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Bad losers!

(weekend blog)

Here for readers’ information is a poster van that myself and some other Brexiteers paid for to drive round Central London on Friday (yesterday) and Saturday (today).

Here’s the van outside the treacherous Europhiliac Houses of Parliament:

Here’s the van outside the HQ of the treacherous Europhiliac BBC

And here’s the van in a Europhiliac, multi-cultural, diverse Central London Street:

Of course, we haven’t any chance against the millions that George Soros will be paying into Europhiliac groups demanding a second referendum and the millions he’s paying to British politicians trying to stop Brexit altogether.

But we are doing what we can to fight back against the elites’ plans to keep us as a vassal state to Merkel’s resurgent German empire.

7 comments to Bad losers!

  • Julia Green


  • Roy Hartwell

    Unfortunately, I don’t think you’re efforts will appear on any of the MSM outlets but well done !!

  • Brian Rodney

    Excellent !

  • This has cheered me up as I was on the real Brexit march yesterday along with many others from Victoria to the Millwall side of Westminster. At no point before, during or after did we have any media coverage of our Brexit march. When a film clip was aired by the BBC we were said to be the anti Brexit march. We were also held up for an hour in Carlisle Place unable to move in the boiling sun and the march ended with speeches camouflaged from the vision of overhead filming helicopters. We will never be able to come out in force like Remain as the true BREXITEERS are mostly people who struggle from day to day to eat and put a roof over their families heads, that’s why they voted to Leave the EU, they cannot afford the money to travel to rallies. Also we do not have backers like the EU and SOROS funding rent a mob who attend their rallies.

  • saffron200

    Superb effort!

  • What you have done has been a gigantic leg up for Brexit. Don’t worry about the biasesld bsds the rest of the world knows what you have done. You don’t need the medea the TV or news papers you have us. We spread it around like a bush fire. They will NEVER WIN OR TAKE THE GLORY for what you did. I’m sure that there must be thousands around the world that admire you all for what you did as I do. We will beat them Soros and the rest. In the end in many cases money brings sorrow. The fact that you all did it BECAUSE YOU WANTED TOO. NOT BECAUSE YOU WERE PAID FOR. WE NEED YOU TO SHOW OUR GOVERNMENT WHAT YOU DID WITHOUT THE HELP OF ANYONES MONEY.

  • Stillreading

    Late responding to this, as away from all but radio news all weekend, and ne’er a word, of course, on BBC news about anything but the Remoaners’ march. Well done on your efforts. I am convinced that there is far more silent support for Brexit in the country than anyone who watches TV, listens to BBC news, or reads most mainstream papers is lead to believe. It’s all about making Brexiteers feel they are alone, isolated and that “all the rest” are against them. Well – if they insist on another Referendum, I think it could well result in a larger vote for “leave” than the first one gave the Government. There’s nothing unusual, bigoted, racist, anti-business, all the other “bad things” about me or my friends and neighbours yet we ALL, without exception, are Brexiteers and the more Merkel, Barnier and the rest try to grind our nation into the dust, the more resolute we become. I reckon that stands for millions of “silent” fellow-citizens of the UK too, people who are saying little as yet, but who will turn out to deliver a massive bloody nose to the Government if required to do so by a massive betrayal of the democratic process.

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