June 2024

Paul Joseph Watson is back!

(Friday blog)

If I’d had a lobotomy or thought like a progressive, virtue-signalling, rapefugees-welcome, BBC-believing, dumb-assed libtard, then I guess two of my heroes at the moment would be Jeremy ‘Venezuela-is-great’ Corbyn and Diane ‘thicker-than-mince’ Abbott.

I suppose I’d also admire such selfless social justice warriors as multimillionaire JK Rowling, multi-millionaire Mr ‘never-pay-tax’ Bono, multi-millionaire George ‘no-rapefugees-in-my-backyard’ Clooney and multi-millionaire Saint Bob ‘f**k-you’ Geldorf.

But as I (perhaps mistakenly?) believe I have a functioning brain and can occasionally think for myself, my heroes at the moment are the ever-accurate Paul Joseph Watson and the wonderfully-articulate Pat Condell.

Here’s Paul Joseph Watson’s recent video. Enjoy:

1 comment to Paul Joseph Watson is back!

  • Alan Thorpe

    Think for ourselves and taking responsibility will soon be official banned in the UK. Two examples are (1) the breast screening problem. Nothing like not bothering to know when your next scan is due and then being shocked when it does not happen. Thinking people would know and do something about it. The worst of it is that these women were randomly selected for a trial and they have no concern about women not on the trial that had no chance of getting a scan. (2) the Windrush issue. Who does not take responsibility for being able to prove who they are? I have just renewed a passport that I do not want but need to ensure that I can prove who I am.

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