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Trump tells it as it is – causing outrage among the liberal British elites

(Wednesday blog)

Wonderful times. US President Donald Trump tells the unvarnished truth and upsets the whole progressive, BBC-supporting, liberal British establishment. I just love seeing the howling outrage of the useless British ruling elites as Trump dares to expose their failures.

So, let’s just spend today’s blog enjoying Trump’s well-targeted attacks on our piece of garbage PM and her worthless, EU-loving diplomats.

Here’s Trump’s totally accurate criticism of the hopeless, treacherous May’s Brexit failure:

trump on brexit

Here’s Trump on the UK ambassador:

I don’t know anything about Sir Kim Darroch except that he was ambassador to the EU for years and that, if the worst PM in British history says she has ‘full confidence’ in him, then Darroch is probably as much of a pompous fool as Trump suggests:

And finally – Trump looks forward to the useless May being replaced and Britain getting a new PM. I love the way Trump says he was most impressed by the Queen during to his visit to London, thus suggesting he was more than unimpressed by the disastrous hag May and her bunch of sycophantic hangers-on:

While our rulers and mainstream media huff and puff in confected outrage over Trump’s comments, I think many ordinary people will be nodding their heads and thinking: “hit the nail on the head Donald – tell it like it is!”

Moreover, I believe many ordinary people will be wishing we had a strong leader like Trump in the UK – a leader who believed in his country and worked for those who elected him (unlike Theresa May and most of the ruling British Establishment who seem to be working full-time for the globalists in Brussels and Davos).

7 comments to Trump tells it as it is – causing outrage among the liberal British elites

  • A Thorpe

    It reveals who really runs the UK and it isn’t our elected representatives. If Boris tries to changes things he won’t last long.

  • Julia Green

    I can’t wait to hear the wails of the left when Trump gets re-elected.

  • stillreading

    I didn’t watch the debate last evening but if the short replays on “Today” are anything to judge by, it descended into little more than a shouting match. Meanwhile John Major has been putting his pro-EU oar in. It was he who brought us Maastricht if I remember correctly, so at least he is consistent, but he’s had his Parliamentary day of leadership glory so should step back and keep quiet. Meanwhile Commie Corbyn has changed his Brexit colours for the alternative – anything to get into power evidently. The inescapable fact is that if, following the pro-Brexit vote 3 years ago, the Parliamentary system is so manipulated as to force the UK to stay in the undemocratic EU, where power rests with unelected representatives, it will be an unforgivable betrayal of the UK population and effectively the end of democracy in the UK. The last time democracy was denied us, we cut off a king’s head. (Not that I’m suggesting we inflict a similar fate on our much-loved monarch, but I wouldn’t weep to see quite a few MPs heads falling – in the figurative sense of course.)

  • loppoman

    Yes, David and Trump – spot on!!

  • William Boreham

    I amazed that Darroch is still Ambassador to the USA after that disclosure, what possible use can he be now he’s totally ostracised over there and can’t possibly do the job representing the UK. Instead, our idiots seek to shoot the messenger. Had the jerk the slightest integrity, he would have resigned, better, taken out his service revolver.

  • Roy Hartwell

    Certainly Darroch wrote those opinions on Trump and had the stupidity to send them as an email (no diplomatic pouch these days ?). The real damage was done by the person who leaked the messages. It’s certain it was done to try to scupper a US-UK trade deal after Brexit so one could suspect a remoaner at high level (the highest ?). Anyway, latest news is he has resigned. I am certain that Trump will let this roll over him (he’s probably enjoyed it in his own way, insults certainly strengthen his position in the US ) and I think he has a good relationship with Boris. this could actually backfire on the perpetrators.

  • leila

    Darroch alluded to Russian meddling in the 2016 election. No wonder Trump says it’s reported to him that he is a pompous fool ( he has a second rate zoology degree) So many of us knew the allegations re Russian meddling was BS.

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