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“We get all the benefits and you get all the bills”

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Under pressure from Labour and, in particular, Diane “thick as mince” Abbott, the useless Tories are promising a “less hostile environment for illegal immigrants”.

Am I missing something? Less hostile? There are already one to two million “wonderful, highly-educated, peace-loving, hard-working, multi-cultural-enriching paragons of virtue who will all make a tremendous economic contribution to our once Great Britain and they’re all very welcome to be here even though they’re technically here illegally”. (Is that ok, PC Plod?  Is that the politically-correct way to phrase this?)

So, what does “less hostile environment” mean? Giving them all even more of our money? Giving them all even bigger houses at our expense? Making it easier for them to bring their parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, grand parents and anyone else they can think of to Britain? Or even giving them all an amnesty to encourage another two, five or even ten million to come here? I’m afraid that’s where we’re heading.

Good grief!!!!!!!!

Here to cheer us all up is a video from 2010 that I just discovered. Apologies if you’ve already seen it. It’s called “We get all the benefits and you get all the bills”. Enjoy!!!!!

(Ooops, I’ve just noticed that the video might have been produced by the BNP. So, for Ploddy and any other people who seek to be perpetually offended, please note that I am not, never have been and never will be a member of the BNP. In fact, I don’t even know if the BNP still exists. But even if the video is from the BNP, if it’s mildly amusing and mildly true, then what’s wrong with recommending it?)


3 comments to “We get all the benefits and you get all the bills”

  • A Thorpe

    I think you are right to question the meaning of “hostile environment”. The use of meaningless jargon is getting out of hand and it even baffles the politicians. Your book on the EU rip off shows how they use jargon to confuse.

    Whilst I agree there is a divide in the country between benefit claimants and those who pay, I do not single out immigrants as the ones who get all the benefits. What I see is creeping socialism which will eventually destroy our economy. Democracy is driving us to socialism because all parties are now socialist but will not admit it. The only way a party can now get elected is by promising more benefits than the others. We have become a society that does not want to take responsibility for ourselves. We want the government to tell us how we should live and what we should think, and we want somebody to blame when it all goes wrong. It is exactly what the politicians want – extending their power over us is their key objective and being blamed for problems does not worry them provided they still have their snouts in the trough. We stupidly vote for that in return for more benefits because our sense of entitlement now exceeds our ability to provide it ourselves. So the socialist wealth redistribution system is now the basis of our economy. The negative trade balance and the huge debt is proof of this. As Margaret Thatcher famously said the socialists only stop spending when they run out of our money.

  • Stillreading

    How very right you are Thorpe. Although there’s little doubt that certain descendants of the legitimate Windrush immigrants are amongst those now engaging in gang warfare and knife crime, so also are some of the white indigenous young. Just look at the three prize specimens now on trial for torching a house in which four children burned to death! The fact is that in many sectors of UK “society” any sense of self-reliance, morality, paying one’s way, postponing self-gratification, behaving with reasonable decency towards one’s fellow citizens, are alien concepts. I am seeing this right now in the offspring of a close associate and her partner, both just 20, neither of whom have ever contributed a penny to the Nation, who were born and have been educated here, benefitted from NHS services, and now, the parents of a baby, are living in subsidised council accommodation. They work spasmodically as and when the mood takes them, and are receiving all the benefits going. I and others who have worked all our lives are paying for them. Of course they and all those like them will vote Labour! At least they were born here and are what our culture has made them, which I suppose is marginally more acceptable than immigrants who wriggle in under the wire and somehow manage to play the sympathy line. Of course “creeping socialism will eventually destroy our economy”. It has done so before and inevitably will do again. Thatcher, so frequently and unjustifiably vilified, imposed her iron will for eleven on the unions and socialism and partially restored the economy, but of course she was eventually followed by “champagne socialist” Bliar, who was bad enough, but Gordon Brown as PM just about finished us off. Nothing truly new under the sun – “those who do not learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it”.

  • ItsAllOverNow

    Choose your poison, Marxist Jeremy or Marxist Theresa, quick death of the nation or death by a thousand Cuts.

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