of pounds, with threats of the bailiffs removing your property if you don’t comply, when all you’ve done is work extra hours to help your patients. Doubtless most MPs receive in excess of £100K per annum, but of course they are able to pass a great deal of this off as “expenses”, so avoiding any crippling demands from the tax man!

  • Alex Stephenson

    David i read your blog everyday.Your comments about the decay and fall of the west echo my thoughts exactly.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Steve (a bloody Yank)

    For the “genderfluid” spaces, instead of “mental disorder”, I’d put “science fiction”. In “The Left Hand Of Darkness” by Ursula K. LeGuin, there’s a whole planet full of genderfluid people.

    I thought that the attack helicopter in the center was a nice touch.

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