June 2024

Don’t watch this appalling video! Do NOT watch it!!!!

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

I’m not going to watch this video. Though I have no doubt that it is appalling and I advise you not to watch it either.

After all, you might agree with what is being said and that would be ‘hate thought’ which is a ‘hate crime’.

Although, maybe it doesn’t matter. If you’re a white indigenous Brit who believes that your country somehow belongs to people like yourself, rather than to often violent, often misogynist, often barely-literate, often unemployable invading Third-World hordes, then maybe you’re already guilty of ‘hate thought’ and ‘hate speech’?  And both of these are ‘hate crimes’ in the eyes of our Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, who defined ‘hate crimes’ as any statement written or spoken or otherwise expressed or any action “which is perceived by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice”.

According to this definition, if I believe that you have expressed an opinion that is motivated by hostility or prejudice against anyone, than you are automatically guilty of a ‘hate crime’ just because I perceive your supposed ‘hostility’. It is totally irrelevant in today’s Britain that you may not have been hostile at all. What is important is that someone else perceived your ‘hostility’. Forget the old-fashioned “innocent until proved guilty”.

However, there are exceptions to the use of ‘hate crimes’. If you are a multi-cultural enricher, however much foam-flecked bile you spew out against Christians and Jews and apostates and atheists, however many white girls you gang-rape and gang-sodomise, however many people you  stab or deliberately run over with a car or truck and however many people (even if they are children) you blow up at concerts or other public events, then you are never guilty of ‘hate crime’. No, you have merely misunderstood the teachings of the world’s most peaceful religion. So you cannot have committed a ‘hate crime’.

And here’s the video I have not watched and you should not watch either:

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