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Are you suffering from “Jon Snow Syndrome”?

(Wednesday blog)

Do you worry that there are too many white people in Britain? Do you lie awake at night fretting about a lack of diversity and multi-culturalism in your area? Would you like to see more muggings, robberies, drug-dealing, stabbings, shootings and gang warfare in the streets around your home? Do you dream of going to Glastonbury where you can yell “f*ck the Tories” as you get down with woke yoof? Do you hate Britain, British values, Western civilisation and the fact that virtually every advance in human knowledge – science, technology, medicine, art, music, literature etc etc – has come from white people?

If so, then you’re suffering from what doctors call “Jon Snow Syndrome”. This condition “John Snow Syndrome” can strike anyone who is part of the progressive, lefty, libtard, globalist elites. And it can harm brain growth leading to people holding the most absurd opinions such as supporting Britain being ruled by Germany as part of the German Fourth Reich (aka the EU), believing that all cultures are equal and being convinced that man-made global warming will destroy mankind and possibly the whole Earth in the next 11 to 12 years.

But fear not. Our rulers have found a cure for “Jon Snow Syndrome”. They’re working hard to import millions of usually illiterate, usually uneducated, often violent, often criminal, usually unemployable, West-hating, frequently parasitic and definitely not white migrants from the worst hell-holes in Africa and the Middle East.

Europe must take a “proactive approach” to increasing the level of immigration to the bloc, according to a new European Commission report proclaiming migrants would become “increasingly important” in the EU strategy for economic growth.

Asserting that authorities in Brussels are working towards developing a “common legal migration policy” which would be forced on every country in the bloc, the report called for “a wide range of measures” in order to reach this goal.

Many of the issues identified focused on achieving greater “harmonisation” of rules across EU nations — or the removal of national sovereignty regarding immigration controls — with the goal of creating “a level playing field across member states” in areas such as admission conditions and so-called human rights including “the level of rights granted to third-country nationals and on the protection of family life”.

In addition to demanding “stronger enforcement” of minimum ‘requirements dictated by Brussels, the assessment also argued that more efforts were needed to “raise awareness” of EU rules granting ‘rights’ to non-European nationals.

Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said: “As we move from crisis management to finding long-term structural approaches to migration, a more proactive approach to managing legal migration is needed. This is about economics, stability, growth. We need to better regulate the existing rights and conditions of all those who come to Europe for study, work or family reasons. This is in the interest of the Member States as well as those migrating to the EU legally.”

So, there you have it folks. The above bureaucrateese is just EU-speak for the fact that the EU believes that authority over borders and who comes into EU countries should be handed over from elected governments in individual countries to unelected, corrupt, incompetent, progressive, globalist EU bureaucrats. And this will lead to increased prosperity for everyone in the EU. Though a cynic might worry that our EU rulers have not fully explained how our increasingly complex technological societies can achieve economic growth by importing millions of mostly uneducated, mostly unskilled, often backwards, often unemployable, possibly culturally-inferior migrants.

Here they are – some of the supposed doctors, scientists and business entrepreneurs who will supposedly turbo-charge EU economic growth and make us all wealthier and happier:

Still, at least the invading multi-cultural millions won’t be white and this will help cure all those suffering from the dreaded “Jon Snow Syndrome”.

Exciting times ahead for all of us!

4 comments to Are you suffering from “Jon Snow Syndrome”?

  • Just found out they are trying to ban this video on youtube.

  • The Balance

    I’m surprised he hasn’t dropped the surname ‘Snow’ because its too white. What a foolish man. The Brexit march was no different to the Remoan march. He wouldn’t dare state such a thing about another ethnicity. He knows white bashing is legal, just look at David Lammy, Dianne Abbott and Yasmin Liar Brown. They seem to have carte blanche to insult, slander the white race but Liam Neeson admits and apologies ( something he didnt have to do ) about an experience years ago and hes hung out to dry by the cowardly fake news.

  • AfD co-leader speech on Brexit in Bundestag, Alice Weidel, English subtitles (March 2019)-

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