June 2024

“Mental health problems” or just morons?

(Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday blog – I’ll start 2018 slowly to give readers time to drift back)

We all know that all races have exactly the same level of intelligence. To think otherwise would be a “thought crime” and to express such a thought would be a “hate crime”.

But almost every time there’s an Izlumic terror attack, which as we all know has nothing to do with Izlum, the usual excuse wheeled out is that the perpetrator had mental health problems and/or drug problems.

But I’d like to play a game in this blog. The game is called “Let’s Pretend to be Politically Incorrect”. In this game, we pretend to believe the extensive research proving there are differences in intelligence between different races. I know this idea is absurd, but please stay with me for the moment.

The normal IQ Bell Curve

Here is a normal distribution of IQ levels in a typical Western country:

The average is 100 and most people tend to be bunched near to the average.

When IQ tests were more widely used, the lower levels of IQ were classified as follows: Borderline Deficiency (IQ 70-80), Moron (IQ 50-69), Imbecile (IQ 20-49) and Idiot (below 20).

You’ll see that about 14% of Westerners fall into the Borderline Deficiency category and only 2.1% are classed as either Morons or Imbeciles.

IQ levels are probably the result of two things – heredity (the IQ inherited from your parents) and environment (the complexity of the environment in which you grow up and live) – the more complex the environment, the more your IQ is likely to develop. For example, it’s possible that the complexity of the Chinese and Japanese languages helps their children develop higher IQs and there’s evidence that children who study music also develop higher IQs

Differences between different races

Now, as part of our game, here are the results of IQ studies for the main regions of the world along with the regions’ GDP per head of population:

We could also look at this in terms of Bell Curves:

(Asian in the above Bell Curve drawing of course means Japanese, Chinese and Koreans etc not the ‘Asians’ our press refer to when trying to obscure the religion of our many rape gangs)

As you’ll see, the average IQ of Hispanics and North African Arabs is just 85 (in our game, not in real life, of course) meaning that about 40% of them would be classed as mentally deficient in Europe. And then when you look at Sub-Saharan Africa, the average IQ is just above 70 meaning that probably 80% of them would be classed (in our game) as mentally retarded.

Our rulers’ race replacement policies

When Chinese or Hindus or Jews or Sikhs move into a country or an area, you don’t hear all the progressive lefties and virtue-signallers screaming about how we need to do more to integrate the new arrivals. Why not? Because they come from races with high IQs (in our game, of course) and so get jobs or set up businesses and make sure their children get education to become the doctors, teachers, scientists and professionals of the future.

But our rulers have decided to open Europe’s borders to millions of multi-cultural enrichers who come from races with much lower average IQs than Western Europeans (in our game, of course, not in politically-correct reality). Using the figures on average IQs in our game we can see that over half the newcomers are likely to have an IQ that Europeans would consider makes them mentally retarded. This means they can’t learn any useful skills to get jobs and have nothing to contribute to our society. In Sweden just 3% of ‘New Swedes’ have taken advantage of generous government support to get an education – an amazing 97% can’t be bothered to get any education and/or don’t have sufficient IQ to benefit from any education. Moreover, latest research suggests that the median IQ of the Swedish population has fallen by a point every four years since 1995.

This inability of the millions of Merkel’s, Macron’s and May’s multi-cultural enrichers to function in an advanced Western society has at least two destructive consequences:

1. Criminality

Due to their low IQs, many of the new wave of multi-cultural enrichers are likely to drift into drug use and criminality. After all, if they can’t get the things we can have through working and earning, they’ll take them anyway through burglaries, robberies and rapes.

2. Hate and Violence

The other typical reaction of someone who is unable to function in an advanced Western society because of their low IQ is a need to find someone else to blame for their problems. After all, they cannot accept that they are the agents of their own misfortune because most of them are not intelligent enough to function in Western society. So they will tend to be easily seduced by any cult or belief system that tells them they are really superior to us Westerners and that they should take over and destroy our societies to impose their own vision of society – violence, barbarism, rape, murder, tribalism and constant conflict – on us.


Of course, all the above is just a game – “Let’s Pretend to be Politically Incorrect”. Clearly we all know that all races have exactly the same IQ levels and therefore everything I’ve written above must be total rubbish.

