April 2024

More stories of multi-cultural enrichment

(weekend blog)

As the number of people reading this blog has plummeted by two thirds over just the last 4 days, I thought I’d be lazy and just list a few of the stories of multi-cultural enrichment from this week. Long may we continue to be enriched by those whose culture is clearly superior to our decadent, irreligious, Western, consumerist, Godless civilisation.

Then, over the weekend, I’ll ponder whether to continue or give up and leave it to much more talented people like Pat Condell and Paul Joseph Watson spread the message that the libtard mainstream media will always ignore:

Cleric Says Gays are Lower Than Dogs and Pigs…
Facebook Bans Historian for Saying Islam Not a Part of German History
Three Refugee ‘Children’ Gang-Rape Swedish Woman…
Italy Deports Moroccan Father and Son for Supporting Jihad…
Psychiatrist Finds NO Link Between Islamic Terror and Mental Illness…
Canada Grants ‘Summer Jobs’ Money to Terror-Linked Group…
Cleric Sexually Abuses Children at Mosque…
Florida Man Who Stabbed Children Concerned about ‘Good Name’…
(Iran) Video Shows Woman Dragged Away by Morality Police…
Christian Tells Conversion Story in Church: Labeled a ‘Bigot’…
Devout Muslim Woman Gives ISIS Salute in AUS Court…
Desecration of Christian Graves in France Declared Hate Crime…
Saudi Arabia May Allow Vatican to Build First Church…
AUS Migrant Killed Couple in Home After Deportation Order Reversed
Teacher at Islamic School Sexually Abuses Student…
Poster Promising Massacre at World Cup Features Quran Verse…
Merkel Admits ‘Refugees’ Bringing Anti-Semitism…
Migrant Runs Over French Police Officer with Car…
Migrants Beat Back German Police from Refugee Center…
Imam Blown Up By His Own Bomb
Texas Teen Charged with Plot to Kill ‘Disbelievers’ in Mall Shooting…
Woman Protests Discrimination at New York Mosque…
Twitter Suspends Islam Critic for Quoting from Quran, Hadith…
‘War Refugees’ Wreck Center over Less Free Stuff…

11 comments to More stories of multi-cultural enrichment

  • Colin

    I check out your blog almost daily and often find a story or opinion that’s worthy of my attention so please don’t think you are p***ing in the wind. This blog is very good also but doesn’t get a lot of hits so you’re not on your own.

    We need blogs that counter the main stream opinion to keep going or else it’ll be another nail in the coffin.

  • bad brian


    Where have the two thirds disappeared to in only four days then ?

    What’s going on ?

    Stick with it and don’t give up !

  • Mr J G Fields

    Mr.Craig, Pat Condell and P J Watson are very good,
    but you are the number one boy. Stick with us. For me,
    you are a beacon of light in a dark world of lies and
    deceit. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Nom

    many read your entries in their email window mate, if google are doctoring figures on conservative YT vids it stands to reasont that the same powers that B will doctor yours to discredit/disscourage you and shut you up.

  • David Brown

    what about switching to youtube – voice over narration

  • william boreham

    Written 15 years ago and nothing has changed!

    In The Rage and the Pride , Ms. Fallaci compares Islam to a “mountain which in one thousand and four hundred years has not moved, has not risen from the abyss of its blindness, has not opened its doors to the conquests of civilization, has never wanted to know about freedom and democracy and progress. In short, has not changed.” She warns that “from Afghanistan to Sudan, from Palestine to Pakistan, from Malaysia to Iran, from Egypt to Iraq, from Algeria to Senegal, from Syria to Kenya, from Libya to Chad, from Lebanon to Morocco, from Indonesia to Yemen, from Saudi Arabia to Somalia, the hate for the West swells like a fire fed by the wind. And the followers of Islamic Fundamentalism multiply like protozoa of a cell which splits to become two cells then four then eight then sixteen then thirty-two. To infinity.”
    The West, she said, is under assault and doesn’t realize it.
    “If we stay inert, if we let ourselves be scared, then we become collaborationists,” she said. “If we are passive … then we lose the war that has been declared against us.
    “We can talk for centuries about the word ‘racist,’” she said. “‘Racist’ has to do with race and not with religion. Yes, I am against that religion, a religion that controls the life of people in every minute of their day, that puts the burqa on women, that treats women as camels, that preaches polygamy, that cuts the hands of the poor thieves …. I am not religious-all religions are difficult to accept for me-but the Islamic one is not even a religion, in my opinion. It is a tyranny, a dictatorship-the only religion on earth that has never committed a work of self-criticism …. It is immovable. It becomes worse and worse …. It is 1,400 years and these people never review themselves, and now they want to come impose it on me, on us?

  • Juliet 46

    I’m sure the number of visitors remains the same, the figures are doctored. Please carry on – you are my first port of call each day to check whether you have a new post up.

    I have bought your books too!!

  • Anne

    I agree with Juliet. I really look forward to your blog. It is certainly one of the best!

  • Karlm

    Marxism in action.
    When Money Dies: In Venezuela, A Haircut Costs 5 Bananas And 2 Eggs.

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