July 2024

Can CO2 help save the world?

(Thursday blog)

I’m sure all my wonderful readers know that we’re all about to die from being frazzled by supposed Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever it’s called this week due to too much CO2 being released into the atmosphere from human activity. It never occurs to the Greenies that Earth’s climate is largely determined by solar activity and when the Earth goes through a warming phase, then more CO2 is released into the atmosphere from the oceans. This increasing CO2 may be a result of warming, not its cause.

But as the Greenies fulminate against that deadly poison, CO2, today I’d like to introduce you to the Johnson CO2 Generator. This machine, and others like it, are extensively used in hundreds of thousands of greenhouses around the world to help plant growth. So, increasing CO2, rather than leading to our imminent destruction, is actually helping improve food production.

Ooooppps! Did the libtard Greenies and the BBC and C4 News and the other mainstream media, trying to deindustrialise us back to the Stone Age, forget to tell you that?

Increasing CO2 provides mankind with an excellent opportunity to increase food production and reverse desertification. Unfortunately, our friends in Northern Africa are too primitive, lazy and incompetent to take advantage of this opportunity. Meanwhile our friends in Sub-Equatorial Africa seem intent on following Zimbabwe’s glorious example of how to rapidly turn a productive agricultural miracle into a poverty-stricken, barren wasteland. It won’t be long before the kiddie-botherers at Oxfam and Rape The Children (sorry, I meant “Save The Children”) come with their begging bowls telling us that we need to give ever more of our money to starving South Africans because somehow we’re responsible for their stupidity.

Anyway, here’s the sales blurb about the Johnson CO2 Generator. Rather than treating CO2 as a deadly poison, Johnson call it the “nutrient of the new millennium”:

Carbon dioxide is one of the essential ingredients in green plant growth, and is a primary environmental factor in greenhouses. CO2 enrichment at 2, 3 or 4 times natural concentration will cause plants to grow faster and improve plant quality.

Modern growers are becoming increasingly aware of the value of CO2. Particularly now that most greenhouses are purposely shutting out CO2 to conserve energy.

The Johnson CO2 Generator automatically provides the carbon dioxide to meet maximum growing potentials – and operates for only pennies a day. The Johnson Generator can easily be installed in any greenhouse. No expensive ductwork is necessary and CO2 is diffused evenly without supplemental fans.

Join with modern growers everywhere – use Johnson CO2 Generators – the low cost way to produce CO2 – the nutrient of the new millennium.

Why you get more rapid and efficient growth and better plant quality with Johnson CO2.
Plants must absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) in combination with water, soil nutrients and sunlight to produce the sugars vital for growth. A shortage of any of these requirements will retard the growing process. Normally there are approximately 300 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere; when this level is increased to over 1 ,000 ppm, results are higher production and better plant quality. The Johnson Generator provides up to 1,500 ppm per unit in an average 24′ x 200′ greenhouse or an equivalent 50,000 cu. ft. volume based on one air change per hour.

Nighttime levels in a greenhouse range from 400 to 500 ppm due to plant respiration. Shortly after sunrise this level will drop to normal atmosphere (300 ppm) due to the plant using the early light to start photosynthesis. After 3 to 4 hours of early morning sunlight the CO2 level can drop to around l00 to 150 ppm, then growth is practically stopped. Supplemental CO2 added during this period can substantially increase your plant and flower production. By adding CO2, during winter months when greenhouse ventilators are closed and when low CO2 concentration becomes a limiting factor in growth, users are obtaining yield and bloom quality which is normally associated with spring and summer

CO2 More Important Than Ever
The Johnson CO2 Generator is more important than ever because greenhouse growers, trying to conserve energy, are shutting out CO2. Rising fuel costs have forced many growers to use doubled-layered glass, etc., to conserve energy – as a result much less CO2 is entering the greenhouse.

