June 2024

If only Britain had a real leader!

(Friday blog)

Here’s what a real leader looks like.

It’s democratically elected US President Donald Trump at a rally of his supporters a couple of days ago.

Can you imagine Dithering Doris May giving a speech like this? No!

Can you imagine Dithering Doris even daring to give a speech in public? No!

Can you imagine anyone enthusiastically cheering while Dithering Doris gave a speech? No!

Can you imagine Dithering Doris ever leaving the protection of her Downing Street and Westminster minders? No!

As for Dithering Doris’s supposed ‘negotiations’ with the corrupt, wasteful, undemocratic EU, these would have been long since done and dusted if we’d had someone like Trump running them. Trump would have walked all over the pompous, preening, self-regarding Frenchman Barnier. But spineless invertebrate Dithering ‘Doris the Doormat’ May quakes and gives in every time the EU makes any demands on us.

Anyway, while the UK mainstream media keep telling us how loathsome Trump is and how he’s hated by most Americans, here’s a video our mainstream media would never let us see. After all, our media wouldn’t want us to compare Trump as a leader, who delivers what he promises and who is loved by his supporters, with our political pygmies who are cowardly, treacherous liars and are reviled by most of the British public.

4 comments to If only Britain had a real leader!

  • Sean Katil

    My blood is on the boil!
    Did you hear that lefty idiot Humphrys, this morning, accusing the Hungarian state of racism because they want to keep their country white and Christian?
    Yes, we desperately need an Orban type for our leader but I think it’s way too late.

  • Colin

    You nailed it on the head, the difference between strong leadership and an appeasing doormat

  • A Thorpe

    But she did give us all a birthday present when she announced she was giving the NHS a birthday present – our birthday present was a tax increase.

  • David Brown

    on Peter Hitchens online blog 20 June among 163 comments is one which mentions the recent refuge family reunion bill.It also claims that thousands of none EU migrants are been passed out of UK airports in the early hours of the morning. So they will not be seen by uk Travellers. The comment claims that airport staff sign a confidential form so the must not discuss this.
    Is this correct is the Government secretly hiding the numbers of none EU Migrants coming into the country?

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