May 2024

This is NOT funny! This does NOT make me laugh! Humour and satire should be banned!

(Thursday blog)

How can someone be so stupid as to make a video like this?

It’s not funny!

Humour and satire should be banned as being ‘hate crimes‘. Thankfully, within a few years, all humour will be illegal as it will be considered racist or misogynist or transgenderist or ageist or yoofist or fatist or whateverist or Izlumophobic or homophobic or arachnophobic (are you sure? ed) or whateverophobic.

So, enjoy videos like this while you still can, before Britain’s treacherous ‘Big Brother’ Thought Police check all your Internet activity and then come knocking at your door.

And anyone suggesting that this should have been Britanistan’s entry for the Eurabian Song Contest is clearly crazy – a total burkhan idiot!

3 comments to This is NOT funny! This does NOT make me laugh! Humour and satire should be banned!

  • pete roberts

    British Judge Says Kitchen Knives Are Too Sharp: Filing Them Down Will Stop Stabbing Epidemic.
    More from the Clueless UK as it continues to degenerate.

    A judge in the UK has proposed a nationwide program to file down the points of kitchen knives as a solution to the country’s soaring knife crime epidemic. Because filing down the knives people use to cut their vegetables will stop criminals from stabbing others with those now duller knives.

  • WhoInTheirRightMind

    Is the judge going to ban Screw Drivers and Bricks, waht a joke this country has become. Togetehr of course with Looney Sweden…

    But as with every new cultural curiosity that arises, Sweden has taken transgenderism to the extremes, to the point where it tolerates pre-schools approaching children as if they were ‘gender neutral’ freaks of nature. In this bizarre world of real-life make believe, Swedes have been addressing each other with the gender neutral pronoun “hen” since 2015.

    Swedish schools also carry so-called ‘forward thinking’ books, like “Hästen & Husse,” which tells the story of a man who dresses up like a woman. His friend horse, apparently no less confused, is a “trans-species” that likes to run around the house imagining he is a dog.

  • Stillreading

    I must take the utmost care to avoid this video being accidentally viewed by my new neighbours should they call in for a cuppa! They are experiencing some difficulty settling into their recently purchased property in a peaceful English village having, as a native-born English couple, previously been occupants of social housing in our multi-cultural Capital, where more than 50% of their neighbours were born outside the UK. They tell me frequently how severely challenged they are by the absence of cultural diversity in our village and how they miss the regular terror alerts, the calls to prayer, the frequent knifings and the sight of female British subjects viewing the world through what appears to be a black letter-box!

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