How to use the Johnson CO2 Generator
When there is sunlight and the vents are closed, CO2 should be added continuously to your greenhouse. If the vents are opened because of heat build up the generator should continue to operate for about 2 hours and then be shut off. Approximately 1 Lb. of CO2 per hour per 1,000 sq. ft. yields 1,000 ppm’s of CO2. A 4,000 sq. ft. house requires at least 4 Lbs. of CO2 per hour. If CO21evel drops off from 1,000 ppm’s to 500 ppm’s on a clear sunny day, you can easily adjust to a higher burning rate to make up for the more rapid absorption of CO2 by plants. Most growers use their Johnson Generator daily in winter from approximately 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m

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  • Stillreading

    Anyone who recalls basic secondary school biology knows that CO2 is an essential requirement for photosynthesis, that without it there can be no plant growth on earth and that trees are the main vector for CO2 absorption, thus maintaining atmospheric balance. Every single tree felled and either fed to the paper mills to produce yet more of the computer-generated junk mail we receive every day, and every tract of forest cleared to accommodate the world’s relentlessly increasing population, disrupts the natural balance ever more. In our own “green and pleasant land” local Councils continue ruthlessly to cut down mature trees which line many residential streets and major roads in order to reduce maintenance costs, while at the same time imposing ever more restraints on motorists in the name of reducing pollution. (What, I wonder, are David Attenborough’s views on this? Would he care to pronounce?)

  • Adrian

    I often read your missives with a wry smile, sometimes I wholly agree and others I bite my lip. Sometimes I think David Craig just got out the wrong side this morning.

    Co2 generator is great in a confined space. Earth is not a confined space.

    A sensible debate on this would read something like this.

    The population of planet earth is increasing beyond capacity. Doesn’t matter what colour, creed, race etc THERE ARE TOO MANY OFF US.

    To sustain the population you need space so forests are being reduced to arable land or even converted to cities. The greater the population the more industrialisation the greater the amount of Co2 which in itself is not dangerous but when it exceeds other gases by a country mile then there is an issue because there will be a tipping point.

    A cabbage does not (inhale) sufficient Co2 and produce enough Oxygen. Trees do so in abundance. So if there is a problem it is a lack of trees that can absorb sufficient quantities of the gas and replace it fast enough with the stuff of life.

    Blaming anyone other than global companies is naïve. They exploit people and countries for the natural resources and change our habits. Who drinks tea in the UK anymore? Where have all the Cafes gone?

    David Craig you have a lot of opinions and a lot of truths. Why not advocate the rebirth of forests around the world. 5 billion trees a year for ten years will give Planet Earth balance and even sustain the ever growing population, which I might add is predicted to reduce in the next 30 years.

    This would not make you a tree hugger, right wing or left wing but a sensible commentator and proponent of a solution to a problem that is nothing to do with race, colour or creed but more to do with self destruction and greed.

  • Stillreading

    Adrian, I don’t think David Craig is endorsing the use of the CO2 generator. He’ll correct me if I’m wrong, but I think he’s merely taking an ironic swipe at the inconsistencies and downright ignorance of the “greenies” and the “Global Warming” brigade. Of course the world is already grossly over-populated and barring pestilence or plague of gigantic proportions (or ruthless inter-continental nuclear war) it can only become more so – although the (dare I say it?) racial balance will probably change. Of course the clearance of forests by the global companies should be stringently controlled, but money talks and all politicians are susceptible. Incidentally, isn’t the WORLD in fact, in its entirety, a closed system? Water is evaporated from the sea somewhere and falls as rain somewhere else. It’s just that when and where this happens may be inconvenient, even disastrous.

  • chris

    The amount of atmospheric CO2 has not exceeded other gases by ” a country mile”. Atmospheric CO2 is currrently around .0004% of the atmosphere (400ppm). It is a trace atmospheric gas, like ozone. Greenhouses with CO2 generators have much higher proportion of CO2 than is found naturally. I agree leafy plants are more useful at absorbing Co2.

    The promoters of anthropogenic global warming deliberately use “ppm” so as to frighten people with little or no mathematical ability. An increase from 380ppm to 400ppm appears much larger than the .00002% increase it actually represents.

