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Jussie Smollet is a victim! He’s not a lying scumbag!

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I wanna be a victim!

When I was younger, people got status and reputation from what they achieved in their lives. Now that all seems to have changed. In today’s crybaby, snowflake culture, status is achieved by how much one can claim be a victim. If you’re black, you’re clearly a victim of racism.

If you’re homosexual you’re a victim of homophobia and heteronormativism. If you’re a preening, transgender narcissist, you’re clearly a victim of transphobia. Moozerlums are always victims of Izlumophobia. And so it goes on.

Jussie Smollet’s torment

That brings us to Empire actor Jussie Smollett. No, I’d never heard of Empire nor Jussie Smollet. But following Mr Smollet’s latest escapade, he’s become rather famous. Jussie Smollet is lucky. He’s both black and homosexual. This gives him two cards in the race to be more of a victim than anyone else.

You probably know the Smollet story by now, so I’ll just recap very briefly.

Being black and homosexual clearly wasn’t enough for Mr Smollet, so he reported that he had been subject of a racist and homophobic attack by two white men wearing balaclavas who poured a corrossive substance on him and put a rope round his neck (I suppose to remind him of KKK lynchings) while shouting something about people like him not being welcome in a MAGA (Make America Great Again) area. During a tearful appearance on Good Morning America, he claimed he had been “forever changed” by the incident.

Here are the two supposedly ‘white Trump MAGA supporters’ who supposedly attacked Mr Smollet:

Ooops. They’re not white Trump supporters. They’re two brothers, who are bodybuilders and aspiring actors, who have claimed they were paid $3,500 to stage an attack on Smollett. Abimbola “Abel” and Olabinjo “Ola” Osundairo, who were earlier deemed suspects, have now testified before a grand jury. Smollet was reportedly so dumb that he used his own cheque to pay his ‘attackers’. Yup, despite getting about $100,000 per episode for Empire, dumb Jussie didn’t think of giving his ‘attackers’ untraceable cash.

The 36-year-old Smollet, who came out as gay in 2015, has been charged with making a false police report and disorderly conduct and is expected to appear in court later today. Here is his picture from the Chicago Police:

The charge carries a sentence of up to three years in prison and Smollett could be forced to pay for the cost of the investigation.

One of the men had appeared in Empire, police said, and one of them was Smollett’s personal trainer, who had helped the actor as he prepared to appear in a music video.

Detectives were unable to find CCTV footage of the alleged attack, which Smollett said happened in central Chicago on 29 January as he was walking home from a Subway sandwich shop.

Time to play the Victim Card?

So, how will Smollett get out of this mess? I suspect he’ll try to play the Victim Card.

Already his lawyers seem to be suggesting that due to the publicity, Smollet can’t get a fair trial. Smollet’s lawyers Todd Pugh and Victor Henderson said Smollett “enjoys the presumption of innocence, particularly when there has been an investigation like this one where information, both true and false, has been repeatedly leaked”. This slightly overlooks the fact that Smollet was busy touring the TV studios giving false information to get publicity for the ‘life-changing’ attack long before doubts about his story started to emerge.

Then, of course, being both black and gay, Smollet can claim he has constantly been victimised throughout his life. Though someone claiming to be a victim who is earning about $100,000 per episode of a crap TV series slightly strains credibility.

Perhaps Smollet will claim he has been suffering emotional stress? Or perhaps he’ll try the ‘I was abused as a child’ routine?

Or maybe he’ll go full hog and claim he only did this to highlight the hate and violence that have supposedly increased in America since Trump became president?

Who knows? Only one thing is certain – being a lefty, progressive, libtard, Hollywood luvvie who is both black and gay, Smollet will get kid-gloves treatment from the Trump-hating US press and probably emerge as some kind of victimised hero rather than the worthless lying scumbag some of us might believe him to be.

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  • William Boreham

    Tucker Carlson on the Jussie Smollett debacle:

    And Piers Morgan’s take:

  • Stillreading

    EVERYONE it seems is a victim except straight, tax-paying, Law-abiding English men and women who, mistakenly it often seems, continue to have some belief and pride in the country of their birth. Not much longer though – in not so many years we shan’t be around and then the snowflake Libtard generation, and the adult versions of the little kids currently being schooled in how to change gender rather than in the three “R”s, can have it all their own way. And the best of luck to them – they’ll need it! On the Hollywood theme, am I the only person becoming just a little sick today of hearing the hyperemotional weeping and sobbing over the ghastly Oscar presentations? Although I agree that our own Olivia Coleman probably deserves an award for her input into an otherwise truly appalling film.

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