I really am a complete idiot to have written such tripe!

By the way, given that all races are exactly equal in every way in a world of perfect political correctness, I wonder why so many men of colour have won gold medals in the 100 metres Olympics sprint and so few Chinese have? Odd, don’t you think?

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14 comments to “Mental health problems” or just morons?

  • MulitCult

    Sweden: Migrant Who Participated in 20-Man Gang Rape of Woman Tells Police it Was “Fun”

    Sweden: Girl gang raped, VAGINA SET ON FIRE

  • MulitCult

    Ron Paul Rejects “The Twin Tyrannies Of Socialism & Cultural Marxism”.

    The “opposition party” doesn’t really oppose the other party’s policies. They are just angry that other the party is in power. With no real philosophical or policy differences, politics is essentially pointless. It is a game of spoils for the well-connected and little more than a sporting event for the rest of the country. Everyone wants to see his team come out on top.

  • Barry Foster

    You’re inviting people with limited intelligence themselves to come on here and argue that because they think there isn’t even a difference between the strength of men and women, then there isn’t a difference between the races! As I said on the other thread:
    “It is morally wrong to denigrate someone of a different race with statements that have no basis in fact or are highly subjective. If I say I hate the Chinese because they are horrible, that’s a racist statement. However, if something is factual then it can never be racist. If I say the general level of IQ of East Asians is consistently above that of black people, that is a fact. Similarly, it is not sexist to state that men have a higher IQ than women. That’s a simple fact, and shown out time and again in scientific studies.”

    The key here (and on that thread) is something factual. The BBC refuses point blank to represent British citizens correctly – factually. If they did, out of a TV programme where race and colour aren’t key, of every cast list of 100, 85 would be white, 12 would be Asian, and just 3 (THREE!) would be black. When was the last time you saw a BBC or CH4 programme where the cast had just three black people per 100? Why are black people continually over-represented in television and film? LET’S STICK TO FACTS, not misrepresentation.

    Of course, my comment is amusingly seen as ‘racist’ – for stating a FACT. Yet anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a racist. I am a bigot, but then 99% of people are. Look up the word ‘bigot’ if you don’t understand the definition, but have merely seen it in use in the Guardian. As I said in the other thread, it is not possible to get people of different races and cultures to live together – it just isn’t. That is because we are almost all bigots and like people of like-mindedness around us. When I say ‘we’ I include people of other races and cultures. Some of the most ardent racists I’ve ever experienced were black, though most were white, admittedly. But then that would tally with my previous statistics on the people who make up our country!

    There was a study carried out a few years ago on countries that gained independence from Britain over the past 100 years or so. It was discovered that countries and islands to the east fared very well, while countries in Africa and the Caribbean fared badly. The researchers looked at the circumstances, such as weather, ability to grow food, ability to manufacture, etc. and found them to be almost equal. And yet ‘black’ nations given their independence never progressed – some even regressed. What does this tell you?

    There is a superiority among different races on everything from athleticism to intelligence. That is indisputable (to most of us!).

    There’s an interesting piece on Breitbart today about a laughingly-stupid German film on white emigration to Africa to evade right-wing governments in Europe. Yes, I know!

    The comments include this post:
    “I am from South Africa. Tell your grandfather to watch prof .Rushton’s youtube vid on IQ tests he did at the University of Witwatersrand on first year B students. Long story short,the black students had an average IQ of 88. 75 Is regarded as mentally retarded.Bear in mind that these were students at one of SA’s premier universities.Can you imagine what the IQ of the average Joe on the street is?”

    As I said above, we must state factually what is correct. Black people make up just 3% of our population. No amount of insistence from people like Lenny Henry can alter that FACT. If you want a TV drama to include black people just for the sake of it, then you’re at a high level of absurdity, and amusingly, denigrating your own race! If we don’t stick to facts then we are lost, for we can allow anything to be ‘so’ when we simply make it up. Unfortunately, we have now reached the grotesque chaos of someone (on the other thread) refusing to accept what a ‘fact’ is! When we have sunk to that level, where reality can be anything you want it to be, then we are truly lost.