    Adrian is also conflating 2 issues, overpopulation and global warming.

    Ultimately, in my view, the underlying problem is the use of media as propaganda for the various undeclared but powerful corporate/middle east/criminal interests which own them. There is no journalism or truth in the media presentations. We have been indoctrinated by various narratives pushed in our faces. Global warming, PC nonsense, ADHD, over medication, Russian threat, star suicides, refugees, stone age energy production. But, the biggest media lie of all is we are alone in the universe.

  • Roy Hartwell

    Every Greenie (and the rest of us) inhales air containing 400ppm of CO2. They then exhale air containing 40 000ppm of CO2. Every Greenie is, therefore, by their own definition a major polluter exhaling a dangerously poisonous gas. The solution ? Stop breathing (which has other positive advantages regarding the Greenies)

  • adrian

    Conflation was intentional. Greater population requires greater use of land which is being occupied right now by trees which are the best converters and absorbers of Co2. Less population, more room to plant or less need to destroy was my argument.

    As for excess gas, sorry that was meant to read greater than atmospheric gases likely to cause an issue.

    We are all on the same page here I think…Plant More trees. I have an image but cannot put up pics on this blog…

  • William Boreham

    Due to that half-wit Ed Miliband’s Climate Change Act, the UK is committing economic suicide by cutting CO2 omissions by 80 percent within the next 30 years. It leads to idiotic situation like our biggest and most efficient coal burning power station, Drax, being made to burn wood from forests 3000 miles away, rather than 9 million tonnes of coal annually from a colliery a few miles away – at the same time while China was consuming over 3 BILLION tonnes of coal annually to power their economy. Despite all the nonsense about ‘Paris Accord’ the use of coal is rising worldwide. India’s coal production is enormous and rose over 15 percent last year. Coal still accounted for over 60 percent of China’s energy production and is rising, using 1.98 billion tonnes in just the first 7 months of 2018. Russia’s coal production of 410 million tons was its highest since the Soviet era and is expected to reach 420 million tons this year and set to expand with massive infrastructure upgrades. American coal output reached a 16 year high in 2017 after the Trump administration lifted the Obama restrictions. As so it goes on world wide, Turkey building new coal plants, Japan building 45 after closing down their nuclear plants. Meanwhile we idiot British, under a succession of totally useless governments and brainwashed by the tree-huggers, are closing down our few remaining old reliable coal generating plants and relying on ‘wind power’ – supposedly to save the rest of the world from ‘Global Warming’! Better buy a little portable generator before the rush starts – they say this winter is going to be a bitter one and it was touch and go for our electricity supply last winter which was mild.

  • Alan Thorpe

    To Adrian: We are not all on the same page about trees. Trees are not being cleared for building land. We have lots of it and we can build upwards, plus people want to be in cities because that is where they find higher paid jobs. The forest clearance is for crops. It is food that is driving the clearance. But much of it is also been cleared for the ridiculous biofuels which are supposed to be reducing CO2. The real issue is that when land is cleared for crops soil erosion takes place and soon the land is suitable for nothing. We are often told that the vanishing snow on Kilimanjaro is because of global warming, but that is not true. It is due to forest clearance at the base reducing the moisture in the atmosphere.

    We can produce more food on exiting land by growing GM crops but many countries oppose them. As for population growth it is governments that encourage it through benefits. Take away benefits and make people responsible for their own life and the family size will drop dramatically. Educate women and you will get the same result.

    It is global cooling that we should be afraid of and all the signs from past ice ages are that it will come again and we know we are around the peak of an interglacial period. If we get cold temperatures then we will get crop failures worldwide as witness in Europe not that long ago.

  • adrian

    I meant about planting as many as we can or not destroying them in the first place. I am very aware of the erosion problems but frankly David Craig blog was not the place to discuss all the issues that are affecting the world in terms of simple solutions for the problem we create and which we can influence.

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