July 2024

“Teach your children well that they must hate the civilisation they benefit from”

(Tuesday blog)

Good grief – what are our politicians up to? If there are any job losses from Brexit they’re down to the years of uncertainty caused by the incompetence of Theresa May in not negotiating a way out of the Irish Backstop and in the infantile slanging match that our politicians have indulged themselves in for the last 3 years.

Talking of “infantile” made me think about how misguided the ever-protesting, epetition-signing, keyboard-warrior, selfie-obsessed, me-me-me, ignorant, morally-weak, snowflake generation have become. So, here’s the brilliantly eloquent Pat Condell explaining in just 4 minutes how we are destroying our civilisation by teaching our children to despise the very values and institutions that have made them the most privileged generation ever to live on Earth.

Still, at least we useless old people will have the satisfaction of knowing that our children’s and grandchildren’s generations will have to live with the consequences of their own globalist, progressive, West-hating, lefty, libtard, hug-a-rapefugee, global-warmie, brain-washed stupidity:


2 comments to “Teach your children well that they must hate the civilisation they benefit from”

  • Alan Thorpe

    Probably his best yet. We used to have freedom and had laws telling us what was not allowed. Now nothing is allowed unless we have a law allowing it. He should have pointed out the damage to democracy from thinking that demonstrations and petitions are the way to govern a country.

    May’s proposal on knife crime put the responsibility on teachers, hospitals and social workers. It should be with the parents. Children are taking over the political agenda because parents no longer are allowed any responsibility for their own children – except working to provide for them.

  • William Boreham

    We are led to believe the Russians are our enemy.
    It seems a quite mad, irrational and absurd policy when one compares the angelic Russian virtuoso, (sent to me in an e-mail today,) who’s physical appearance and talent could be symbolized as a perfect example of European beauty and culture:

    As compared to the ‘one step up from the primate level’ primitives that the EU want to flood Europe with:

    Why do we not ally ourselves with the Russian people to save our European Herrenvolk and culture before it’s too late.

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