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Happy boxers looking forward to a great (lucrative?) weekend

Normally when there’s some big, ‘important’, heavyweight boxing fight the multi-millionaire promoters stage a series of press events at which the multi-millionaire boxers snarl at each other and curse each other and try to hit each other. Sometimes we’ll even be told this is a ‘grudge fight’ and so we should expect wonderful entertainment as two pig-ignorant thugs try to batter each other into unconsciousness.

Why do the promoters do this? To get publicity to convince the suckers to pay their £10 or £20 or whatever on pay-TV to watch the ‘big fight’, the ‘fight of the century’, the ‘greatest fight of all time’ etc etc.

But with this weekend’s fight between Britain’s Anthony Joshua and Ukraine’s Wladimir Klitschko, every time the two opponents meet for a press event, they can hardly stop smirking or even smiling:

Why the happy faces when they’re about to be pummeled by someone extremely large and extremely strong? Because both are rather intelligent and rather gentlemanly people and so probably couldn’t bring themselves to do the ‘snarling, cursing animal act’ that boxing press events normally try to produce. Like his boxing brother, Wladimir Klitschko is highly educated and has a PhD. As for Joshua, he’s said to enjoy playing chess and most people meeting him remark on his intelligence. Moreover, both men have had similar careers. Both were Olympic Gold medallists before turning professional

As for the smiles – both are probably thinking of all the money the fans/suckers are going to shower on them – about £10m to £20m to each of them for the fight.

This is probably the last fight of Klitschko’s career. And at over 40 years old he can possibly hardly believe his luck that people are so eager to pay so much money to see a middle-aged man bow out of his sport. No wonder he’s smiling!

As for Joshua, to get over £10m a fight when he’s still at a fairly early stage in his professional boxing career must seem like a miracle come true. At this rate, he’ll probably pocket up to £100m before he follows Kiltschko into a more than extraordinarily comfortable retirement in about ten years and ten fights time. No wonder he’s smiling!

It’s odd that the gravy-train-riding boxing ‘journalists’ tend not to mention what a charade the whole thing is. ‘Snouts in the trough’ anyone?

Anyway, good luck to the two men. There’s no reason to envy their good fortune. They’ve both worked hard and struck gold.

I hope they both have long, happy, healthy lives to enjoy their many tens of millions.

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  • Best Evidence

    All The Plenarys Men.(George Osbourne gets HSBC a get out of Jail free card)

    The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime

    Fed Audit Shocker: They Come from Planet Klepto

  • Tom Hummer

    Thankyou for the Best Evidence Youtube links, I am truly Stunned by these revelations that the UK and US financial system is thoroughly and absolutely Corrupt.
    Truly Shocking, excellent work by John Titus the mans a hero.

  • Westmorland Terrier

    Yes its these Banksters that got Theresa May in as PM.She was their chosen successor to Cameron their previous choice of leader. She was a Bremainer, notice how Boris bailed as the chosen Stalking Horse and how they unleashed the attack dogs on Andrea Leadsom, she soon caved but they do play the nastiest of games, just as Ronald Bernard says….

  • Westmorland Terrier

    Tereasa May ,once elected just watch here do a U turn ..same as Trump did, clean out the Swamp, ha , he jumped straight in with them.

  • Walter williams

    Hey I found more here on John Titus, discussing Osborne working for the Bank Of International Settlements.

    A2A with John Titus, Listen ,its well worth it, he discusses who our real masters are , thought we lived in a Democracy? No Way Jose, no wonder the UK is falling apart and you ain,t seen nothing yet.

    Bank of England Gold Vaults Bled 1500 Tonnes of Gold over 2013-2016 New Data Shows.

    By Marc Farmer

    April 20, 2017

    I hope this mid-spring note finds you well and ready for the coming transition.

    We are now entering what I call the third and final phase of gold’s movement back to its point of artificially induced price divergence that started back in the fall of 2011. This phase will be marked by intense volatility.

    Over the last decade, the global population seems to have been led into a whole new way of thinking, and has blindly set aside most of the known safeguards aimed at sustaining our way of peaceful coexistence on this small planet. We find ourselves at the doorstep of a major reality check on all fronts (social, political, economic and spiritual) regardless of who we are and whether or not we are aware of the consequences that are about to befall us. Everyone will be affected as we are globally intertwined on all levels of everyday life.

    I believe that we have now reached a point where we will see many structured illusions start to crumble and some people will no doubt be taken by surprise at how fast things can transpire. The foundations for these events were laid many years ago and several are about to go critical very soon. For those who have prepared themselves, you are informed and at least have a fighting chance of getting through with only minor repercussions if any at all.

    The old submariner movie “Run Silent Run Deep” comes to mind when thinking of the urgency of our current situation. In the movie, the captain has just issued the order to “dive-dive-dive”, the sirens are wailing and the crew is scrambling to secure all watertight hatches. The only way to avoid depth charges is by going deep, running silent and praying.

  • Walter williams

    One Of The Last Truth Tellers…..


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