July 2024

The UN’s anti-semitism is breathtaking

Here’s one of many lists of the worst countries for trampling on human rights:

(There are quite a few of these lists published by independent bodies. Most tend to feature the same names, though sometimes in a slightly different order)

As you can see, the Glorious Fatboy’s Republic of North Korea comes in first closely followed by such other earthly paradises as Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran etc etc.

None of these countries could be called a ‘functioning democracy’ and all, except of course for Fatboy’s concentration camp of a country and parts of Nigeria, adhere to the Religion of Tolerance and Peace.

Now let’s look at which countries have been the target of the greatest number of UN condemnations for violations of human rights:

Ooops! Israel seems to top the list with 67 condemnations in the latest year for which figures are available. In fact, with its 67 condemnations, democratic, progressive, freedom-loving Israel has received over seven times as many UN condemnations as Fatboy’s hell on earth (North Korea) and more than 33 times as many condemnations as stinking, oppressive, failed-state cesspits like Sudan and Libya.

Tiny democratic Israel, a country of about 8 million generally highly-educated, hard-working, civilised people surrounded by around 442 million (IMHO) mostly violent, backwards, inbred subhumans dedicated to its destruction received the most criticism for its human rights record.

Oh, in case you were wondering which beacons of the protection of human rights belonged to the UN Human Rights Commission, here they are in all their glory:

Let’s have a quick look at the Yuman Rights records of a few of these wonderful countries:

Bangladesh – a Muslim country where anyone criticising the Religion of Peace gets hacked to death

Congo – one of the most brutal dangerous countries on earth

Cuba – hey, you at the back, stop laughing!!!!

Egypt – a military dictatorship with an awful lot of very crowded prisons

Ethiopia – a corrupt, impoverished, backwards, violent hell-hole run by a viciously oppressive multi-billionaire clique of about 10 families

Indonesia – a Muslim country where public floggings of anyone breaking Sharia Law are the most popular form of entertainment

Philippines – a country full of state-sponsored execution squads

Saudi Arabia – the third worst place in the world for women’s rights – only Afghanistan and Yemen are worse

South Africa – soon to be the new Zimbabwe with its own civil war under the incompetent, corrupt misrule of dangerous buffoon Zuma and his kleptocratic ANC cronies

Trump was right about this as well. It’s time to slash the useless UN’s budget by at least 70% and move the UN’s HQ  away from New York and relocate it in one of the hell-hole countries – Eritrea, Congo, Saudi Arabia – that the Israel-loathing UN scum seem to like so much.

5 comments to The UN’s anti-semitism is breathtaking

  • Chris

    I’m not sure why a condemnation by the UN has any credance, surely the US and UK ought to have been condemned for invading Iraq and causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands ‘in the name of democracy’! There is also another point, Israelis are mostly jewish but jews aren’t mostly Israeli. In my view the media wrongly equates anti-Israel comments as anti-semitic and thus somehow religious hate speech. The State of Israel exists because it was given an occupied (stolen) land previously called Palestine. Unlike Ab-origines, native Americans, Mayans and Anglo Saxons, Palestinians seem not to want to give up fighting for what they believe is theirs.

  • rubicube

    Unfortunately, modern-day France sticks to the Anglo-Saxon ultra-liberal globalist ideology. The country has found itself in the hands of ethnic ghettos. Principles of the unity of the nation have been lost, the very foundations of people’s existence have been undermined against the backdrop of the fierce struggle for territory. In the suburbs of Paris, Saint-Denis, where the tomb of French kings is located, one can hardly come across any French people now. This territory is a zone of compact residence for natives of North Africa.

  • David Brown

    Chris – are Palestinians an actual specific ethnic group or just used as part of the propaganda war against Israel.
    The restoration of the state of Israel is unique in all of history.Nations have been conquered such as Greece under the Ottoman Empire.But no other nation in history which has totally ceased to exist has ever been restored and after close on two thousand years. Maybe their God is the real one?

  • NoMore

    The Arabs that style themselves Palestinians were given Jordan at the same time Israel was recreated. This is a land area three times the size of Israel and by Arab standards a roaring success. Instead they mostly prefer to cling onto their victim status in Gaza/WB creaming off pity money from the likes of the EU and UN (i.e. Johnny Taxpayer.)

  • chris

    David, isn’t the concept of God just the result of limited human imagination.

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