    The fact remains that ‘we’ (in general) all have our strengths and weaknesses. Some races have a higher IQ and some have higher athleticism, for example.

  • Julia Green

    There are very clear differences in behaviour in different breeds of cats and dogs…but not humans? We all know it’s politically correct nonsense and dangerous nonsense. Happy New Year living in 1984 folks.

  • dude34

    It’s official. This is s White Supremicist site.

  • Alan Thorpe

    You and Barry Foster use statistics like a drunken man uses a lamp post – for support and not illumination.

  • dude34

    I cant spell cuz of my low IQ.
    Didn’t you Read the thing?
    I could just as well type that it was deliberate, but I was waiting for it.

    Hint: put a swastika up there, you’ll get more clicks that way!

    Can’t wait to read the future posts like: “We need segregation NOW!” no doubt to be followed by “Bring Back Slavery!”

    Come on, I wanna read about how Great this Trump asshole is. You make him out to be The Greatest pres in US history. Everything his does is so Right never wrong. He’s such a really smart, mentally stable Genius! I’m sure none of you live in the US and are getting the totally big and awesome tax cut for the middle class propaganda you’ll never be subjected to.
    But the Donald will tell ya how it is!

  • william boreham

    Talking about IQ and not especially relevant to the article, but interesting none the less as there are clearly no black faces amongst them – the 40 smartest (high IQ) people of all time.

  • Barry Foster

    I did tell you, David!

    Those statistics are from the Government’s own website. Asians and whites are both under-represented in TV and film. Black people are over-represented. I really can’t figure out why this is done; it’s peculiar. If an alien watched our TV, it would get a completely warped view of who and what we are. If anyone can shed any light as to why the BBC, CH4, and ad agencies do this, I’d genuinely appreciate the explanation.

  • Stillreading

    When people such as dude34 and Alan Thorpe hurl abuse, it’s usually because they have nothing constructive or intelligent to contribute to a discussion.

  • Barry Foster

    /\Yes, I stay off of forums (this is the only one I’m on) because so many people want to comment on comments, rather than rationally discuss the issue at hand. I like talking with people with a different opinion to mine (because you learn) but if they don’t stick to the issue of the thread, then it quickly becomes a pointless conversation. I used to contribute to other forums, but peoples’ lack of intelligence is astounding. I sometimes despair at the ‘bad thinking’ of others.

  • Barry Foster

    You can take a free IQ test here:
    Mine’s 132, which I’m happy enough with, but I don’t think a high IQ is actually important. I’ve met a few ‘geniuses’ and they were all awful people (and often single)!

  • ThisIsTheEnd

    How Europe Built Its Own Funeral Pyre, Then Leapt In.

    Mass immigration, guilt, and a continent on the brink of ‘societal catastrophe’..

    A key point of the book, reinforced through anecdote and abundant documentation, is that Muslim immigrants have not assimilated into their European host countries to any meaningful extent. Indeed, there is a growing feeling among many of the new arrivals that these aren’t host countries at all but merely lands ripe for Islam’s inexorable expansion. An 18-year-old Syrian refugee to Germany, Aras Bacho, writing in Der Freitag and the Huffington Post Deutschland, reflected this attitude when he said German migrants were “fed up” with “angry” Germans—described as “unemployed racists”—who “insult and agitate.” He added, “We refugees…do not want to live in the same country with you. You can, and I think you should, leave Germany. Germany does not fit you, why do you live here?….Look for a new home.”

    Consider also the significance of this fact: By 2015 more British Muslims were fighting for ISIS than for the British armed forces. There was nothing hidden about the resolve of many European Muslims to retain their own culture while overwhelming the European one.

  • Barry Foster

    Perfect example of the craziness we’ve now stooped to:
    A President says something factual – and yet this ‘fact’ is termed by snowflakes as ‘racist’.

    This is exactly what has happened over the past few years, that something factual cannot be stated. We all know that these countries are shitholes, that’s why their poor inhabitants want to leave. And yet a President cannot state it because to do so is ‘racist’. I genuinely fear for our future, when you cannot say something that is a fact. Jesus, what have we become?

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