June 2024

Proof Britain is now a police state?

(Tuesday/Wednesday blog)

Media censorship

I noticed that there were two demonstrations held last week. There was an AfD march against immigration held somewhere in Germany – most of the British mainstream media reported with delight that the marchers were outnumbered by pro-immigration, left-wing activists.

There was another protest of over a thousand people – in Britain at the gates of Downing Street. This protest was ignored by all the British mainstream media. Censorship anyone?

Britain’s police state

First, thanks to the readers who alerted me to Paul Weston’s latest YouTube video. I suspect that to provide a link to this would be considered a criminal act by our useless police.

In fact, it’s becoming frighteningly difficult to continue writing a blog.

You don’t believe me? Then I invite you to watch the video below.

The video only lasts about 2 minutes. You can watch it all or start at around 37 seconds if you’re very busy.

It shows a white British woman (I believe she’s in her fifties) being arrested in her home by police. I’m not quite sure what the woman’s supposed ‘crime’ was. It might have been that she confronted police for letting a certain group of people pray in Hyde Park on the basis that holding a prayer meeting in a public park is against park regulations. Or it might have been that some months before she had said something like: “Have a g*y day” to a man whom she believed to be homosexual. I’m not really sure.

Clearly the lady is a bit ‘gobby’. But when did being a bit gobby become a crime? When did our supposedly resource-limited police start arresting people who were a bit gobby instead of focusing on burglars, muggers, acid-throwers and stabbers?

What’s truly frightening is the level of threats and violence used by the police on a defenceless woman in her fifties or maybe early sixties.

Shocking! Totally shocking!

And this is happening in Britain!

You won’t see stories like this reported on the BBC or C4 News!

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